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  1. We've been pluggin away at Maneater on stream this weekend. About 7 hours in and almost done. Its a fun easy platinum and well worth checking it out :) 

  2. Long time no read Cass! Great to see you're still on the grind. After reading back through quite a bit of the old posts I have definitely found a few things to add to the back log. Looking forward to seeing what comes out for your big game this January!
  3. I did a fair few back when I first joined the site, I did most of Toogies events (RIP) and played in the australian trophy league but otherwise I generally like doing my own thing
  4. I found I'm the same way, I cannot stick to event lists at all! That's why the only one I still am in is the monthly madness since I almost always can make whatever I'm playing that month fit the theme, or I just prep a few plats that I was enjoying until they fit the theme
  5. Everyone up to this point should be up to date I also fixed up your name @ArtikSkarab My game this month was inspired by @Briste, I ended up going through Grim Fandango, A great old fashioned game but the tank controls were a bit of a pain. Playing through without a guide was a good decision too. With next month looking like it will certainly be the clothing option I have managed to prep a plat for that to knock it off on day 1. I've got only a few more minutes left of Steep before I pick up the plat for that month.
  6. Everyone should be up to date again good job everyone
  7. I was having issues with this not unlocking while I was playing in the alps. I can confirm on my end that the trophies unlocked when I moved to alaska and did my 15 moments there.
  8. Got you added to the list and updated. I remember that game being fun but man it was a grind to get all the endings! Did you enjoy it?
  9. I would love a PS4 port for Persona 3 and Persona 4 Golden. I can dream
  10. @Metal Slime King with the 100% games you will get a gold rating for the month, You still get the image next to your first game of the month like the platinum level. i'll update you when I get back to my desk and you'll see what I mean ETA: Challenges only have a platinum grade so I'm afraid those games wont count for the challenges sorry
  11. That would be great actually, I'll flick you a friend request when I'm next on the PS4 and if you're online at the same time as me we can do a quick match. Hey mate, congrats. Which trophy would you like to use from it since it doesn't have a platinum trophy Got you updated, congrats on finishing your first month for the year.
  12. I realised I never said what I was working on this month I'm working on finally picking up the plat for Rocket League, it's a very chill list and I only had a couple of trophies left (drive 50KM and play online with a friend) one is a grind which I almost finished yesterday and the other just requires boosting. Should be done early this month giving me time to get back into the kingdom hearts series in time for 3
  13. I was wondering who would post up the first platinum for this event. Congrats mate. Game looks interesting, did you enjoy it?
  14. Thanks for all your efforts this year Sy, it was a great event
  15. Happy new year everyone. My starting stats for this year are Platinum trophies: 57 100% completed: 49 Completion: 68.22%