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  1. Dragon Ball Z Budokai Collection. Would love to plat Budokai 3, if only it brought back the og osts. For the actual post, I say DBZ Battle of Z. Never even realized it existed until 2 years earlier.
  2. Overwhelming (in a good way) of what the trailer presented to us. for sure the gametime will exceed 60 hours (too exaggerated, but I hope nonetheless). Even the "mumble" mode just threw me off. I cannot wait!
  3. That is good to hear!
  4. Hello everyone. I recently purchased PS Now and started with the lego games, however, does anyone know other easy plats within PS Now? Any information will be appreciated!
  5. FF10. Always wanted to 100% that game, but never bothered.
  6. Excellent choice. Glad you heavily enjoyed the show! Started getting into it, and it completely cleared my assumptions. Having a blast so far watching it, and cannot wait to get back to watching anime once again.
  7. Those bundles existed? Damm. Also, nice to see another MGS fan.
  8. The Wolf Among Us I need more TellTale Games to platinum, but i tend to forget.
  9. I have many ps3 games to platinum, so I will not list all of them. The only ones I will give full priority to are the following: Kingdom Hearts BBS FF 13 Toy Story Mania DBZ Xenoverse (I loathe so much its RNG) Hatsune Miku PDF2 Lego STCW South Park SOT Lego Movie Wish you all luck on this new year of trophy grinding anyways.
  10. This helps. Much appreciated!
  11. It varies, but it is mostly a fandom of having interests in anthromorphic characteristics and styles. I do not want to make this topic about the furry fandom though. Haha
  12. I may be late, however, I do have quite a few recommendations. There can be some factors towards whether you prefer "certain" aspects such as Turn-based, classics or even, as you already played, modern styles. One I would recommend is expanding your palette within the FF series. Any game is good to start at, but if you are not so sure, then I would say FF 10 as it is a good blend of the classic and modern approaches to the series. From there, you can decide to venture out to the classical (anything before 10) or modern era (after 10). I would also recommend the Nier Series. Definitive stories, and it will have you much to think about, both in terms of the game itself and on your perspective of life. *insert winking emoji here* You do not have to play the recent Nier game to play Nier Automata and vice versa. Additionally, trying out the past Persona games and its counterpart series, Shin Megami Tensei, are also good branches to play. (Another recommendation I feel tempted to speak about is Kingdom Hearts, although, if you do not mind the disney aspects, then you can also invest time to researching that series) Lastly, there also exists good, yet sometimes underrated, JRPGs out there. The only ones that come up to my mind are the Star Ocean series, Atelier games and more. Overall, it is up to you and what you like that determines what to play next. I hope you have a good starting journey into this wonderful gaming genre,
  13. Might not finish FF 13 next week. It is a shame as I have to go back to college. Ah well, at least A lego game is on its way towards plat.

  14. FF13 grinding is becoming much of a drag. I do hope that I do not have to start a second playthrough for that Treasure Hunter trophy. I do not want to repreat the Cieth' Stones once again for completion in general (have not started on 5 star grinding).

    1. DeadlyPerfume


      I feel you, I'm currently farming gil for Treasure Hunter materials and it is truly mind-numbing. 

  15. As long as the game does not get flushed out like its predecessor, then I am all for this delay. Their talks for polishing quality and mechanics sounds very promising. I hope we get a good trailer.