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  1. There is no upgrade path for the ps plus version.
  2. Awesome month for me. I've been so close to buying FF7R over the last few months, but have stopped myself due to the ever growing backlog of jrpgs I haven't played yet. I'll also be claiming the rest of the titles.
  3. It should work if you just ignore all the tweeps before the one you answer 'A giant robot' to.
  4. Keep at it. You'll get there. 👍
  5. Number of games played: 48 Total hours of gameplay: 1104 Top games: Dirt Rally 2.0: 70 hours Fall Guys: 69 hrs Our World is Ended: 41 hrs Top Genre: Driving / Racing 314 hrs Total Trophies: 1004 20 Platinum Trophies. Seems about right.
  6. It saddens me that anyone would skip forward through this game ... I mean, it's literally about skipping back through time. Each to their own, I guess.
  7. Xenon Racer is a fairly easy platinum (even I have it).
  8. Those are the dlc trophies, they don't count for the platinum.
  9. A GT7 bundle would be the sign that it is time...
  10. I was having issues with this one too. In the end I had to make two accounts epic friends (ps4 platform wasn't enough) and then set up a 1 v 1 private match in split screen. The trophy popped for the account that was leading the party.
  11. I'll definitely add these to my backlog. A good month for me.
  12. I was having issues getting this time and tried all the tunes in this thread, but I was just getting worse. So I changed everything back except for the gear ratios and did a 1:40.5 on the second lap. It was a good distraction from the mindless grinding.
  13. Like others have said, it's not the worst driving game in the world, but there appears to be a real lack of depth. I paid the current price, so am not too disappointed with the game, but if I'd bought it at launch...
  14. Level 20 to 330.
  15. No, there is no trophy attached to the DLC.
  16. I've no interest in PUBG at all, but might give SF5 a go. I suck at fighting games, but they're always good for a few hours. Looks like next month will be spent trying to put a dent in my backlog.
  17. September 2020 Uncharted: The Lost Legacy GT Sport
  18. The game looks like it's much better suited to a handheld device; I'd be more likely to play this on my Switch. Also, whoever wrote the story missed that it was on Gamepass for XB. Decenders looks like a much better fit for home consoles.
  19. July 2020 Grid Horizon Zero Dawn
  20. Probably just a coincidence. The trophy actually pops for having the fastest reaction time off the line, not for being the first around turn 1 (as many guides seem to state).
  21. Ouch! Looks like the platinum will be near impossible. Still, I'll get this at some point to enjoy on my wheel.
  22. Not sure why people are taking a placeholder price seriously. No one knows how much these things cost yet.
  23. They had me at Trial Mountain!
  24. This one glitched for me and I ended up having to re-buy a couple of the cars. You don't have to own them all at the same point.
  25. Sweet! BF2 is finally at my desired price.