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  1. So what I am reading is that when you go for this trophy, you can NOT play any other games until you have collected the trophy. Whether it be putting you PS4 into rest mode for however many days, time skipping, or use of nuka-cola (which appears to be hit and miss since I have also tried it and it does not fully work like @Metal Slime King did)? But either way, should NOT return to title screen or close out of the game? I have yet to give this a shot since I have to start up and new vault (woopie.........) but please correct me if I am wrong in any of this so I can FINALLY be done with this annoying trophy.
  2. Guess you have to bust out the pen and paper. Thanks for the info.
  3. Gotcha, and there is no way to track how many marked kills you have then is there?
  4. Do assists count towards the “Choose Your Path” trophy? It only says to defeat 50 marked enemies while you are marked and assisted kills seem to work towards “We are the Spark”. So do they count or nah?