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  1. Not all of your titles are easy, ignore any haters, i enjoy all of your games, easy or not. They are enjoyable and some are very comical. I look forward to this title! My first thought was the life of an Overwatch loot box... Do we fight for justice? For glory?! . . . LOOT BOXES!
  2. No worries. The play through of the game is NOT 10 minutes of play time, it takes just as long as everyone else, if you want the low time stamp, complete all the trophy based puzzles *except* the final number you need to complete it. Once 99% of the puzzle is done, simply return to the menu, and continue to finish the other puzzles same way. Once all puzzles are completed (not including the final number you need for each one), go back through and put in the final number for every puzzle to group together your trophy pops. Time starts at first trophy. You can also cut back time on your platinum timestamp by finishing puzzles that are in the trophies that require completion of 2-3 puzzles. So if a trophy requires 2 puzzles complete, complete 1 puzzle for each of those trophies. If a trophy requires 3 puzzles complete, complete 2 puzzles. This way when you decide to pop your trophies, you only have to complete 1 puzzle for each trophy. My time also would have been under 5 minutes, but when i was finishing all of my puzzles for the chain of trophies, i stumbled upon one i had not started. I should also say, youre safe to exit out of an uncompleted puzzle, the game saves your progess. However, once the puzzle is complete, the puzzle will reset, so you wont be able to copy your answers over to the PSVita or PS4, if you decide to double platinum. I was kind of disappointed about this myself
  3. Giving it a quick look over, seems like half of these trophies will come naturally, while others might take a bit grinding. Patience definitely seems like itll be key in this one, but if youre a Halloween fanatic Im sure itll keep you interested enough!
  4. I imagine a leaderboard will appear upon the first player completing the first challenge..?
  5. Is this already removed from PS Store? Did it ever make it to NA store? I probably missed out
  6. MGS for sure
  7. CoD MW2 .. Did it on old account, wouldnt go back and do it again on this one, so if i could have it i would
  8. The evil within 100% nice! I hope to get there some day. Trying to do more cleanup
  9. Titan Souls! Need to dedicate some time to finishing this one up
  10. Id take your latest, of Brutal Legend. Mainly for the Ultra rares
  11. Grand Kingdom!
  12. Worms Battlegrounds
  13. Agents of Mayhem. Ive heard its like the Saints Row games and those are better than any GTA game in my opinion
  14. Dying light was a good choice for the person above you. I challenge you to finish The Evil Within ;P Hoping the person under me doesn't pick the same. After finishing skyrim 100% im stumped on what i should finish next. @random15 good suggestion. Its funny cause Ive recently joined a boosting group for the online portion. Will probably start other cleanup in the meantime. Will definitely be seeing this through.
  15. Life is strange