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  1. Hi, im struggling also with No Civils Killed. Does anybody know if the Bombermans count as killed civils when they explode ins Chapter 4? Also how can i do the GOD chairman without killing civils? This is really tough. If i had knew this i would habe bought the EU Version P.S.: sorry if there are grammatical errors, its not my native language
  2. Then i´m sorry if i misunterstood it. Thank you MMDE, i really did not know this
  3. The problem is that it was a boosting group from the german PS-trophies community and it is very long ago, i cant give you the names because i don´t know anymore who they were. You know i looked through the other dispute-threads and there were also guys that said they were innocent but in the end they had to hide their games. So I resigned myself to it and hid both games because i want to be in the leaderboards. But what absolutly unacceptable is: Guys like Sergen and T87 who will treat anyone with such problems as cheaters. In every scenario there could be chance that it happend but because it not happend to them it is impossible. Also is the behaviour of Leenewbe bang out of order. Except of his first comment everything else was not helpful to solve this problem espacially something like : im not flagged so i dont have a own thread do post . I see that he changed it now pffff Both games are gone now from my profile and the best would be to close the dispute and i take the punishment. This starts to be like a witch-hunt.
  4. Das war leider für ein anderes Spiel Das schlimme ist einfach nur dass mir keiner glaubt. Damit kann ich ja leben, aber sofort wird die Cheater oder CFW-Fahne gehisst. Ich hab mir alle meine Trophies ehrlich verdient und ich finde es eine Unverschämtheit ohne Beweise auf einen los zu gehen. Man(n) könnte ja auch einfach sagen: "Ok es könnte wirklich so passiert sein aber die Regeln geben vor dass das geflagged werden muss." Ich hab mich nur wegen eines Boosting Partners hier angemeldet der mir die Seite gezeigt hat. Vielleicht war das ein Fehler und ich sollte mich wieder abmelden dann müsst ich nicht hier sitzen und mich schlecht fühlen und dafür rechtfertigen für etwas dass ich nicht getan hab. Ich hab auch schon vor mehreren Posts darum gebeten dass hier einfach zu schliessen damit solche Leute wie dieser Leenewbe hier nicht rum lungern und sich an meinem Schaden erfreuen. Aber dank dir trotzdem für die Unterstützung AISoldier182
  5. But not in this thread, jesus. This is not a thread where you can talk about everything you want, Have you anything to contribute that has something to do with the topic? " "
  6. Thank you for repeating something that was cleared 7 posts before yours. In other forums something like this would end in a warning.
  7. Thats excatly what i wrote !!! If you can´t understand my language in every detail than please do not pull premature sausages. The reason i wrote in german was because every one were going against me and i wrote earlier that i have problems to understand everything. EDIT: sorry i erased my previous text by mistake. Please close the dispute. I learned my lesson and hid both games.
  8. Ok dann hat das wohl auch keinen Sinn mehr. mehr als vorverurteilt wird man hier eh nicht. @Sergen du solltest mal eher aufhören zu bitchen. Und an T87: Dich hat keiner gefragt, wenn du nichts konstruktives beizutragen hast dann lass es einfach sein. Dann könnt ihr diesen Disput auch schliessen. Sowas affiges. Ich wünsche euch dass euch das gleiche passiert und euch auch jeder verurteilt ohne überhaupt irgendwelche Beweise zu haben. Ich werde euch auch schön stalken und gönn mir dann auch die Lifetime-Mitgliedschaft nur um euch melden zu können. Der einzige der hier versucht hat zu helfen ist MMDE, also dir noch einmal herzlichen dank dafür. Der Rest ist der Meinung mich als Cheater zu beschimpfen. Es wird nichtmal in Erwägung gezogen dass es sich um einen Fehler handeln könnte. Egal, ich werde auch wieder in die TOP-1000 kommen mit dem Wissen nicht betrogen zu haben. Schönen Tag auch ihr Muttis.
  9. I meant with the Google search the other game. I swear if another one says i use CFW or hacked trophies i will get angry. When i look through Leenewbes Lists and see Journey made in 4 hours than this is also cheating because of changing the date. But this is ok or what? I will hide the game because here is no one who believes me wich makes me really sad because you guys should know how it is to earn multiplayer trophies that takes hours and hours. I don't know if this happens because of another person in my boosting group who maybe hacked the trophies but it is unfair to point with the finger because you don't have any proof. Normally someone is not guilty until the guilt has been proved. So please tell me if it is possible to unflag the game or if I have to hide it, but please be so kind and don't tell me i use CFW or hacked saves!!!
  10. ok i did a quick Google search and there are several trophies that are glitched.
  11. Yeah i saw it. I also have trophies with no time stamp. This is a trophy nightmare
  12. Ok sorry than it was my fault, really sorry. This game is driving me crazy. first months of pure boreness in the online mp and now this.
  13. ok please investigate, the funny thing is that i hear the first time of platinum savegames. what i don't understand, maybe its the language barrier, is that you wrote the second time something about CFWs especially that my pattern is looking like CFW. I NEVER had a CFW PS3 and just because of a messed trophy list between hundred other trophy lists that are correct, is very mean.
  14. There you have it, it would be absolutly stupid to do it this way. The second thing is that i have absolutly no idea how to hack a multiplayer game. It is unfair to say someone cheats when this person try to earn this stupid multiplayer trophies over years. Now i wish i Never played this game. Edit: i Never said i got 9000 Kills in 22 minutes, the trophy plopped randomly hours later. And the ame thing happend with the games. The trophy plopped when we had the 1000 games
  15. fx-ronin The Chronicles of Riddick Assault on Dark Athena It was a bug in the game, something similar happend with the 10.000 kills. I dont have proof via Screenshot or video but as you can see the other throphies are also legit earned. I boosted with a group of other players and they had the same error. So please unflag or tell me how i can prove this