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  1. Wow, I didn't expect to see this many people would answer me. Thanks you all, I really appreciate it! So... I think that I will continue playing Gravity Rush 2, finish it and platinum it. While I do this, I will probably replay Heavy Rain, as I enjoyed it a lot and doesn't seem such of a difficult plat. Also, maybe I come back to Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, because I don't really remember why I stopped playing it Aaaand... welp, there's the Uncharted Trilogy, which I've never seen myself plating it (not sure if plat or platinum are "correct verbs" and understandable, I'm Spanish so my English is meh. Also, I learn most of it by memes nowadays ja), but maybe I could give it a try. And about Titan's Souls or SMB, I spent more than 100hours on The Binding of Isaac, was like 3 trophies away from platinum and lost my save files... so no more Edmund games for a while... or maybe not... Again, thanks you all for helping me. I'll keep you on track and dedicate y'all the next platinum I earn
  2. Thanks y'all! So... this is just to get some advices about what games should I try to platinum right now.