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  1. Thanks mate that makes it a bit better if the trophy pop's
  2. Do we need to do all dlc as well or just base game, I'm currently half way through base game.
  3. Can anyone confirm patch 1.33 has sorted out the glitch with the trophy popping?? 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
  4. I had a patch today, is it a new one or old one. Not sure I'll play until issue is sorted as I like the game a lot and don't want to dampen the enjoyment
  5. Hold down ✖️ button then as soon as the person you're fighting finishes their combo and misses, press ⏺️ or 🔼
  6. I can confirm this aswel as mine popped today around the 80 level didn't pay attention when it did.
  7. You drive through the balloons, and it's a weapon of sorts. It places vehicles in the way of the over driver's. Yiu need to be behind for it to give you it
  8. Holiday Road you need to be behind other driver. I had few pop this morning when was messing around with brother. Never got any when leading only when was loosing
  9. Keep it low in green to start and then when challenge starts get it to top of the green that's how I managed to do it.
  10. It only counts on the one track, the one where you have to get the high speed in a set time. It doesn't count on any other game mode. So if you have done it in face of for example it won't count
  11. Can confirm Animator22. Did same with second account and currently you can reload.
  12. Think you only have to do it with Clarkson as I reloaded with may and Hammond, but never reloaded with Clarkson and trophy popped. Needs to be comfirmed but that's how it worked for me. Don't reload with Clarkson and trophy should pop. Should have loads of rounds left.
  13. Saw No it counts as 7 wins but you must beat someone, either ai or second player. If you just race without any competition It won't count as a win.
  14. thanks for the tip on controls will give that a go