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  1. Shhh, you gotta omit important details to get people riled up now don't you know this?
  2. I'll continue to buy my games day one as long as they're good. 100$ for something that I can probably get 50+ hours of content from is well worth it imo. I'm surprised it took so long before the prices went up considering how expensive it is to make games nowadays.
  3. Cosmetic microtranasactions and time savers arent as big of a deal as gamers make em out to be. Most games with em can be enjoyed to the fullest without a single dollar being spent.
  4. Don't know where you got your information from but majority of games and trophies will still be available, you'll just have to buy the games on a slow ass store if you haven't already. Also the vita has been dead for quite some time now but ey goodluck on your grand adventure.
  5. Love how the thread now says "solved" as if there was a problem to begin with. It clearly stated other users can record you in party chats and somehow it turned into sony is spying on people lmao.
  6. Didn't the UI leak like 2 weeks ago?
  7. Is the game any good? The reviews are rather mediocre so I'm a bit hesitant but this feels like something I should play.
  8. Scroll down a bit and you'll see the wasteland 3 console bug report forum within the first link. or try this one Here's a copy of the message I sent them for convenience. Wasteland 3 platinum is currently unobtainable due to two trophies tied to collectibles being glitched. The trophies are "book learning" and "answering machine", which corresponds to the cassettes and lore books. There are 57 tapes in the game files, 54 listed in the ingame archive. 4 are meant to be in the tutorial level, only 1 is obtainable.Two tapes in downtown are duplicates, achievement breaks there.
  9. Has anyone contacted the devs regarding the collectible issue?
  10. This mentality is pretty much why trophy hunting has gone down the drain, everyone wants everything handed to them with no effort whatsoever. There's no rule that states mainstream games have to fall into the 4-5 difficulty range and your average consumer will buy the game regardless as they most likely don't even care about trophies.
  11. The things people get riled up about these days...
  12. Damn this completely slipped under my radar after seeing the announcement trailer awhile ago. I'll give it a shot just because its heavily inspired by darkest dungeon and that's one of my favorite games.
  13. If this actually turns out to be even somewhat challenging, you can expect a bunch of entitled twats to be in full petition mode and stacks of threads explaining why platinum time trials should be removed within the next week or two.
  14. Game is superior to the second one in every aspect but just as buggy. They have fixed the quest progression bugs but the game still suffers from crashes and the platinum ain't possible at the moment.
  15. Not trying to shit on their work as they make what they can with what they have but majority of these games aren't even worth playing especially when you consider the amount of better options you can get wether its indie or triple a games.