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  1. no, they want you to d/c so they can go after the other survivors. i personally love to see survivors d/c in most situations. it makes getting all 4 much easier. you are not punishing the killer by d/c. it is not uncommon for 3 generators to light up while you are being faceguarded on the hook. flip the script. punish bad behavior by the killer.
  2. if you d/c you are just validating the strategy of the killer. if i'm being facecamped i stay on the hook as long as possible so he has nothing better than to stand there while generator after generator go off. i do my best to punish players who play in this fashion. there is no reason not to faceguard if everyone d/c. d/c is extremely rude to the other survivors who are now down to three.
  3. dead by daylight,
  4. To add dying on the ground also counts. I got one waiting out a lone downed survivor while standing on the hatch with the clown. also no luck with moris myself.
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