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  1. Good. Let them take full advantage of the new hardware without compromising their vision just to reach a wider audience or sell more copies.
  2. I use to be in several communities around when they were first introduced and thought they were ayt but after awhile I just started to realize how shite majority of them were. From my experience they mostly ended up turning into a dump for screenshots of easy plats where folks would hardly ever engage in any sort of conversation other than (plat #2555 title - some pile of wank I bought just for platinum but I swear I actually enjoy em). Then you have the twats who come up with more communities than sluts in shitty brothels do stds that pester you with invites every day and the lovely bots who are so kind to offer you nudes without even getting your name... won't be missed. By the way, I have nothing against easy plats as I do play a lot of them myself but there's a difference between easy triple a or indie games and something bought only for the trophies which you'll drop after only 5 minutes because it's been obtained, those are the ones I'm on about.
  3. I'd say its definitely worth it. Sure it's lacking the accessibility options of the ps4 but those are due to come and mind you when the ps4 launched it was just as barebones. Don't think it's fair comparing a console that's evolved over many years to one that's only been out for a few months. I'll give you my reasons why it's worth it. 1. We finally have a competent console where majority of games can run a stable 60fps 4k with several games taking it further with 120 fps or even Ray tracing. 2. Backwards compatibility. Not only do you get to continue your ps4 backlog but the games perform better, load faster and look better. Games that struggled to hit 60 fps are now doing it with ease and that's without any ps5 updates. Even though the ps5 doesn't have a library of must play games or console sellers yet, this reason alone makes it worth it for me as I have about 100 ps4 games that I still haven't played yet. 3. Say goodbye to loading screens. It's safe to say after getting use to ps5 you'll likely have a hard time going back and playing anything that takes over a minute to load. Something like assassins creed valhalla which is massive only takes about 13 seconds to load. Just makes the overall experience better when you can jump right back in. 4. No more jet engine sounds. Other than the coil whine or the disc drive making a sound every now and then, the console is completely quiet. 5. How responsive and quick everything is. I've seen several on this site claiming that the ps5 ui is a buggy laggy mess and I'm just there like???? It's definitely not as accessible as you do have to go through more menus in order to reach simple stuff but it's definitely not laggy or buggy in the slightest. Pretty much everything is done within a few seconds despite having to go through more menus. Is the ui perfect? Definitely not but so far it's fast and gets the job done. Apparently some changes have been made to make things quicker to access with today's update so that problem might be fixed now. 6. The controller. It's not a massive departure from the dualshock 4 but they've made several upgrades. Battery life, grip and triggers are all improved but then there's the trigger effects which I originally thought was just a gimmick, actually turned out to be a cool feature I didn't know I needed. How devs will take advantage of this is to be seen but so far games such as Cold war and Astros playroom show off its potential. Those are just the few big reasons I can name off the top of my head but yeah I'm satisfied and things will likely only get better. There's also a list of promising exclusives dropping this year already so they don't seem to be slowing down. If you're getting one expecting it to be some life changing experience then you'll be disappointed but so far they've delivered on the most important aspect which is to run games like a current gen console should. Keep in mind you need a competent TV to take full advantage the console.
  4. Imo just another thing to be mad about, it's only on this site I've ever seen people complain about the ps store. There's even those that claim the ps5 store is laggy and slow... think yall need to revisit the ps3 store and try making a purchase there see how many crashes or attempts it'll take before you can even press purchase on a game.
  5. That's just you generalizing hard, your average gamer is not some brain dead teen that does nothing but play cod or sports games. Are we really still using these tired old stereotypes...
  6. Here's the thing though, all of the stuff you listed will not affect your average gamer nor is it seen as some big anti consumer move to them. Most are spending time in game not checking out their activity feed, writing messages in friend requests ain't exactly a big deal, wish list was added back to the app yesterday and the online store while not to your liking, gets the job done. I'm not saying these were good moves or they don't matter but the reality is that outside of this site, these changes are very minor and will not impact gamers in any way. Trophy hunters are way too self centered thinking everything revolves around them.. they don't. I look at some of the things people have been complaining about and I'm like really? That's what's making you consider changing platforms? If there's any real downsides to the platform at the moment that would be the lack of vrr support, lack of accessibility options on the ps5, no external storage support for ps5 games, limited options to back up saved data, low internal storage space, no 1440p support option and the whole scalper situation going on not no trophy sound, trophy image icons or a bunch of nonsense people created out of their distain for Jim Ryan and Sony. A lot of the things I mentioned above will likely get implemented sooner or later so it's just a matter of patience.
  7. Wishlist was added today not sure when the update will roll out for others.
  8. Look all I'm saying Is maybe you should start focusing on the things you do enjoy instead of always being overly negative and ranting about the things that you don't. Triple a games not your thing? There's tons of indies out there you may enjoy. Don't like Sony or their new leadership? There's other platforms out there. Dont like a certain change made on your system of choice ? Get use to it, there's many more to come and you may not be a fan of all of em. For all your talk of indies, I don't think I've ever seen you shed light or speak of any indies you enjoyed... but I can find at least one million posts of you talking about how trash triple a games are or how Jim Ryan is supposedly tormenting you in your sleep at night. Housemarque who has been collaborating with Sony for quite some time has been primarily focused on smaller scope games similar to what you'd see from indie devs and guess what? Despite being great games and a success among critics, those games sold poorly which is why they've shifted to bigger budget games. To be exact, they said "arcade is dead" and that's coming from their lips not Sony or any big corpo boss.
  9. Dude you seriously need to chill out lmao. If you hate Sony that much then why don't you just switch platforms instead of letting your anger out every day on forums?
  10. Can't take you seriously when at least half of your points are merely speculations/rumors or a bunch of shit we have no confirmation that's he's actually pushed. I don't know how they operate and I won't pretend like I do but I highly doubt this one man is making every single decision for a company this big. You'd think this would be common sense but I guess not..
  11. This was my first ever dmc game and it was nowhere near a 10/10 or even 9/10 in my opinion. After running through the game about seven times you'll have a good understanding of the combat and know the levels by heart. Dante has a gun called faust that makes his s ranks easier if you don't mind farming a bit, Nero requires more effort In order to not get touched as he doesn't really have any broken weapons like Dante but there is quite a few items that will help a ton and then there's V which i found the hardest. Everything with V just seemed to take forever to die and you have to wait around whenever his pets die (which they'll do a lot). Don't let the difficulty scare you, it's one of the best action games ever made.
  12. As someone who enjoys gambling at the casino from time to time, I'm well aware how addictive it can get but that's on me for making the decision to spend my money there. To answer your question, no I wouldn't blame the children but I'd question the parents for not educating them on the matter. Until games start making it mandatory for you to partake, I wouldn't say they're deliberately trying to get you addicted but rather giving an alternative for those who do wish to spend. Oh and it's almost always publishers that push for monetization not the developers I'll agree with you on the first part. Take Two seems to have found a huge money maker and that's the way they'll be going forward in the future with their online content it seems which is fine by me as long as they keep putting out excellent single player experiences. I know some people really enjoy the online aspect but I didn't so just decided to skip out on it. As for time savers, I'll use the recent assassins creed games as an example. People claimed that the game was too much of a grind and that it was obvious they did that in order to persuade people to buy time savers. After only 50 hours or so of just playing through the games content, I was maxed out with some of the best gear possible. Is 40 to 50 hours in order to reach that point really much of a grind to where you can't just play through it normally? Seems like you're essentially paying more to not play the game. Games such as NBA 2k or fifa are a different story though. In most cases it's not a problem but rather an alternative. That's how I see it.
  13. Battlefront 2 at launch is one of the finest and few exceptions where the monetization actually had an impact because it was an online pvp game with pay to win mechanics. They aren't getting away with anything really, a system was implemented to make more money long term and it has only worked because gamers are willingly buying it up. As I said before the blame can't solely fall on publishers when the consumers are participating.
  14. Wether someone wants to earn in game rewards by playing the game normally or willingly spending money to do so what effect does it have on you exactly? I've played a ton games with micro transactions yet I've never spent a single dollar on anything other than dlcs or season pass. You don't need em, you can fully enjoy whatever game it is you're playing without spending anything extra. Pay to win monetization ill agree is shitty but battle passes, skins or time savers won't have any impact on you whatsoever.