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  1. PS2 Graphics... VR.... Much sad. This is MoH only in name
  2. Are you sure? I thought we just had the last one?
  3. Can anyone confirm there is no trophy list so I can uninstall?
  4. MGSV Completing ALL missions, completing ALL mission objectives and GETTING S-RANKS ON ALL MISSIONS is hell enough. We haven’t even started on the side-ops yet... it is one hell of a slog Absolute respect if you manage it
  5. Silence (the game)
  6. Are there any working god mode glitches?
  7. How come this is the only COD game without a trophy guide..? There are some proper daft trophies like Dominion and Gun Nut that can essentially be Platinum Stoppers
  8. :/ didnt realise that just saw it and the other thread was a dead one for the trailer
  9. The 2v2 alpha is on PS Store its got the modes Gunfight and Gunfight OSP
  10. Uncharted 4 I love that game
  11. Call of Duty Black Ops i absolutely loved that game!
  12. Star Wars Battlefront II Call of Duty: Finest Hour Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex Crash Tag Team Racing Crash Twinsanity LMA Manager 2007 (football manager is the poor mans LMA) Medal of Honor: Frontlines
  13. I’m massively struggling at this game, and need help at pretty much everything
  14. this one was my method. I basically MP5d it, sprinted when possible and prepared Flashbangs early. I used the grenade launcher on the last targets but it can only take out 1 sometimes if your aims off. i managed to get 14.65 I think
  15. Thank you so much! i managed to cut down from 16:25 to 14:65