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  1. Ahh. Im just that one guy who even enjoys the most underappreciated games within good series.
  2. Damm. Welp, sounds like I wont be platting this game for a while.
  3. Metal Gear Survive for $6? A steal. I was planning to pruchases this just to see how bad is it within the community.
  4. I cannot think of much mind-blowing experiences, so I only listed 4 atm. 1) Tales of Berseria: I would say this was my first mind-blowing experience. Although I had a rough time convincing myself to finish the game, I enjoyed the story nonetheless. As I also played Zestiria and coming to the end of Berseria, knowing that Laphicet was Maotelus all along just made me ponder and cry, reminiscing to lore of Zestiria. 2) Metal Gear Solid 4: I do not have a specifc moment in this game. Technically, the whole game was surprising to me, not only because of the change in the overall tone of the game (in which made it easier to not spoil myself as the game seemed less "memeable," unlike MGS 2 and 3), but the constant references and the reintroduction of the major characters from MGS3, making their final contribution to the overall enjoyment and plot. 3) Tomb Raider (PS3): This was my first Tomb-Raider game, so although I do not know much about the series in general, I was excited as the game just sends you straight to the action and survival. Initially, I thought there would be a bit of story exploration before the good stuff happens. 4) MGS Peace Walker (Future Mind-Blowing Experience): One of the MGS games (other than GZ and TPP) that I actually do not know anything about. Currently playing, but I am glad I did not spoil myself with this game. Not much to say, other than that this will be a thrilling game.
  5. Just purchased Spyro The Reignited Trilogy. Welp, my trophy hunting will be postponed until i finished the games. uwu

    1. AihaLoveleaf


      Spyro Trilogy is great! Enjoy it.

    2. Yakon-Inflation God

      Yakon-Inflation God

      I definitely will! :)

    3. AK-1138


      No point in dragon it out, enjoy 😎

  6. I second this. I have the physical copy of the game, and although I have yet to finish it, it is worth the time and enjoyment, regardless of the flaws present!
  7. Okay. So, Xenoverse is taking much of a time, which I did not expect for that to happen. Time for a new approach. Might now plat Birth by Sleep, Hatsune Miku F2 and Digimon Cyber Sleuth. Hopefully these wont be as tedious as Xenoverse.

  8. Xillia for me. Xillia and its sequel is what brought me to the Tales of series. Although, that may change if arise can take that spot.
  9. Amen. I suppose this clears some doubts I had earlier. I might go for it nonetheless, not just for the trophies, but to experience games such as P4 in which I doubt I would enjoy the same experience on PC. I genuinely like this reply.
  10. Can you elaborate on that more?
  11. Guess it is that time for the PS Vita. Most likely I will aim for the digital copies.
  12. I find it more doable to be a portable person rather than a console person. Especially when I am going to college during the fall. And, well there are some games i would love to try out that are exclusive to the vita, but also I have my trophy goals. Win-win i would say. Thank you for the information! I think ill just stick with the vita for now. Might get the PSTV someday. I would say I am a weeb lol, but im just getting the vita to expand my access to other trophies. Even it is more suitable for me to play games hiddenly.
  13. Thank you for the replies. I was more worried that my money would be better suited for other games instead of a new console. I do have some recommendations if I do decide to purchase it. Nonetheless, thank you once again.
  14. I have been contemplating in whether to buy a PS Vita since I recently got back into Trophy Hunting and thought that having the Vita would be another "good" source to get plats and etc. However, I am not sure if it would be a right choice anyways, considering that there may be other "issues" that I do not know about. What do you all think? Should I buy one? Or should I stick to the consoles I currently have?
  15. I did not see that. My mistake lol.