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  1. Wasnt blown away by it too much either but it does look great. Do you have black on low or auto? Game looks a lot better with black set to low.
  2. Are gamers struggling that hard financially to where 60$ every 6 months is too much? Still seems relatively cheap compared to what you're getting and the cost of other subscription based services nowadays. Same can be said for ps plus where you get online storage, huge discounts on sales and like 36 games every year.
  3. I'd rather they focus on new titles or even updating their more recent ones than remastering gta 4. Game was good but not everything is deserving of a remake or remaster.
  4. Your friend is joining a class action lawsuit because he lost money in the stock market? If that's what you meant then please tell your friend to never invest in stocks again.
  5. Use to play siege religiously from lunch till about two years later and its easily one of the best mutliplayer experiences ever made imo. There's always been little issues here and there but never enough to ruin my enjoyment of it.
  6. Not a bad list but I find it quite odd you have some of the best games as your worst, did you play the recent ones first or started the series late? They probably don't hold up too well but ac 2 and brotherhood were some of the best games I ever played back then. Still remains one of my favorite series despite a few misfires here and there, I'd rank em like this. 1. Assassins creed 2 2. Brotherhood 3. Odyssey 4. Black flag 5. Valhalla 6. Origins 7. Syndicate 8. Assassins creed 3 9. Revelations 10. Unity 11. Rogue 12. Assassins creed 13. Chronicles
  7. Well since you own the game maybe you could just start it up and see for yourself?
  8. The game lived up to my expectations simply because I was expecting a great rpg and after 70 hours played for the 100%, I'll say I got exactly that. If you were one of those that fell deep into the hype as many youtubers and fans were making it seem like this would be the greatest thing ever made then I can see why some would be disappointed, especially if you played the horrible last gen versions. My main issues with cyberpunk are the constant crashes on ps5 and the length of the story but other than that its a solid 8.5/10 to me personally. Not better than Witcher 3 but still great when it works.
  9. Ps5 easily. I recently got an LG CX for the console launch and while I wasn't into the whole 4k HDR thing, I definitely am now. Huge majority of games look and perform better on ps5 so I don't see why you'd worry about the very little few that don't.
  10. Patiently waiting for Hades to hit Playstation.
  11. And absolutely nothing of value was lost. Everyone has their taste in games but who the fuck actually plays shit like this?
  12. If you enjoyed mutant year zero then i have no doubt you'll enjoy these ones. Xcom 2 is by far the best one you'll find right now, trust me. I'd also suggest you grab War of the chosen expansion as its essentially its own game and is just as good, if not even better than the already excellent base game. I wouldn't say it punishes the player whatsoever though, it just punishes those who don't learn the games mechanics. There's a learning curve but once you get down the "actual" way to play, you'll get through all of the challenges the game has to offer. Banner saga trilogy is another excellent turn based series that id highly recommend but it's certainly not for everyone due to its heavy text based narration with an emphasis on dialog choices and resource management. Wasteland 3 is a more recent one but also the best we've gotten in awhile to me personally. The plat is currently unobtainable but it will get patched in the next update if you're concerned about completion.
  13. I'm convinced a good portion of psnp consists of retards. How many times does the same thing need to be repeated on a single forum 🤣🤣🤣
  14. A little mix of Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder today so can anyone tell me what trophies will be affected by this shutdown? Can I still get the 100% after the servers go down? I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere even after 10 pages and 247 posts.
  15. If I could hear Mandy Muse moan every time I pop a trophy that would truly be a blessing.