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  1. Glad to see the highest amount of coin needed to plat is 1 mil. The grind to 200 mil in unchained was ridiculous.
  2. Say it ain't so.. I was so burnt out trying to beat the final phase of this that I tabled it for another day (secretly hoping another patch would come along to make it even easier). Does it really take us back two phases now? Seems like an odd change to make.
  3. I never really gave much thought to the character limit playstation puts on trophy descriptions, but with the novels written on some of these trophies it does make me wonder how long they are allowed to be 🤔 Upon further reading of the actual descriptions and loving the lengthy sarcasm, I'm totally getting this for that reason alone. And it doesn't hurt that I have some nostalgic enjoyment playing minesweeper type games.
  4. Weird.. restarting my ps4 seemed to work for me.
  5. I've tried the opening garden mission, the don quixote trophy, and the wack a mole trophy and nothing unlocks for me. I've tried starting a new game and switching something in the setting menu (which helped me with a previously stubborn trophy) and nothing. Any one else having this problem?
  6. I never tried a D-pad configuration but feel like I would struggle with that. I've had issues with my RT not registering full throttle when I pull it back all the way so I switched to having X as my throttle and RT as nos.
  7. Thanks all for the clarification. Beating a dead horse here, but it seems pointless for the guide to mention that since you have to play and get gold on all races anyway. I was hoping that wasn't the case since I'm struggling big time with getting gold on a lot races 😞
  8. Can anyone confirm replaying the same level 7 times actually pops the trophy? @Kulzyc mentioned that but also said he completed all levels at gold so I just wanted to know for a fact you can replay levels to get gold before I try that.
  9. The wording of that guide is still confusing. It seems to suggest that at any point thought the career as long as you have n/n races done then the trophy would pop as opposed to waiting untill all races are available and then getting gold on all of them.
  10. This comes from the trophy guide: Important Note: For just the platinum trophy and not the 100%, look under each location and you'll see a gold medal icon next to a number for example 2/2. If you have completed this requirement, the game will kind of grey it out that's why some locations look greyed out. Completing this minimum requirement will pop the platinum. For the 100%, you'll need to complete all of the events with gold medals/gold distinctions. I am a little confused by this. All of my locations seem to list all races as required for gold instead of what the above statement seems to imply, that there may be 7 races for a location but only 2 or 3 might be required for the trophy for example. Am I missing something?
  11. For those having trouble finishing the apocalypse +5 trophy, here's a glitch that gives you an insane amount of HP. This will almost certainly be patched soon.
  12. Online wins can be boosted with a friend.
  13. Nothing fixed the actual issue, also tried to reinstall the game and switch to a wired controller. Was able to work around it by using PS4's button remapping feature in the Accessibility menu. Made the speed challenge a little awkward but nothing too difficult with some practice. Hope this helps anyone else who might have a similar issue.
  14. I'll give it a shot once I finish the rest of the game. It may be a faulty trigger button because I did just barely get it to trigger by giving it a death grip in just the right spot. But odd that both of my controllers would behave the same way and no other puzzle does that. I'll certainly need it to work better for the speed trophy so hopefully that will help!
  15. Yep no problems on other games and no issues with other puzzles in Statik that require the use of the same triggers.