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  1. July: Horizon Zero Dawn Marvel's Spider-Man
  2. Thank you! Great Giveaway. Voted for Ghost without any reason. Both games gonna be great! Atleast thats my hope!
  3. There is a leak: https://gamingroute.com/spider-man-ps4-to-be-free-with-playstation-plus-june-2020/
  4. June: Crash Bandicoot Trilogy Nier: Automata
  5. Great Game, Great DLC, Great Giveaway! Thank you for hosting it. Everyone should play this!
  6. OMFG let this be a banger! So many childhood memories. With the Second one i got addicted. Hands Down, the 4 was by far the best part of the series. The Gap between 3 and 4 was sooo big.
  7. the only thing which coud justify this lineup is that they are holding sth. back. Like CoD MW back in the days. Maybe with the Upcoming Reveal of the PS5 they will add sth. ? i am atleast hoping for this. Otherwise its really sad.
  8. WOW, i am shocked... no indie-gem, no ps4 exclusive. Really disappointed this time. Just 2 slow games... Worst month since iam subscribing. Cities Skylines can be cool... if played with Mouse and Keyboard...
  9. ACRONYM Just Released a Functional ‘Death Stranding’ Jacket Not Bad but Underwhelming for the Price imo. what do you guys think about this jacket, its worth the price? appr. 1900$ Source
  10. May: Crash Bandicoot Trilogy Nier: Automata
  11. April: Celeste God of War
  12. March 2020 - Nier: Automata - Dead Cells
  13. it's definitely worth imo
  14. Oh Wow, after the Uncharted Collection we got the next one. I see a pattern ! Really Happy about Bioshock!
  15. Saints Row: Gat out of Hell such a shit game. Just dont.