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  1. So is there a specific section where you complete "arms" 1-5 on hard difficulty? Or does that mean just complete all levels on hard? Just started but am kind of confused by the description, and don't want to complete puzzles twice Thanks in advance if someone could clarify
  2. The fastest way to do this is by talking to Kuro (the bird looking creature -if i recall correctly- on the main screen), and then open the menu and close out of it, and he will have another story to tell. Rinse and repeat til you get all of them.
  3. Well, time to go start the download then. Thanks for posting
  4. Ha, this would be a great game to launch as a PS+ title. I won't get my hopes up though. I am wondering if this game is crossplatform with all platforms (PC included), as the fun from these types of games depend on the community and how actively its played. Going to look into it more before purchasing. If it is crossplatform with a decent player base, then I imagine players would get more than their $20 worth
  5. Now that i can look over the trophy list, Im even more interested. From what i can tell, it has an Among Us playstyle to it. A group of survivors that need to perform certain tasks in order to survive and escape, while 2 traitors (the "imposters") have to deceive and betray in order to prevent the survivors from escaping. Personally, Ive never played Among Us, but the closest experience I have to playing these types of games was playing Cry Wolf (based off a movie) on Aol Instant Messenger, which was incredibly fun. This could be really fun with friends, or the very least an actively chatty lobby.
  6. Id take Dead by Daylight. Seems like that could be a tough one, congrats on this
  7. NieR:Automata
  8. You got rep from the quests? 😬 man my game was all sorts of messed up then. I got 0 rep from the quests. But I also encountered several bugs, none that are game/trophy breaking
  9. No idea. A few bugged trophies, but some for the better. Couple grinds, but the game itself can be completed rather quickly with cheats enabled. I would think lack of guide and insight keep most people deterred.
  10. Personally, Id message one of the players that has achieved the trophy/platinum and ask them. There have been a few times Ive done this myself, 90% of the time you'll get a response. Recently Ive had 4 people message me about Unturned trophies; I'm 1/3, or 4 now, with the platinum. Ive answered so many questions, even repeated myself, but players tend to help eachother out. Goodluck
  11. A lot of great indie games can have easy to obtain plats, but they're still enjoyable. No, Im not talking about Rata games/Breakthrough games. A plat that takes 30m or less is definitely cheesy, but an 8 hour plat could still be considered easy, have a high completion rating, and be a great game. I voted that Ill still earn an easy platinum from time to time, but at this point in time it would only be that the game looked enjoyable to me...
  12. You need to have GoodLuck, Don't Die, and most importantly Have Fun! Jokes aside, this is a battle royale, and everyone is playing to win. The best tips I can offer are: •When the match starts, find a decent marked/named location in the middle of the dropships route, but a decent distance away from the route itself. Marked locations are important because you will be able to stock up on plenty of supplies. -Do this, as most players playing BR games are NOT trophy hunters. Most will drop immediately or in crowded areas to jump in the action right away. •Have both a long/close ranged weapon. My personal favorite is a shotgun and the AK. -People are eager to fight. If someone spots you or you spot someone else, pop a few shots with your long range to draw them in, bring them around the corner, have your shotgun at the ready, and BAM! •Always be aware of the Skunk Gas (not the bomb, but this BRs "storm" that closes in over time). -Another reason why landing central can be very crucial. Finding yourself having to run out of the gas/storm is a waste of supplies (healing potions), and more often than not, there are people waiting on the outskirts to finish off anyone weakened by it. •Once the storm/gas has taken over most the map, hide! -This game is 3rd person aerial, but the LoS effects are pretty cool. There are lots of spots, on the outskirts of the storm, that will hide the player almost entirely. Keep your shotgun out and wait, just in case someone tries to hide in your spot as well. •Make it to the top 3, and then 3RD Party!!! -It goes without saying, but if top 3 is achieved, then victory is close at hand. If victory is the only concern, don't feel ashamed to hide and wait. The gas will eventually push all players together, the main goal being is to be the last player spotted. Once the other 2 players are engaging in combat (gunfire will be heard), wait for one to be victorious, and finished off the weakened contender. •Locating Mole Crates can be beneficial, as they will contain some of the games best weapons, but aren't required to win. That's all I have to offer. Personally, I have been getting 3-7 kills in solo games, and still haven't won yet. So, have a bit of patience as well. This is still a battle royale, people will be very competitive, and ultimately the victory is up to the players skill set.
  13. Not a problem, friend. Goodluck
  14. If you plan on doing this trophy by yourself, then yes, you will need 2 console's. They could be 2 PS4s, 1 PS4 and 1 Pro or a PS5. Any 2 will do. If by handles, you mean controller, then no. There is no split screen or couch co op. One player per console.
  15. Never played on PC, but I talked to Nelson Sexton (one of the Devs?) , he made it sound like everything should be the same as PC. Nothing has to be done on official servers, and all trophies can be earned on custom servers w/ cheats enabled.