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  1. Like others have said, at least this DLC gives me something different to do, whilst I grind towards 100k coins and level 40 for the platinum 😀
  2. Brawlhalla is easy in terms of difficulty, but is very grindy.
  3. I'm having the same issue with the 24 variants trophy. I'm way past it now on like 31 and it hasn't yet popped. Might just do the same and stick to free plays in the mean time, as I have already done 50+. Hopefully can get a shiny item as well, at some point, fingers crossed lol. Frustrating because I really enjoy the game, but don't want anything to glitch out and become unobtainable.
  4. I saw your post from the other thread, do you still need/are you able to help out with the "social scene" trophy? I want to get that one done before any server closure or stoppage.
  5. Off the top of my head, Fifa 11, 12, 13 and 14 lol. Also Orcs must die unchained, as I didn't know the game was impossible to plat before downloading. I don't mind having impossible's if I had already got some of the trophies, but this one did frustrate me.
  6. Yeah I've never quite got why Bloodborne was such a high percentage, when the trophy guide difficulty is a 7! For me it's Tropico 5, it's a 2/10 difficulty, but the campaign missions are tough when you are new to this type of game, there is so much prep work before hand as you use the same levels throughout some of the missions. So how you set up in say Mission 4 can end up screwing you over in Mission 9. I'm sure there are some guides that could help out, but it seems a lot of work. I really like the game though, and have all the online and most of the misc. trophies, so will get round to it at some point.
  7. Thief for a full darkness/nightime setting, I really need to get the platinum at some point because I love the setting! Amnesia Collection is also good because whilst it is mostly inside, you do get glimpes of the night outside and it sets a creepy feeling when you're exploring the entire game.
  8. Consoles: PS1 PS2 PS3 PS4 Nintendo Wii Handhelds: Gameboy Pocket Gameboy Advance SP PSP (Nintendo DS for a year when a friend lent me it lol)
  9. They are praying for another Dragonball game so they can go Over 9000 one more time!
  10. Like someone else on here, I have 97% on Amnesia Collection, got the platinum, but couldn't be bothered to do the additional hard mode, but might try at some point. Then I have Minecraft (PS4) at 97% because I'm waiting till realms get added to make the last trophies I need easier.
  11. I was lucky and this particular trophy didn't glitch at all. Apparently if you have ever upgraded in a pre-stage service area (even just to level 2), it can throw the counter off for future upgrades, so try to always upgrade from the main menu. I did have problems with the purchase group b and a cars though, having to sell entire sets and re-buy 4 times before they popped.
  12. 119 out of 4387 lol. 3 platinums, Starwhal (PS4), 3 on 3 Freestyle and Dirt Rally 2.0 which I got yesterday! Least achievers is 64 for the Platinum Games trophy, on Starwhal (PS3)
  13. The platinum for DiRT Rally 2.0! Never got round to platinuming DiRT 3, so was very happy to at least get one for the series.
  14. Little Big Planet and Tekken 6 as they both came with the console in the deal! Was very happy that I was able to get the platinum trophies for both of those games when I got into trophy huntings, as its nice to look back.
  15. Which scrap have you got the glitch on? Mine had a glitch where it showed one I had already obtained, inside a tunnel by the dump. However after deleting and reinstalling, it changed to show the one I was missing. So maybe give that a try instead. Apart from the panic as well of having to start over, I loved this game, thought it was one of the best movie to game adaptations.