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  1. It feels even longer because im currently working nearly 50 hours a week so yeah.. this will take me quite awhile. Quz run will be a great challenge no doubt but I’m thankful we got bosses that are more doable. I do a decent job with those bosses already on cs mode so with some more practice I’m sure I could pull it off even as a shmup noob but then again I’m using that one overpowered ship so who knows. One thing I have trouble with is the burst counter timing. Do I go into burst on the third beep or second one? I usually attempt to burst counter just to end up getting hit and failing. I’m referring to the other ships by the way as you’d have to be handicap or something to fail burst with murakumo. I’d say they’re definitely worth it especially at that price but be wary, bleed 2 is no 7/10 and even the first one is very difficult. Don’t have the plat for either so one can say my opinion is invalid but from what I played they both seemed to be at least in the 9/10 ballpark. Oh and that 10-15 hours time estimate is a joke too.
  2. Kromaia (0.94%) Score: 5.5/10 Difficulty: 5/10 Time: 30 Hours Fourth game completed. This wasn’t on my list but I decided to start something short over the weekend so here it is. When I first started this game, I didn’t like it at all nor did I understand what the fuck it was actually about but after a level or two you start to get it and realize it’s just the colors that make shit seem weird. It’s decent at best so I couldn’t recommend it and the platinum is a rather tedious affair despite being short. To beat this game you need to go through each of the four levels four times which doesn’t seem bad until you realize there’s a trophy for new game ++++, so that means you will need to play the same levels, doing the exact same thing a total of sixty four times. Meh. Small update and a few changes to my list of games. I’ve been chipping away at Dariusburst ever since I finished xcom 2, so far I’m only 50 missions into cs mode and halfway through the boss checklist. It’s great and has held my attention longer than any other shmup has so that’s a good sign. My only gripe so far is that cs mode feels so unnecessarily long and padded out. On a side note, some of these bosses are fucking nuts. If Gigantic bite, Violent ruler or a couple other of these variants were part of the quz run, I probably wouldn’t bother with this platinum at all. I’ll be adding Nuclear throne, Polybius and Max Payne 3 to my list. Will also be removing i hate running backwards for now. Completed: - Vermintide 2 - Don’t Starve - Xcom 2 - Kromaia List: - Nuclear Throne - Polybius - Max Payne 3 - Dariusburst - Wolfenstein 2 - Strafe - Stardew valley - Death road to Canada - Unravel 2
  3. This. Seen the darker tone they were going for and I’m like yeah this is right up my alley. The fact that they would even think of doing something like that just gets props from me as most studios would just go for a safe story to please fans and make sure the sequel sells. Off topic but I wonder if Game Of Thrones episode “The red wedding” or Berserks “The Eclipse” came out today how would people react to it?
  4. Xcom 2 (0.83% / 0.30%) Score: 9/10 Difficulty: 7/10 Time: 100+ Hours Third game completed. What an excellent experience that was. Spent almost an entire month playing only this and 150 hours later I’m still enjoying it as much as I did when I first started. Only issues are the loading times and a few technical problems mainly involving codex making your game freeze. Steep learning curve but after you figure out how to play the game “properly” and get a few upgrades in everything becomes rather smooth. Onto Dariusburst now 😬. Completed: - Vermintide 2 - Don’t Starve - Xcom 2 List: - Dariusburst (0.53%) - Wolfenstein 2 (0.76% / 0.37%) - Strafe (0.70%) - Stardew valley (0.88%) - Death road to Canada (1.28%) - I hate running backwards(1.52%) - Unravel 2 (1.81%)
  5. Dont Starve (0.50%) Score: 7.5/10 Difficulty: 5/10 Time: 20-30 Hours Second game completed. A pretty good survival game but i feel like after only a few hours you’ve seen everything it has to offer which is a shame cause the survival genre tends to be the kind of games I can easily spend 100 hours playing. Nothing hard here but shit can go wrong real quick in adventure mode if you aren’t careful and Wes was such a ♥ to find... I will most likely be working towards xcom 2 and dariusburst next. List of games: Dariusburst (0.49%) I hate running backwards (0.52%) Dont starve (0.50%) - Completed Wolfenstein 2 (0.73% / 0.36%) Strafe (0.72%) Xcom 2 (0.82% / 0.29%) Stardew valley (0.84%) Death road to Canada (1.21%) Unravel 2 (1.89% Vermintide 2 (2.18% / 0.15%) - Completed It’s more of a twin stick shooter/bullet hell with a lot of roguelike elements.
  6. Vermintide 2 (2.18% / 0.15%) Score: 8.5/10 Difficulty: 9.5/10 Time: 175-200+ Hours First game of this event completed. Oh boy was this a long and brutal journey, the first vermintide was already a pain in the ass but somehow they managed to make this one a lot harder in almost every aspect. If you’re looking for a great game and the most rewarding/hardest co op 100% out there then look no further than vermintide 2. Beware that the latest dlc (Winds of magic) suffers from some technical issues especially in later stages so I’d suggested waiting for a couple stability updates. List of games: Dariusburst (0.49%) I hate running backwards (0.52%) Dont starve (0.55%) Wolfenstein 2 (0.73% / 0.36%) Strafe (0.72%) Xcom 2 (0.82% / 0.29%) Stardew valley (0.84%) Death road to Canada (1.21%) Unravel 2 (1.89% Vermintide 2 (2.18% / 0.15%) - Completed
  7. You’re looking at about 80+ hours for the winds of magic dlc and I personally wouldn’t give it anything below a 9/10 difficulty. Its worth it in the sense that you’ll get your money’s worth of content but I can’t recommend it in its current state. There’s several issues that make an already challenging experience even more frustrating due to lag, crashes and disconnects mainly caused by gunners. Also if you don’t have a dedicated group of four that are good at the game and can play their role correctly then don’t even bother.
  8. Id like to join with these games. I Hate Running Backwards - 0.52% Don’t Starve - 0.55% Dariusbust - 0.56% Wolfenstein 2 - 0.72% Strafe - 0.74% Xcom 2 - 0.82% Stardew Valley - 0.84% Death Road To Canada - 1.25% Warhammer Vermintide 2 - 1.92% Unravel 2 - 1.95%
  9. It seems that some are still mentally scarred over the fact that they couldn’t achieve the wolfenstein 2 platinum which is hilarious. I was curious and wanted to know what made wolfenstein 2 such a terrible game but after reading multiple rants here it seems that the actual complaint isn’t towards the game itself but rather a meaningless bronze trophy.