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  1. Hey guys! I have a problem with "the Collectors" trophy ... I‘ve completed the mainstory. I’ve repeated all events with legends a couple of times… (and won) Finnished Buenos Aires succesfully several times. And I also completed all of the the skill games, just to be sure. My guy is level 79 now. Unfortunately, the collector's trophy didn‘t come so far yet. When I look at the events on the world map, I don't have a single green tick on any of them. I cannot select a legend game directly for single player (like it has been shown in some videos). I went through a couple of guides and also through YouTube… don‘t know how to fix it. Does anyone have any ideas for me? (:
  2. I was wondering the same... took me half an hour to find out, that campus isn't included in the Season Pass. :/
  3. Does anyone having trouble with the "Endured the Winter" - Trophy? I played several times on all of the maps and still no trophy...