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  1. 1-The host of the game chooses Classics 2 2-The participant chooses Classics 1 3-When qualifying at 1v, the host lets the participant achieve pole and then finish lap. Both will achieve pole.lap. The two will get the pole. In the race, the host will start first, until the last corner of the last lap And he will let the participant win, then he crosses the finish line and both will get the fastest lap, victory and pole position. If you want to do it like I did in the video, we did many races like that. Special mention to Djplana with whom I made this online .Anything can leave your comments.
  2. FIFA 18 their servers are still open, today I took out the first division one, another thing is that there are trophies that cannot be obtained, but you can still play online
  3. some come out at random with the stp card, play in nv4 ....The good thing about this is that you do not have to do it in order, but you can do it in any order as long as it is of the same shape. When you get it, it will put you on the screen Royal flush
  4. Special thanks to @Smzthyy and @crazyloon for help me
  5. now we just need to find a solution for those who placed all the diamonds and can not make the failure of the game hehe
  6. Excellent that you have gone with that game, with this we will help more people who are in the same situation as us
  7. For me this is the easiest method, it includes the settings that I have put into the car to make it easier even if La Ferrari is in the race.
  8. I can affirm that the servers are up and in case the screen freezes when logging into EA, they get a Batlefield Bad Company and agree to the terms of Ea. After this, you can now play Mercenaries 2 online.
  9. I also have that problem and the only solution is either to change your nick from psn or to get to nv30 legally ... at the moment I have not tried either of the two hehe
  10. Hi guys I got the trophy by being a host in psvita and joining through the ps4 with the same id. The other way around doesn't work. You apply the two team amulets on ps vita and you skip the trophy as soon as you start the phase. My account is European so it worked well. Don't get complicated with using other accounts, follow my method and you'll see that in less than two minutes you have the trophy
  11. Hello guys I have a problem with the GT5.It turns out that when I finish any race, the game usually says FINISH in big letters.Well, not for me in some races, it turns out that the car keeps turning at 80km / h and it can spend up to an hour turning until it says FINISH ...What has happened to someone? What solution can be given? Because I have reinstalled the 8gb that GT5 requires to start up and the error still persists.I have read that it is a bug and that it was fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling the game, but in my case it was not solved. I hope you can help me. Thanks
  12. Hi yes I got the trophies in the dlc hehe
  13. Between the story, the war of factions using the right track for the car I was going to use in the miles, the 200 laps to the oval was more than enough to accumulate the km without having to resort to the elastic band. do not share it. I think that dedicating 1 hour a day to the war of factions during the month in which you do it is enough for the 100k of rp without disheveled. I have no doubts, I already have the coveted platinum, now I will go for the the crew 2. I understand what you are saying, although my English is not my first language I understand it well.
  14. Hi guys i have a question: can you make finish him and chain reaction trophies playing the dlc alone? or is it mandatory to play the base game so you can get these trophies? thanks for the help