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  1. I love that I still have my PS3. I've got the 250gb slim, and have never had any issues with it, even after 11 years! And having it still around is what got me more into trophy hunting because 1) I had all these PS3 games that I had never got the trophies for sitting on a shelf, and 2) when getting PS Plus on PS4, I now had a few extra games on PS3 that could be claimed from that transition period. (Like Thief, Dishonored, Serious Sam 3, which I still need to try and plat at some point lol). But yeah on occassion I fire it up for a nostalgia rush on MW2, and also if I ever need to afk/rubberband a PS4 game, I just turn the PS3 on and play that instead
  2. I'm just glad you can get the platinum without VR as that would be extremely annoying. Really looking forward to playing through it. 100% means very little to me when I have so many other games in my backlog. If I really enjoy a game, I'll try to 100% it post-plat, like TLOU1, Rocket League, Minecraft DLC and even Mafia 3 (as they gave the DLC out for free). But then there are games like Arkham Knight where the plat was fairly simple, but the DLC would be a chore to 100% lol.
  3. The platinum was super simple for me, never had a problem with a district turning hostile without me planning it, so not sure what you did there. Are you sure you are giving citizens medicine to keep them healthy? My only annoyance was that is froze and crashed almost every time I entered a new area, especially when sprinting. Also, it crashed everytime I sprinted whilst there was 4 or more enemies on screen. Thankfully it autosaves often so I never lost more than one area worth or progress, but after reset #30 it was getting a bit frustrating.
  4. Just heads up, with latest update (on PS4 at least), the last squad standing challenge glitch is now patched. However, the XP cap for holding weapons and match XP has been doubled, cutting the grind down by quite a bit!
  5. Awesome month!
  6. I recommend any Lego game! Ninjago was given out in PS Plus and it was a lot of fun, despite not knowing anything about the series before hand. Would also recommend a walking simulator/exploring game like Everybody's Gone to the Rapture! Absolute beauty of a game Also agree with going with Ratchet and Clank or a Spyro game, I'm personally saving Spyro 3 for my 100th platinum!
  7. I got the platinum a couple of weeks back. But on one day, my phone (the main device I was using) just didn't connect to any wifi, my own or hotspot. Next day was fine, but for whole day it didn't work.
  8. European servers are still pretty populated. Deathmatch regularly has a nearly full lobby everytime, and LWS is normally has around 10-12 players in it. It takes about a minute to find a load a deathmatch game, and a couple to find LWS. The way I'm going about it is to just log-in and do the daily challenges ASAP (I'm on around 30) and levelling up the rarer weapons in this process at the sane time. Fortunately, I got the two win trophies for both game modes really quickly.
  9. I used Rev, just so I could pull off sweet kickflips whilst grinding on bot matches lol. Compared to some other grinds, I was actually pleasantly surprised at how quickly I finished this one, and the actual gameplay was smooth with minimal crashes.
  10. Not easy at all, but certainly one of the most satisfying plats when you do get it! Unlike the guide suggests, I didn't find the critical Urgency levels to be the hard ones, instead it was the long 7 minute search and rescue ones (Level 43 I believe going off memory). But my main bit of advice is honestly to take a big break if you are struggling loads with a level. I got the trophy for perfecting all critical urgency levels in Nov '19, tried some of the search and rescue ones and found it impossible, because you are trying to go so quickly where you don't need to. Had a big break, watched a few videos of people running through the levels I needed, and got the Futurlab certified and platinum trophy in April '20
  11. 3 on 3 Freestyle, my rarest plat. Hell of a grind, but reaching the point where you know you are good enough at the game to regularly get MVP awards was very satisfying. Call of Duty WW2. Having been a big follower of the COD Zombies storylines without ever completing a major easter egg myself, it was very satisfying learning and improving my skill enough to get both the core and hardcore easter egg trophies for this game!
  12. still there for me, and I also got it when it was an included game with PS Plus.
  13. Not sure if there's been a patch but the reported glitchy ones popped for me a little after the requirements. 100 wins popped at 102, 1000 KO's popped at 1005 and 1000 coins popped at 1012. This was all on co-op arena just one more bronze trophy for Topnotch and then it's onto the character levels!
  14. Ah okay awesome! Always love a gold lol
  15. I just had a possible glitch as well with the That Belongs in a Museum trophy popping immediately after my first game? I saw it has a high percentage, but I didn't do anything special in the game itself? Just wondering if that typical or if they made all artifacts available at the start of this season or something like that?