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  1. It's been out for over 3 weeks if you count early access and can technically be done in about 30-40 hours so i personally don't think that's a lot. Rng can also make a huge difference for difficulty. Games such as Jotun, Eldest souls, Vermintide 1&2, crypt and many more wouldn't be the same without rng. I'd be surprised if this was a 10/10 but at the same time wouldn't count it out on being very difficult because I know how bullshit this style of game can get on higher difficulties.
  2. In Canada its 80$ which is why I said that.
  3. These games are ancient at this point so there's not much they could of done for the visuals unless it was a full blown remake which isn't the case. Doesn't look bad at all but ain't no way I'm paying 80$ for it.
  4. Really dont care that more people will get to play an amazing game as long as they don't do similar to what Microsoft is doing with their exclusives.
  5. New patch out but I don't think it fixed the trophies
  6. Ended up getting some generic ass reaponse from support team so yeah...
  7. Haven't played the full game myself but this sounds standard considering all these co op left 4 dead style games tend to be unfair on highest difficulty when it comes to special spawn rates.
  8. Glad to see there's trophies for hardest difficulty as those are rather rare these days, should make the platinum a little more interesting. Definitely gonna plat the remastered trilogy when it does come out.
  9. I know reviews aren't everything but with an average of 5/10 as scores you'd think that would be enough to keep people away lmao.
  10. For the final phase of the last boss I'd recommend just jumping around with the bow in slow motion. By doing this you'll be able to avoid most of his hits and look around to kill the mobs that are being spawned since it triggers every time you jump with the bow aimed. Make sure to focus on the mobs to gain resolve so that every time the boss does that one move you can remove the spear from his back.
  11. Just done this legit and I'd personally rate it a 5/10 difficulty. There's about four bosses that are rather tough but it's not brutal like some are making it out to be. Make sure to grab all meditation spots for health upgrades, abuse rot hammer and get rot bomb to slowdown time so you can get some good hits in on bosses. I'd argue that the game Is more enjoyable on this difficulty as the combat Is much more engaging.
  12. As of now I'd say deahtloop is the best I've played but returnal, ratchet, Demon souls, hades and eldest souls are all great as well.
  13. I hit up the support team regarding the glitched trophies will let yall know what they respond.
  14. In the last zone which looks like a big factory there's 3 golden samurai frogs that spawn after a turret section. Kill them then run back to get killed by the turret and you'll spawn right back there where you can repeat this till you have enough money. Took me a little over 30 mins.
  15. Most new games now are dynamic 4k/60 which is still great. Difference between native 4k and dynamic getting real hard to tell apart especially for your average person. I don't think it's a matter of whether the console can do it as there's several games that are native 4k although less demanding ones but rather them trying to save money on a cheaper alternative that still does the job damn well.