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  1. Social Chest Great Inagua Near the Rowboat 3 hours 17 mins left
  2. Royal Convey 63,204 4 hours 48 mins remaning
  3. White Whale 167,651 1 hour 12 mins remaning
  4. I will post any and all events i find till i get the plat trophy to help others out
  5. Social Chest Cat Island 55 mins left
  6. Royal Convey 211,419 6 hhours 54 mins
  7. Social Chest Great Inagua Edwards bedroom 4 hours 45 mins left
  8. White Whale 576,115 1 hour 22 mins remaning
  9. White Whale 638,901 8 hours 3 mins remaning found it by accident too i went to the area as to see if the royal convey was there found one on my main save in the same area when i first got the jackdaw
  10. oh i have patiance it took me 35+ stright hours to find my first social chest lol
  11. oh i know but i havent seen anyone post cords for royal convey or white whales yet
  12. well for me i still need a royal convey and white whale on my 2nd save or a white whale reachable on main lol but i do tend to share all loctions and timers when i see one of the 3 social events
  13. Social Chest Cat Island 740,690 Remaining time 1 hour 31 mins as of this edit
  14. this trophy sucks im only in sequance 3 so im stuck to 660-1000 latitudes? i found a royal convey at 578,885 current remaing time of me typing this 2 hours 52 mins another royal convey at 784,437 8 hours 6 mins remaning, apperntly i need all 3 now ubisoft says my game glitched from the first royal convey i found it was blinking whie and blute
  15. What is going on this site is keep taking me to the first page and im replying without noticing and well have you tryed to star a new game and just run it on diff 10 when you can start it?