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  1. Finally got this. I ended up equipping armor that spawns food and sat at the beginning of a level spawning food until I hit 200. I kept count and the trophy popped once I hit 200 so it's like the game wiped all progress from previous runs.
  2. Saw this comment from some of the Xbox players on TrueAchievements: "Can confirm it only updates if you eat 20+ in one run, I've definitely eaten more than 20 items, probably closer to 60, but I only just got 10%. Solo is also the way, as food drops are shared by all players, so you will end up eating less, even if more seem to spawn." Pretty bizarre if you ask me, but here is a great example for hoping the PS5 has trophy tracking. At l least gives you some insight into wonky trophies if they are buggy or behave slightly different than what is stated in the description.
  3. Trophy says to eat 200 food items. I've gone above and beyond that for sure with the enchantment that drops 3 food items every time I use a heal. Is there something particular about this I'm not picking up on or is it bugged?
  4. Looks relatively straight forward, with what appears to be at least one trophy requiring multiplayer. The apocalypse difficulty trophy may require a team depending on how things work too. All in all I am pretty excited for this!
  5. Sounds like you've played this on PC before.. are you saying that the game will require co op to platinum?
  6. Alien Isolation. I got it on PC for free years ago when I went through a PC gaming phase and only played a couple of hours of it. Got it again in my PS4 library with the intentions to plat it eventually!
  7. Nice.. Progress is so slow per conversation that I couldn't tell if it was actually going up and that was on one of the earlier tiers of rank, Cautious --> Neutral. Assuming the rep requirements scale up it would be even worse getting from Neighborly to Ally. Still, any glitched farming helps so thanks! Now we just need one for the Settlers.
  8. Platinum for Roller Coaster Tycoon Joyride... only 3 people. And 1 must be a cheater because only 2 show up in the PsnProfiles list.
  9. Based on this post it looks like the faction rep rewards from those encounters are barely noticeable, if noticeable at all, like you said. Best to do the dailies then.
  10. Anyone found a quick way to grind out the faction rep? I am seeing that PS Network has shown a tiny % of achievers already which surprises me since I can only manage one or two faction quests a day and completing them barely moves the rep progress meter.
  11. 1). Orcs Must Die Unchained - This was a free to play game that actually was pretty fun for the first dozen or so hours. Then it got insanely repetitive, especially to grind out the platinum. Which basically amounted to grinding the same map for hundreds of hours. To make matters worse, in the middle of this grind they decided to shut down the servers within a few months so I had to soak a couple hours a day playing the same map for months just to get the final trophy and plat. It is my rarest platinum though so I can't be too mad! 2). Sound Shapes - Oh man was this a struggle. One thing that irritates me to death is when I look at a game on psnprofiles before I buy and notice a relatively high completion percentage. Over 30% I thought, this will be a walk in the park. Wrong... I fumbled with the death mode levels so much it drove me insane. I came very close to leaving this one unplatted out of pure frustration. 3). My Name is Mayo - Having this on my trophy list is mainly just embarrassing more than anything else. So much so that I was irritated for the longest time that it sat in my milestones list as my fastest platinum. I wanted to hide it so bad that I searched and found Energy Cycle just to have a new fastest platinum. Only to realize my 500th trophy was a My Name is Mayo trophy.. No undoing that one 😫 4). Rollercoaster Tycoon Joyride - I'm not sure what I was expecting with this game and assumed it would be an awesome VR hybrid of the classic rollercoaster tycoon games. Nope, it was a bizarre and boring coaster builder that involved shooting orbs in VR while riding coasters. It was so nausea inducing I kept my eyes closed for most of the game. And to add to the misery, the digital version of the game had an unobtainable platinum due to a bug. I'm not proud to admit it, but I went and bought a second copy, physical this time, just so I could get the platinum. 5). Driveclub - Don't get me wrong, great game and all. But boy are the trophies for this difficult. I bought it since it sat quite high on psprofile's list of most rewarding games. I have the platinum, which wasn't difficult, but getting all of the DLC trophies will be a major pain for me. I grew up playing Need for Speed games and apparently had a false sense of skill for driving games. Driveclub has put me in my place and I dread trying to go back and actually 100% it.
  12. I'm new to this game so I don't know if some new update came along removing the Latest Contracts menu, but both trophy guides mention it as an easy way to get the top score. Did the location of this menu change or is there a way to filter by date created when doing searches?
  13. Yeah I tried reloading the game but no luck there either. From a tip shinji gave me I changed my currency in the settings and then redid an easy job to get the trophy.
  14. Anyone else have issues with this? Every job in my archive is listed at %100 but no trophy. I replayed a couple of jobs hoping it would pop then but still nothing.
  15. Can anyone confirm if completing online games solo with AI as described by jdizzle0420 above works?