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  1. I can't figure out the merge thing, since when I look at my old name (Kitzune_Fire) it simply states that there's no trophies here and that the profile is probably private. Updating results in "Kitzune_Fire has no trophies or their trophies are private". My new name is Niryna_ and did the change shortly after the name change ability was introduced. My old name were entirely visible, until after the name change. There's no mention of it being merged or that a name change was processed.
  2. While doing a completely self-sustaining colony, I decided to go for a fully terraformed planet. On the path there, before toxic rains was disabled - I did a special project to Import Greenhouse Gases for a shot at the trophy before it was unavailable. I underestimated the growth as when completed - I no longer could get toxic rains, but I got the trophy. Kinda baffled me. I believe it's a bug related to Paradox with a checksum. Apparently cancelling a triggered Toxic Rain gives it. Here's the trophy screenshot.
  3. The achievement flags clicks once per campaign, so if you achieved it then it won't pop if you re-achieve it in the same campaign. This counts for all Paradox games. With this in mind, I had one prepared just before I did the treaties.
  4. It's finally over!
  5. There's a response on Paradox forums! So they are aware of the issue and has fixed it, the problem is when the patch is applied. However, I believe I can theorize when: The roadmap for DLC. Plantoids DLC is 26th March. Leviathans is at 16th of April. The Multiplayer Update is at 21st May. Utopia will be some point in Summer. When it comes to Paradox; games like EU, HoI and CK gets a "free update" when there's a new Expansion or Immersion pack which contains compatible pieces of the packs. For this reason, I believe that they might stuff in the fix together with Plantoids or Leviathans. Plantoids seems the most likely, so 26th of March in about two weeks. If lucky, it's released earlier.
  6. Yeah, the only trophy remaining is Very Open Borders and I'm certain it's busted because of the "trophy shuffling" that I described before (25->26, 26->27, 27->28, 28->29). I assume there's no reply yet for that tweet?
  7. After some theory crafting, Planned Obsolescence is possible. You just need specifically 200 robotic pops and 50 humanoid pops (49 human and 201 won't work, needs to be 50/200), as well as the two being the only species in your empire and that the humanoids were not modified once. In one of my campaigns I had 200/50 but the humans were modified, why I believe it might prevent the trophy, and in another there was 200/50 but the humanoids were of mixed species. Either that, or the trophy is glitchy and only triggers at random with this being just a mere coincidence. As for Very Open Borders, it's still bust. I have managed it with every possible Ethics for either empire that allows for Migration treaty.
  8. I have completed everything and am supposed to have Platinum. 1. Planned Obsolescence do not work. I did two playthroughs - one being a Fanatic Materialist, and another being a normal Materialist. With 50 biologic and 150+ robots, this didn't pop for either. I even went as far as to get 500 robotic pops, relocate all my biologic population into select planets and then give them away to have 100% robots, still nothing. What boggles my mind is that it says 0.1% Ultra Rare on the trophy screen - is it possible somehow? I'll be experimenting this one some more just because of that 0.1%. 2. Trophies has been swapped around. - Very Open Borders (25) is actually Queening. - Queening (26) is actually Peacekeeper. - Peacekeeper (27) is actually Deus Vult. - Deus Vult (28) offers no trophy at all. If you take a look at the position of those trophies, it seems like the trophies has been +1'd by accident. This means Deus Vult is 29, which has no trophy related to it. In conclusion, I deem Platinum Trophy impossible because no trophy lead to Very Open Borders due to the +1 error, and Planned Obsolescence not triggering.
  9. I have the Deluxe Edition, but I'm pretty sure the problem is shared since it's basically just the Season Pass for "Plantoids Species", "Leviathan Pack" and "Utopia Expansion". I'm unaware of a fix, but I'll be prodding about the issue on their forums to make this known. Edit: By version, I mean vanilla and 1.02.
  10. This version of the game has some problems with the trophies. When you're trying to get Peacekeeper, you get Deus Vult instead. The legitimate method of Deus Vult offers no trophies, which leaves an empty slot for a trophy, I theorize that Platinum is impossible. Queening is how you get Peacekeeper instead. Using % statistics from Trophies (since I haven't tried for it yet) I suspect Very Open Borders triggers Queening instead. Here's some screenies as proof.
  11. Yeah, the speed picks up at 20 jumps, 50, 100, 200 and 300. However, the transition between the speeds are still oddly random at times. Sometimes you have to double tap quickly, sometimes it's slightly off-key. Relevant for transition to 100 speed. 02:04.020 (79) -> 02:04.400 (71) -> 02:04.823 (85) -> 02:05.176, and then stable at 77.2 BPM.
  12. Hour 6, still on the stupid rope trophy. Highest I've gotten is 892. Could someone make a visual video guide that is like a rhythm game? A metronome that's easy to read? Also it's annoying that when the beat changes, it seems semi-random on the speed between the first and second jump of that transition. Sometimes I have to double-tap, sometimes I have to slow down, sometimes it's normal. In particular it's 100 and 200.
  13. Whoever made the 1000 jumps trophy is a masochist. Decided that I'll do this trophy before doing the rest of the game, so I'm using my metronome with scripted BPM changes so I can tap the button with the beat, it seems like this minigame is actually inconsistent on speed and it'll randomly lower or raise by a random small percentage which is enough to desynch the metronome. Even when compared to the video footage I've made, it seems to have a very tiny change each time. I wonder if they purposely did this so people can't bot macro this.
  14. If you want a small city but still get arc de triomphe, check the city-info on population and bulldoze all blue / gray houses while leaving the green ones alone. An annoying thing about this game is that cities tend to be filled with seniors, taking up the slot for anyone else. In small cities it's better to bulldoze than to max taxes. Otherwise, make a 200K city with no high density green, then at 200K max taxes and watch it drop to 130K, normalize the taxes and watch the city re-grow. This will attract a large amount of families. This was the method I went for since the first named method was too boring. reason being that the PS4 version doesn't allow you to use both city-info and bulldoze simultaneously.
  15. My city was in the 210K population trying to get the Arc de Triumph (15000 students) and I got 1001Nights in 2318, so I don't know if that's the case. Did you remember to enable "use Day/Night Cycle" in the In-Game Settings, found in options?