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  1. Assassins creed 2 and brotherhood are the two games within the series that would truly deserve a remake. I'm with you on resistance series making a comeback though.
  2. Almost forgot about that boss but yeah dude was straight ass to beat on insane lmao, took me well over an hour. It's only a couple minutes but felt like forever with the amount of rng and him one tapping you if he doesn't drop shields. Congrats on the plat!
  3. The damn thing is back after years of demand from fans and gamers alike now everyone is pissy for some reason lol. Personally I'm glad it's a remake and not just some cheap HD remaster or port especially the fact that it's gonna be current gen hardware, can't wait to see what it'll look like.
  4. Time and difficulty estimate?
  5. Chapter 4 score Attack has been good enough for me and that's without blowing up the cars. Just kill multiple enemies in shoot dodge and try to keep a decent hit streak which should be more than enough to get you platinum medal, there's times where I'd finish with over 20k points. If you're missing the single player grinds for explosion kills and blowing up cars then this is a good spot to farm it though.
  6. This war of mine and frost punk are the two games that come to mind, they're both excellent as well.
  7. Darkwood - (4.66%) Score: 8.5/10 Difficulty : 4/10 First game of my second tier completed. In terms of pure atmosphere and tension this game is a masterpiece really, its even more impressive that there's no cheap jump scare tactics just brilliant sound, grotesque visuals and a damn good soundtrack. It's a top down survival horror game where you scavenge by day but need to go back to base by night time where you'll fend off all sorts of fucked up creatures. While doing so you're completely In the dark with the exception of your lamp but what makes all of this intense is that you're essentially clueless as to what's coming your way or going on around you but can certainly hear all of it. Your character is deliberately slow with rather low health as well and you can only see what's in front of you if you're directly looking at it with a flashlight, that last part sounds like a gimmick right? This adds to the tension in moments when you think you're at peace but the sound makes you think otherwise and you're constantly looking behind your back or even when you're getting swarmed from multiple angles and want to find a way out of that situation. There's your typical survival affair with crafting and managing your inventory as well as a twisted story with some odd characters so it's not all about just endless survival. Some of the tension and dread gets lost once you're better equipped with guns towards the end though. Highly recommend this one if you're into indies or survival horror, make sure to play this one with a headset. Difficulty wise it's nothing ultra rare worthy and certainly won't stay so but since it currently is I decided to just toss it in my second tier. There's a learning curve as the game doesn't hold your hands whatsoever but that's about it. Next I'll likely be playing either Jamestown or Max payne 3.
  8. They released the dlc which had glitched trophies but then the studio shut down before they could fix it. I'm honestly just as clueless as you here but surprised this even came out considering the studio is no more.
  9. If im not mistaken this studio shut down so yall better pray that all the trophies are obtainable cause their other game "indivisible" got dlc with broken trophies that were never fixed.
  10. The collection he's on about is likely the one that's on sale right now which does include war of the chosen.
  11. Without the free upgrades or ones given from ps plus far I've got Demon souls Miles morales Returnal Ratchet and clank rift apart Ac valhalla Outriders Resident evil 8 It takes two Mortal shell Black ops cold war Watch dogs legion Immortals Fenix rising Yakuza 7 Judgement Subnautica below zero Guilty gear strive Disco elysium Metro exodus Observer system redux Devil may cry 5 Mortal Kombat 11 Sackboy Nioh 2 Hitman 3 Crash 4
  12. Odd decision that's for damn sure but I'll wait to see before I judge.
  13. Here's what I'll be going for with my second tier.
  14. Yeah I don't see anything in wuppo taking you 20 hours. Let's not mention jotun ever again please... I have flashbacks of Hagalaz electricity and see Odins clones whenever I close my eyes.. fucking pain in the ass that game was for me 🤣
  15. Yeah its definitely a weird one but overall the gameplay is solid. Biggest gripe is by far the objectives in story mode, they don't hold your hand whatsoever and some of the puzzles in order to advance the story aren't easy to figure out. You'll likely need to check a guide every now and then just to know where to go or what to do. Oh and then there's the pace killer when you have to wait 2 minutes for public transportation and actually wait in line to get in... I haven't done hollow knight but I did watch the pantheon trophy and if you mean legit then no I don't think wuppo is harder despite still being an annoying one. About 98% of the run is piss it's really just those last few where you need some practice and strats. If we're talkin legit for both games tho I gotta hand it to wuppo but for the wrong reasons... bullshit rng patterns where taking damage cannot be avoided no matter how good you are not sure if that's present in hollow knight as well but yeah I'm very curious to know if anyone has actually done wuppo without the health exploit. Thanks by the way 👌🏾