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  1. Need advice on this one as I am finding it difficult to connect with anyone.
  2. Go for homefront revolution never seen anyone with this platinum and I loved the first game!
  3. That's great thanks for the help!
  4. I am looking at some players trophies and see the word missing timestamp on the trophy? What does this mean?
  5. Currently have 53/120 awards so making progress! Only 1000 kills so far but all legit figured out that most can be done legit! There is like maybe 5-7 awards that I will need help with but the rest are possible on the road to 10000 kills so I am happy!
  6. Didn't say you didn't know what they are just get them early like you said by round 10 you should have juggernaut by then if your playing well. Don't need to upgrade your guns that early
  7. Need to buy juggernaut perk asap mate learned that if you add me I can help with them I need a few too
  8. I am able to find empty lobbies easy enough during the day its just trying to get players on. I can do most with just one other person but 1 award is stopping me getting them all which is kill 5 enemies in 2 seconds which will be near impossible if it is not boosted
  9. I need help or experience player's to advise on the best way to set up a boosting lobby for awards!
  10. Great man thanks for the info!
  11. How many guys you boost with to get it? Just need to know the number of guys to recruit before i start it in order to get all trophies
  12. Is it possible to monitor how many games you have played got all other trophies except this one would like to monitor what I have done
  13. Would it be easy to boost?
  14. you interested in giving the platinum a go? just checked your profile didnt realise you had it any tips! would love to discuss it in more detail add me
  15. I thought it could be done mostly 1 vs 1 need to find someone willing now