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  1. Think i may have found the only person on earth that likes collectibles, this sort of shit just gives me Assassins Creed valhalla flashbacks lol.
  2. Can't even be mad cause this will just give me more time to get through the onslaught of new releases in February and March.
  3. My most anticipated game for the year as of now and after playing the demo, I'm more than sure it'll be great.
  4. So basically a shit ton of fetch quests confirmed.
  5. A welcomed challenge if true. Always lovely to see the community in shambles whenever there's possibility of even the slightest bit of difficulty.
  6. I mixed it up but mainly focused on rushing through story missions as there's more dialogue after each of em and ended up getting the trophy at around day 28-30. Also cards don't carry over so you'll have to make the most of what's given to you but it shouldn't be a problem if you're playing on lowest difficulty.
  7. Now compare America or Canada to other countries around the world then come back and let us know just how bad you have it living comfortably In a country with limitless opportunities where you can actually afford to sit on the internet crying about your problems.
  8. Wasn't high on my radar but I'm all on-board now as it's off to a great start, not surprising as it's the same person who directed Chernobyl which was also an amazing series.
  9. I'll be joining and here's my tier 1 list. Got sidetracked last year so didn't participate much in the event prior but I'm looking to get back into hunting this year. Crash 4 Wipeout omega Leos fortune Dead nation Deadbolt
  10. It got some mixed reviews but why are we acting like a 70% average on metacritic is terrible? I'd rate it somewhere around a 7 to 7.5/10, had a good time although I agree that it wasn't great but not every game has to be. They definitely have a solid foundation to work with if they ever decide to make a sequel and i hope they do as there's potential so long as they flesh things out. My main criticisms are that the game has almost no horror elements whatsoever despite being a survival horror, theres not much tension as far as survival goes due to the sheer amount of supplies given to you, the story is serviceable but it definitely left a lot to be desired along with the characters, the checkpoints can be somewhat of an annoyance if you're one to explore optional areas and it just felt way too easy even on the hardest difficulty as your main character is damn near a tank once upgraded. It's not the masterpiece or resurrection of sci-fi horror people have been hoping for but still an enjoyable experience. I'm convinced majority here shitting on the game are the same ones that couldnt figure out how to dodge or had a hard time on maximum difficulty so they had to resort to glitching lol.
  11. They both turn softwood to hardwood so can't go wrong with either to be honest.
  12. It's certainly a special game for those who are willing to get past the steep learning curve, unforgiving gameplay and outdated graphics but definitely one that's worth sticking with. Keep telling myself i need to take a break so i can finish other stuff but its just not possible right now especially with all the events they keep putting out. Do you still play? If so I'm pretty sure we've crossed paths many times.
  13. No surprise here as hunt showdown completely consumed my free time for the past year which is the main reason I haven't completed much. An underrated gem everyone should try if you're into competitive fps or looking for a unique online experience.
  14. You get Intel by doing missions that give Intel caches as a reward then you break em down same place where you send your team members on ops.
  15. You unlock after researching it first then before every mission you can pay with Intel to get a mission challenge.