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  1. Agents of Mayhem. Ive heard its like the Saints Row games and those are better than any GTA game in my opinion
  2. Dying light was a good choice for the person above you. I challenge you to finish The Evil Within ;P Hoping the person under me doesn't pick the same. After finishing skyrim 100% im stumped on what i should finish next. @random15 good suggestion. Its funny cause Ive recently joined a boosting group for the online portion. Will probably start other cleanup in the meantime. Will definitely be seeing this through.
  3. Not as hard as youd think. Doesnt need to be completed in one run. You can keep replaying levels to shave off minutes from previous times. I would trade you in a heart beat for your Last of Us Remastered 100%
  4. Shadow of war platinum
  5. Yo, not that Hannah Montana Plat? Your loss CoD Infinite Warfare. Nice one.
  6. Thanks man. I did it on the ps4 as well, but i feel this time around gave me more trouble ah well. Wolfenstein II Mad jealous. Haven't played yet. Heard the platinum is really hard, and by the looks of the completion rating, it shows. Have the platinum for the first on both ps3 and ps4, so it would be nice to add to the collection.
  7. Demon Souls. Good job to you bud. Ive heard stories about this one.
  8. Watch dogs 2
  9. Tales from the borderlands! Ive played too many telltale games. Id take one platinum for free if i could
  10. Mortal Kombat X .. Started but havent finished.. And you have the DLC for 100% so that would be very nice to have
  11. Destroy all humans! Great game. Played back on ps2
  12. Outlast .... Looks pretty intense but never played. According to its difficulty rating i imagine its quite a feat!
  13. Deer god Looks cute and is on my list of games on PSNow