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  1. Jesus, both sides of this argument are ridiculous. To hard of a trophy for you? Can't get it? Who cares. Don't get it then. Either deal with not having the platinum on your account, or make a sub account to play the game. It's not that important, and no one is going to cry for you if you don't have it. Pissy that someone found an exploit to get the trophy easily? Who cares? You aren't special because you have a meaningless trophy, or a high completion percentage. Literally no one on earth but you cares about your trophies. If someone hacks the game because they, for whatever reason, feel like they REALLY need that trophy... then what's it matter? It's not like having that trophy makes you a awesome. It doesn't enter you into a raffle to get super powers. You aren't going to get dates because you have the bronze trophy for Mein leben. Bethesda won't fly you out for a special party. It means literally nothing. At the end of the day, trophy hunting is a hobby. People shouldn't be having anureisms over trophies. What really matters at the end of the day is the game. Play it, enjoy it, and shut up.
  2. No, games aren't expensive. To be frank, I often feel like I'm ripping developers off only getting their games for 60 bucks. And really, that's because I am.
  3. This was a year ago, so I have no idea if it'd help, but you could play the ps4 version now, and not worry about the multiplayer.
  4. Thats exactly what it is...
  5. I'm playing Wolfenstein and I'm all like...





    1. Gamma


      Let's watch that again sometime soon! ;D

    2. FireFoxie
    3. Gamma
  6. I'm just starting my mad house run here. Man, the circular saw is a godsend.
  7. I'm neither. I just play games. If I like the game I'll go for the platinum.
  8. No, it kind of does matter. If only people running on standard ps4's are experiencing crashes, that's a big deal. Has anyone with a pro had a crash yet?
  9. I have yet to have a crash across multiple playthroughs. Are you running on a Pro or normal ps4?
  10. Alright, restarted and got my first save at the start of chapter 5, right before the guardian. Good progress so far!
  11. The Evil Within 1 and 2.
  12. This is the most logical and rational choice. EA has published some amazing games. Some of them are awful. It just depends on the game.
  13. Agreed. Hardcore was ridiculous. Classic is hard, but once you know the game, it's really not that bad.
  14. It really isn't though. Enemies take 5-7 bullets to die on classic. About 3 will pop a leg and set up a stomp. The handgun is pretty useless otherwise, so it's nice to have that.
  15. Been using this as my guide as well. Up to chapter 5. Used my second save. I'll likely re-start. I saved once in chapter 3, and once right before the guardian. Knowing the tips and tricks, it's actually not that bad to be honest. It's mostly head games. You psych yourself out. I may keep going anyways though. I have nearly 300 gunpowder, full ammo on everything, full bolts, and a bunch of herbs and syringes. I'd push to right before Stefano, then right before Torres. Then fire walk, then chapter 14 boss. Final save might be before chapter 11 boss, or final boss. I find the last three chapters pretty easy though, so I'm not sure which I'll do.