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    If you need the zeni trophy heres what I did even though I dont have a turbo controller. First download PS4 Remote play or if you have it you can skip that. Next download AutoHotKey. Right click the desktop and go to new it should have AutoHotKey in the menu. When it's on the desktop right click the AutoHotKey shortcut and go to edit script. Open up the program and put this code in


    Random, randsleep , 1 , 1 
    SetTimer, PressTheKey, %randsleep%   ; call press the key  in 1 second

    IfWinExist, PS4 Remote Play
        WinActivate ; grab PS4 as the active window in case it loses focus

    Send {Enter down}  ; Press down the Enter key.
    Random, rand2, 1001, 1347
    Sleep,  %rand2% ; hold the Enter key down for at least  1sec. Neccesary for ps4 remote play to register
    Send {Enter up}  ; Release Enter key.



    save and exit. Turn the game on and go to offline lobby. Change your ki blast to autocombo (switch x and square buttons) in the button setup. Go to versus and do 1v1 put CPU strength at the max (300) and pick two characters. When the match is loading connect to remote play, when connected click the AutoHotKey script you just made and it should work. The AutoHotKey program will press X around every second. It will automatic press rematch at the end. You gain 300 zeni for any loss/win so this will take awhile. I started around the middle of march and didn't finish until today, but I didn't leave my PS4 on all night everyday though. You can afk grind this everytime you go to sleep. This should work for other games with similar grinds also.