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  1. So the number of trophies is actually what determines the value and not the amount of content given 🤔
  2. I actually don't mind shorter dlcs of this style I just think the season pass price should be adjusted accordingly.
  3. Game is extremely fucking buggy and I'm surprised even after all this time they released it on another console with the same issues. I'm quite tolerant when it comes to bugs as long as it isn't anything gamebreaking or frequent enough to the point where my experience can be tampered but this is borderline unplayable in co op. There's numerous disconnects, frame rate drops In certain areas, buffering, ear raping sound bugs, moments when you can't shoot your gun or see your character, infinite black loading screens and a long list of small annoyances that you'll need to constantly close application in order to resolve. It's a real shame considering there's a great game hidden beneath.
  4. It's hard at the start and especially near the end as the bosses get more annoying as well as the enemy encounters but there's some segments halfway through where you can breathe a little bit. The last stretch to get the 100% was especially painful because of the last two bosses which are in my opinion the hardest of the bunch.
  5. Sad that I no longer look towards Bethesda for great rpgs and this one doesn't seem like it'll change that for me either. There's already several games on the market offering similar that also look better than what they shown off.
  6. When they say players with "disabilities" I think they mean trophy hunters that want all their plats with minimal effort as dead cells was more of a steep learning curve and not difficult to the point that it needed to be addressed.
  7. Definitely go for it as youd be avoiding some of the best shooters out there over a trophy that can be obtained with some practice and perseverance.
  8. That's actually pretty sad to hear man but by any chance did Sony ever refund you your cock?
  9. The remake news is great an all but I'm just here patiently waiting for the new factions multi-player to finally come about as that's what kept me playing the last of us for hundreds of hours. Genuinely one of the best multi-player modes I've played and it's almost never talked about whenever folks speak about the last of us.
  10. This looks pretty damn good can't lie will have to keep an eye out.
  11. I know difficulty is subjective an all but how shit do you have to be to find this hard lmfao.
  12. How many levels are there in this game?
  13. Im just happy to see my baby boo Chun Li stayed thick after all these years 🥰
  14. Haven't been this hyped for a horror game in a very long time so here's hoping it's as good as it looks.
  15. Buy it now to sometimes play after several months and dozens of sales later.