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  1. Black Mirror o.o Sounds interesting enough, is it anything similar to the show?
  2. Wow, can't believe you didn't like Fallout 3. I loved that game so much. Got the 100% on Xbox 360 and then PS3. I see you haven't finished New Vegas either. It was awesome, too.


    Figured I'd post here as I didn't want to clog up the other topic.



      A lot of it has to do with going from ps4 graphics to ps3 graphics.  Which i knew it was going to be a difference,  but i had trouble finding myself getting into it.  I definitely might find myself trying to go for it again, seeing how ive tried doing quite a bit of clean up on the ps3 this winter. I might go for it again after i finish up Doom 3. I may have judged a book by its cover. I'm sure the gameplay is just as good as the 4th.

    2. Banana_Sausage47


      Ah, I see. Fallout 4 was my least favourite out of them tbh (not including F76😠). I still really enjoyed it but it felt too much like an FPS and I didn't like the whole base building stuff. Also, the DLC was very lacklustre. 

  3. I would take your first plaitnum, Fallout 3.. never played the Fallout series til i played and got the platinum for Fallout 4... went backwards and thought Id like Fallout 3 just as much... this was not the case
  4. Yeah I did this for Sudoku by Powgi, completed all the puzzles without inputting the final number, and then entered the last number for every trophy related puzzle and had the timestamp for the platinum in a few minutes, even though it took me just as much play time as anybody else.
  5. Starwhal ... anyone that has played this should just know.. Love the game, its great for a couch multiplayer, its great for that aspect. But if Im not playing it for that reason, than I most deffinitely avoid it. The platinum has me turned off due to one trophy, "Too easy", which requires you to get a platinum medal on every challenge. Every challenge is a race against the clock, with a Narwhal that I absolutely CANNOT control, no matter how much I practice. If anyone has any advice I would love to hear it, because Im awful at this game. It is way to hard for me.
  6. I sadly preordered it, played VIP demo weekend, and I had enough of it 1 hour in. Ive heard theyve fixed and are changing alot before release, but the demo alone has me questioning how much Im really going to enjoy it. My biggest problem was respawning, if I have to wait 10minutes every time i die, waiting for a teammate to pick my useless ass up, than it doesnt seem appealing.
  7. Well it definitely makes sense, especially with other people having it happen to them as well. I personally had never seen it, so it threw me through a loop. Wasnt sure if it was cheaters or something that should be investigated, so-to-speak I also did not know that. I don't keep up on a lot of things, so I was still under the impression the sight auto updates profiles once daily; atleast i believe it use to before I was a premium member. Now I just update the thing practically every couple of trophies haha. Cheaters were definitely my suspicion, which was the main reason for this post, but with everyones input I am a lot more informed now. Thank you for the congrats And thank you everybody for your responses and insight.
  8. Fair enough. Thanks for the input.
  9. Thats the only thing I could think of, but my trophies auto sync over night and then psnprofiles auto updates as well.. I was just confused is all.. Im sure thats what it is, ive just never seen it happen before. Weird to have it happen quite a few days later.
  10. Uhm maybe Im missing something, but how do you move down the "First Achievers" list? For the 100% i couldve sworn I was 18th to 100% Apex, then 2 days later I checked again and I was 27th. I thought maybe I was just mistaken, or that some profiles hadnt updated yet... But now I know it wasnt me being mistaken, as I am now the 42nd person to 100% this. How can this be?
  11. The story for this will be relatable for a lot of people, I imagine. While playing through this myself, it was year 9 that I understood what was happening with our character; a fight with depression. For those that haven't experienced this emotion, you are lucky, but those that have will understand this game to its fullest; with all emotions portayed and scenarios as to what depression puts you through. In this game depression was treated as a friend, unknowing as to what it truly is, and not knowing how to handle it. So, our protagonist pushes forward, wandering, looking for answers... Most come up with the same solution, as our protagonist does, and its then when faced with such decisions the understanding comes in. I do feel bad for those that quickly skipped through everything for trophies (even as a trophy hunter myself). At the same time though, they most likely didnt understand the theme of this game, and that's something I do not feel bad for. So, for a short game and graphics aside, the story was quite compelling, and as I said relatable. For those of us that this does relate to, I salute you for pushing through this game as youve pushed through life. Life is never as easy as playing a game, but can be equally rewarding, if not far more rewarding. Always keep moving forward.
  12. There are, which I figured out later on. It couldve been the mastiff, which I mightve confused for a differenr shotgun. I know it wasnt the Kraber, as Ive had it before. I understand why those wouldnt be considered "Fully Kitted", as there are no attachments on them, I just cant recall which it actually was. But again, it couldve easily been the mastiff, as I just tried picking it up for the trophy and then giving it back to my friend again immediately after. It was early on when I first started playing, so excuse my lack of rememberance (even though it was only a little over a week ago ) I just advise everyone to ignore my previous statement and to take the word of these gentlemen, that it does work, for both "Decked Out" and "Fully Kitted"
  13. Hmph. Didnt seem to do so for me. May have been a fluke? I dont know. I had a friend do the same thing I mentioned with the helmet and it did not pop for me. It wasnt til I found a golden gun myself laying around somewhere.
  14. Can confirm this to work. I had someone from my squad drop the helmet while i already had the armor on, and it popped. Then I dropped both my armor and the helmet, and that person received the trophy as well. Unlike "Fully Kitted" where if someone already equipped the gun, the trophy will NOT pop if you try dropping it for another teammate.
  15. I played this game for 6 days, roughly 8 hrs a day, some days more, before obtaining all the trophies. 40-60 hrs skill dependent