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  1. I'd definitely take Assassins Creed III's Master Assassin trophy. Having played and attempted to plat it myself, it's no easy feat and I must say congrats
  2. Looks like a cheap third party, or a fake concept controller Bit of a shame design wise Luckily I can use my DualShock 4s
  3. Nope. I’ll wait 3 years for when it’s affordable
  4. Thanks a lot! your a legend
  5. There was a glitch that let you temporarily acquire the unreleased weapons early. They are the first four
  6. World War One Hero Obtain all Trophies
  7. You like fighting games and rare platinums
  8. I’d say Vanquish because it’s only got one trophy left In all seriousness, Assassins Creed Revelations. Even though that game gets absolutely shit on, for me it’s got the best gameplay of the original 4, and I kinda like the ending.
  9. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End That game blew me away when it came out, and I still frequently play it from time to time.
  10. No Pacific Trophies sucks because that update was actually quite good in all honesty Iwo Jima
  11. I am considering buying this game. Would you recommend this game? And what are it’s pros and cons?
  12. PS2 Graphics... VR.... Much sad. This is MoH only in name
  13. Are you sure? I thought we just had the last one?
  14. Can anyone confirm there is no trophy list so I can uninstall?
  15. MGSV Completing ALL missions, completing ALL mission objectives and GETTING S-RANKS ON ALL MISSIONS is hell enough. We haven’t even started on the side-ops yet... it is one hell of a slog Absolute respect if you manage it