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  1. The lighting is a tad saturated?
  2. Considering writing another guide for a niche game since the Ashes Cricket Guide appeared rather helpful. 

    (*passes cookie to Icebrand1270*)

    1. Sanetsuken


      You should. Niche games don't get enough love. 

    2. starcrunch061


      Write it, definitely. You never see guides for these types of games on pst.org anymore, and they often only appear here if the game is really simple (and even then, only in video form).

  3. a handful of more trophies to write up and it should be ready to submit.
  4. The latter. I only played 1 Ashes Tour match in career to get it to pop
  5. I want Behemoths to return. Stuff like Dreadnoughts, the Panzer VIII Maus or the Gustav Railway Gun
  6. I hope there is new trophies. BFII's lack of new ones was a letdown
  7. I found simulating did the trick
  8. They are part of the BF1 Master Man thingy, but are well easy
  9. You were just lucky then. When it does happen, the fact they took time to do such a thing makes you the winner in the end
  10. Yep. Its recently sorta merged with Gamespot, but is largely the same except the domain name. Its actually quite active. I looked at Monster Hunter World there about a player complaining that after playing MP matches, they'd get abuse in PSN Messages. People on the thread just went on saying to play on single player because apparently "sh*t people shouldn't go on multiplayer" because "it ruins it for everyone". Its not just that site too. The MHW community is disgusting.
  11. I haven't played World myself, but a quick loom on YouTube and Gamefaqs is all I need to see. I played one of the older PS2 ones at my friends house years ago. I don't know which one it was.
  12. Old Habits on AC: Origins is a pain, until you find Ogdamos. best-place-ever

  13. Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy Because whats not to love about Jak?