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  1. After doing 3 playthroughs on Resident Evil 7 recently, I do find myself missing the gameplay. So I would definitely replay and re-plat that game.
  2. I have the platinum, and I still play.. not as much, but its still a fun game (only trophy hunting it made it any sort of unenjoyable). Excited for season 2 to be honest.
  3. Inaccurate... itll be a lot longer than 120hrs. His calculations are that the final level may take that long. Levels 1-19 are still very long. Rank 13 took me roughly 12-15 hrs alone... exp isnt accumulated, each rank youre back at 0 exp, and must earn 40k+
  4. Not that Ive seen, and rank 20 may not even be 100k but 40k+ already seems like quite a bit, so hopefully it doesnt keep increasing by intervals of 8k Just hit rank 12. Rank 12 was set at 41.6k exp To hit rank 13 will take 51.2k exp To hit rank 14 will take 61.9k exp
  5. I think your number will be closer than mine. the exp per lvl goes up quite a bit.. considering how long it takes for a game to play out and the amount of exp you get... 1200-1700 in about a 10m game. Im sitting at class rank 10 and it takes 33150 to hit class rank 11... we can expect 5 hours+ a level easily.. so 50+, with the 20 i have on top.. 70-100hrs per class rank 20. . . . 6 times. . . Just hit rank 11 and its now 41.6k to rank 12... so it went up over 8k, which it did last level. So if thats the rise were looking at, then rank 20 will be over 100k exp?!
  6. First 10 mage levels are quick, not class levels.. im winning fairly decently, getting 3-5 exiles often, my kda (which i assume is "kill death average") is 1.92 ... im about 15 hrs of gameplay in, and I havent hit class rank 10 yet
  7. If we have to get each class to level 20, then this is looking like a 200hr+ 100%
  8. My only trophy thoughts are that it needs a "5 wins in a row" trophy, amirite?! 😎 Could name it, "Unbreakable"
  9. Im not sure about glitched trophies, but here are some other things those looking to get this game should know: -Frame rates suck. Sometimes swaying your aim cursor almost skips over where you want it to be, so-to-speak -Server lag and disconnecting issues to online servers (idk about solo w/bots) -NO Team Support!!! You can create a party, to ensure you and your friends are in the same game, but it does NOT guarantee you will be on the same team. My son and I played 5 or so games last night, in a party, and were not on the same team one time! So if you're looking for a new multiplayer game to play WITH your friends (rather than against) this game might not be for you. Other than these issues, the game itself is... alright? I guess. Its definitely playable and fun. The trophy guide suggests to do trophies in solo mode, but so far from what I can tell, the people that play this game online are not very good. If you have any sort of experience with FPS games, you should be fine. As I was doing exceptionally well last night, as a low level, going against high level players.
  10. I have tried contacting them through different social media's, and have not even had a response. Maybe if enough people do, we will get a response?
  11. No mans sky Heard alot of crap about the game, but still looked very interesting
  12. Cut others off and create an island for yourself, then start jumping at the last second from tile to tile so you utilize each tile for its max duration
  13. Tomb Raider Underworld Been working on Rise of The Tomb Raider, have Underworld but didnt care for it too much
  14. Ni no kuni II Loved the first one, didnt even feel like a grind getting the plat. Would love to add the 2nd to the collection
  15. Titan souls Its on my backlog for sure. Definitely a good game, and great plat to have. Congrats on that