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  1. Tales of Xillia Tales of Xillia 2 Tales of Graces f (also on wii)
  2. You can actually set them up to work wirelessly. Not all games work with a DS4, but there are many games where it works perfectly (just the PS button doesn't work). Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a comprehensive list anywhere.
  3. Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, is the only game I regret buying. Such a disappointment after enjoying the previous two games.
  4. 1/10 and it was a guess.
  5. Gran Turismo 5: too much of a grind now that the login bonuses are gone.
  6. Some people lose a whole lot of races on purpose, so that they get matched against slower drivers.
  7. I don't think this is a surprise to anyone. Sad to see the track editor go, though; waited years for that feature and it was awesome.
  8. A good month for me, as the only games that I already have are Batman (steam) and book of unwritten tales 2 (ps4). And so the backlog grows again...
  9. Best Christmas present this year? Saints beat the Falcons to make the playoffs. Who Dat!
  10. Civ 5.
  11. PS2 wins because it could play PS1 games and DVDs.
  12. Just finished watching Beyond the Boundary, really enjoyed it. I guess I'll give Gintama a go next.
  13. I'm in no hurry to get to level 50, and I will easily get 300 hours out of this game (especially once more offline content is added). I'm still having a blast with this game, and have managed to score a couple more wins since my last post (six at the moment). Strangely enough, my best results lately have been from Kart races; I assuming this is because most of the better drivers avoid these races.
  14. I live in hope that they'll tweak these trophies at some point. The completed races and level 50 will come in time, but poles and race wins seem impossible unless you're willing to tank your DR and SR.
  15. I'm with you on this one, my favorite show of the season by far. It was refreshing to see adults in an anime for once. Sad to see it end, but glad the OVA is not too far away.