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  1. Just to confirm: you do NOT need a double kill with the BFG. Just got the trophy after making sure I had 7/8 Weapon Expert. I was sure I needed the BFG since I had not used that ever. Next game there was 1 afk, I killed the afk demon (with BFG) after bringing it low. The other Demon was still alive. Also there is a milestone tracking double kills with the BFG, I don't have that completed, yet I do have the trophy. I would say the only tip I can give is make 100% sure you completed all other weapons.
  2. I prefer IW zombies over AW zombies. AW zombies is just the same thing in 4 different maps. Due to the varied themes IW zombies feels different. From a trophy hunter point of view the IW list is horrible since "win 5 multiplayer games" is glitched and won't unlock properly. So if you care about 100%, you are warned.
  3. Are you supposed to do this in Arcade or can you do this in multiple sessions? Edit: Never mind, I thought Arcade was Campaign without saving. It's just 7 or so small levels.
  4. After numerous tries I finally got the trophy and the platinum. I will describe what I did and hopefully I can help at least one of you. In short I used my PC as a hotspot which I then connected my PS4 to, (I tried my phone, but that didn't seem to work for me) . It might sound techy, but even I can do it. 1. Get some VPN software, a free one, or a trial for a day will do. Once downloaded basically every VPN asks you what country you want to connect to. (I tried to then connect numerous times to the PS4 with a LAN cable, but couldn't get a connection to even try to play a game). 2. Since I couldn't connect via LAN I used a hotspot program to broadcast the VPN connection. (Google PC into Hotspot) 3. Start up the VPN and set it to Japan (or any other region if that doesn't work) 4. Start up the hotspot creator, select the VPN connection you want to broadcast to your ps4. This will probably be named after your VPN choice. 5. The hotspot should be set, now for your ps4, go to settings, network, set up a internet connection, wifi, automatic. Select the broadcast from your PC. Fill in the password created by the hotspot and you should have established a connection. (It's probably slow as sh*t so the "test connection" takes a little longer than usual. 6. Fire up IW, play a game, watch the connection being all choppy and see that glorious trophy pop up. Hope this helps, reply in case you want more information or want me to elaborate. I don't want anyone else to suffer like I did!
  5. The difficulty wasn't the problem, the unskippable cut scenes were IMO. With the choice for stealth or just blasting your way through and the overall emphasis on fast-paced action the unskippable scenes made no sense. "Oh something hit you, have fun watching the opening scene again for 15 minutes".
  6. Just got the trophy the other day. We did use the Tomb Raider card, so having "Well Read" apparently does not matter and can be used to make things easier. I had the challenge selected (Adventure Besties) and picked up all artifacts (3 large and 2 medium), while the other player just stayed at the starting area staying warm and eating, you don't need both players to enter the crypts. The trophy popped for both players. So either they fixed the Codex artifacts from not counting towards the trophy or it was never an issue to begin with.
  7. Seems fixed... I had no issues, used splitscreen for lower level enemies to speed things up and only used fire weapon as that might help as described before to reduce the number of bodyparts. Did it on a PS Pro in case that might help.. Still boring af though.
  8. I think the first post described it pretty accurate, but maybe I can help: 1. Go into voice chat with a buddy. 2. Tell him to hover over the option "Join Group" in the social menu to be ready to join. (Options -> Social -> Friend list) 3. Look for a agent that requires backup. (Open map press R1 (1x or 2x) to go the SHD tab, this will display only orange exclamation marks on your map.) 4. Hover the exclamation mark and press up on the d-pad to help an agent in need, as soon as you press up (you have to hold it) your buddy in voice chat should press X to join you. 5. Instead of joining the agent in need, your buddy will join your session, but somehow the session is tricked and thinks your buddy is the agent in need. 6. Have your buddy down himself by throwing a grenade -> Revive and you are done. If you and you friend are not in the same session you probably timed step 4 wrong and you should try again. Unfortunately you will have to do it the other way around again if you both want the trophy.
  9. Worked perfectly for me and my buddy as originally described 8/4/2019. Respond to a call, once you press up on the d-pad your friend should press x to join your group (he/she should be ready for that).