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  1. My biggest breakthrough came with the black manacles weapon. I became laughably out leveled super early in the event, but this weapon kept me capable of grinding out the full 20k thanks to its 20% chance to devour an enemy and take all of its stats. The rest of my team was Skeleton and Skeleros for generating skulls and then the guide troop Deathclaw. This build requires a ton of gems though (spent around 4k) since you'll lose a lot of battles waiting for RNG to cooperate on the devour. But I don't have a ton of better troops/weapons and I found this set up consistently earning wins. One thing that is helpful is being able to peek at your enemy before the battle. Avoid any battle where the enemies are immune to devour.
  2. This just seems to be related to the volume of server traffic. Avoid evenings and early nighttime in the EST time zone. I tried again in the morning and had no issues.
  3. Are the servers still active for the alliance battle portion of this game? Have tried a half dozen times to start an alliance battle but get a server error. Regular battles work fine and I can browse the weekly leader boards so clearly their servers aren't shut down or anything like that.
  4. I think the category related trophies are mapped incorrectly. My Geography one popped once I hit 30 correct in science. I sure wish the perfection trophy popped randomly for me. I had to do it the hard way, and by hard way I mean Google 😁
  5. I eventually got this trophy too, but just wanted to echo all the frustration that's already been mentioned. This mini game is a mess. Maybe I just didn't understand the controls but the defend/attack box would eventually disappear and I'd be left hoping I'm defending or attacking the right spots. How that mini game got through play testing is beyond me. (End Rant)
  6. Haven't found any information on how to unlock each post game bonus so let's track them here. Post how you have earned each one. What I know so far... Slow as a snail - move the least Master painter - change most properties to your color Big spender - spend the most money Mileage - walk the most Power up champion - use the most powerups H2O - collect the most water High voltage - collect the most electricity Villain - attack others the most Wrecking ball - used the bulldozer the most Trade union - initiated the most strikes Goat - be pushed around the most Ripped off - ??? Bidder - submitted the most bids Renovation king - ??? Real estate magnate - piled up the most money Sitting duck - ??? Auctioneer - ??? Empty handed - lost the most auctions
  7. I've made it to 77% twice now on two separate runs and both times enemies stop spawning. Anyone know a way to trigger enemy spawns again?
  8. I've earned a few trophies from this dlc list but the trophies don't seem to sync with psn. I've earned trophies from other games after and they sync fine. Anyone else having this issue?
  9. I finally got this. My theory: I don't think the game resets accuracy after every hunt. So if you don't get 100% hits in your first hunt after booting up the game then every attempt after is not going to pop this. I got this after closing the game, then starting it back up, going into the first map with 8 shot sniper, hit every dino, trophy popped on the last shot.
  10. I'm still struggling with this and have tried countless things to get this to pop. Anyone have luck with this outside of what's already been suggested?
  11. Ah I have the Player version. Makes sense, I went on a free game download frenzy without doing much research and didn't realize there was a paid version.
  12. Just started the game up today after having it sit in my backlog for a while. I can't create a new game at all. Is this still playable?
  13. Actually I just looked at the future troops planned to be released and Oct 1 Archproxy Yvendra has the ability to convert yellow gems to Uber doom skulls. https://www.taransworld.com/Spoilers/?d=troops
  14. Didn't see the Uber doom skulls show up between campaigns in August. I assumed we would eventually see a troop have the ability to create them but nothing of the sort yet. Note to self, always finish GOW trophies asap.. there's no telling when the devs will disable a trophy for months.
  15. I can't seem to get the ark ship equipped with a crew. It's maxed out with workers and I've built plenty of residents around the ark but the crew section remains empty. Do I have to add them manually?