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  1. Online wins can be boosted with a friend.
  2. Nothing fixed the actual issue, also tried to reinstall the game and switch to a wired controller. Was able to work around it by using PS4's button remapping feature in the Accessibility menu. Made the speed challenge a little awkward but nothing too difficult with some practice. Hope this helps anyone else who might have a similar issue.
  3. I'll give it a shot once I finish the rest of the game. It may be a faulty trigger button because I did just barely get it to trigger by giving it a death grip in just the right spot. But odd that both of my controllers would behave the same way and no other puzzle does that. I'll certainly need it to work better for the speed trophy so hopefully that will help!
  4. Yep no problems on other games and no issues with other puzzles in Statik that require the use of the same triggers.
  5. So I have a strange problem. The Directionless puzzle features 4 LEDs that turn on as you press the R/L trigger and bumper buttons. I can't seem to light up the 4th LED mapped to the R2 button. I found this reddit thread with people having the same problem. I've tried changing controllers, restarting the game, mashing the button out of pure rage and anger... nothing works for me. Anyone else experience this and have a work around?
  6. What about gaps? Has anyone noticed if cheats invalidate checking gaps off the list?
  7. Finally got this. I ended up equipping armor that spawns food and sat at the beginning of a level spawning food until I hit 200. I kept count and the trophy popped once I hit 200 so it's like the game wiped all progress from previous runs.
  8. Saw this comment from some of the Xbox players on TrueAchievements: "Can confirm it only updates if you eat 20+ in one run, I've definitely eaten more than 20 items, probably closer to 60, but I only just got 10%. Solo is also the way, as food drops are shared by all players, so you will end up eating less, even if more seem to spawn." Pretty bizarre if you ask me, but here is a great example for hoping the PS5 has trophy tracking. At l least gives you some insight into wonky trophies if they are buggy or behave slightly different than what is stated in the description.
  9. Trophy says to eat 200 food items. I've gone above and beyond that for sure with the enchantment that drops 3 food items every time I use a heal. Is there something particular about this I'm not picking up on or is it bugged?
  10. Looks relatively straight forward, with what appears to be at least one trophy requiring multiplayer. The apocalypse difficulty trophy may require a team depending on how things work too. All in all I am pretty excited for this!
  11. Sounds like you've played this on PC before.. are you saying that the game will require co op to platinum?
  12. Alien Isolation. I got it on PC for free years ago when I went through a PC gaming phase and only played a couple of hours of it. Got it again in my PS4 library with the intentions to plat it eventually!
  13. Nice.. Progress is so slow per conversation that I couldn't tell if it was actually going up and that was on one of the earlier tiers of rank, Cautious --> Neutral. Assuming the rep requirements scale up it would be even worse getting from Neighborly to Ally. Still, any glitched farming helps so thanks! Now we just need one for the Settlers.
  14. Platinum for Roller Coaster Tycoon Joyride... only 3 people. And 1 must be a cheater because only 2 show up in the PsnProfiles list.
  15. Based on this post it looks like the faction rep rewards from those encounters are barely noticeable, if noticeable at all, like you said. Best to do the dailies then.