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  1. schnukki86 Call of Duty: Black Ops II Hello , i was playing tdm in bo2 , ther was an hacker who open the trophies with his mod menu . I dont no him and he opened it spontainisly .<br /> Im sry for that , but it was no my fault . I know that i have to deleate the game , but i dont will lose my online stats in bo2 . Thats the reason why i sync the trophys . Sorry for my english :)
  2. Oh nice , at the moment i hide bo2 , wenn i get a new trophy and i sync it . After that im back on the leaderboards ? And i want that bo2 is whitelistet at me
  3. What means whitelisting ? I dont understand , sry .
  4. No one , as he opened the trophys with the mod menu , the trophy to the big leauge and the trophys of the dlc open to . I switch off the system to stop it At time i have hid the trophys , because i will back to leaderboards
  5. I was really thinking that the online stats on my save . In bo3 in now that the stats on the server . I think that the online stats not saved at the bo2 server .