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  1. I had the same some problem. played the game in 2017 shortly, i went back a week ago and still had a save from 2017 so i started on that save. But from the moment you play co op everything for collecting goes wrong, and i think i played co op in 2017. So all collecting the weapons trophies bugged. the story trophy bugged. I made i new save and played the whole game again. And Then trophies started to pop on random moments when i picked a weapon or kingslayer filles and the story trophy popped when i did a mission that i did in co op. there is cross save for trophies progression. So do only thing you can do is make a new save and hope that trophies pop soon, like a weapon you picked up in co op or kingslayer and the missions. I had no luck, some trophies popped soon. but 3 trophies where litterly my last 3 collectible on the map. it was a hell off week for me because the game is so big. i played the game 2 times this week. But i got the platinum this morning. I hope you get it aswell.
  2. Okay i will do. Thank you for the response
  3. I’m going to start the game soon. But i have a question. Is it better to dlc trophy’s before new game plus or not ?
  4. So i just got the platinum for the ps4 version. so i try to auto pop trophies for the ps5 version. but 1 trophy will not unlock for finding all collectibles for 1 guardian. Can someone please help EDIT i replayed chapter 6 on the Ps5 version and i went to buy the doll and the trophy unlocked
  5. First I just disconnected the internet a couple off times. Didn’t work. Then sync it a couple off times did not work. Turn off ps5 a couple of times. Did not work Then I turned off ps5 and I unplugged it and then trophy was there. But then already a hour had passed so maybe I just had to wait for it and maybe there was a delay. I don’t know. I’m just happy that I got the trophy and hopefully the rest of the trophy’s will unlock to. Because I’m pretty close to platinum
  6. yeah i did all of that. whent offline trophy whas showing. but not online. But now i just got the trophy
  7. I just beat the game on normal i see the trophy pop. But when i look at my trophy list its not there. what do i need to do ? or someone that has the same problem ? I sync my trophy list on playstation network and nothing fixed it.
  8. im playing on new game plus chapter 5. i quit the game, i coming back later. choose to continue and now my game is stuck on the white screen. i can hear the water, but thats it. And i dont know what to do. Anyone else had this problem ? Edit. I just continue trough chaper select
  9. Okay, thank you for responding. yeah I’m going to start my 3rd playtrough for clues and infecting everybody. I totally forgot about the hard pass trophy. I know that I ask to see a tarot in chapter 2, but now for the clue playtrough I can’t pick up a tarot in chapter 2 because I have to choose a different path. But I will see, and otherwise it’s going the be a 4 playtrough just for that trophy 😅 but that’s my own fault
  10. so lets say you miss a tarot in chapther 2 because you go for the clues and you cant pick one up in chapter 2. every time you got a tarot in the oher chapters and it gives you do the option to move on you still get the trophy ?
  11. Worked like a charm, Thank you
  12. i just got a tripple kill with bastion trophy didnt pop
  13. Assault maps are back !!
  14. Yeah but make sure they are character related