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  1. OMG is cool they are taking same features from original version. I feel intimidated but motivated to beat him once again. I did it in PSOne 20 years before and it was really a challenge. ¿Do you guys think this time will be harder?
  2. ¿Which trophies did you get?
  3. ¿What do you mean by "beat"? I speak spanish, learning english and don't get that meaning...
  4. Haven't beeing very available recently because of work and school but send inbox in PSN to know Who is still needing any help, cuz I for get easily ^^u Nice Day hunters!
  5. Send me friend request I can help yet
  6. Yes, that's weird, I just checked in my PS3 system and the trophies were Blocked from there, didn't know how but happened.
  7. Felicidades, muy buena guía, ¡gracias!
  8. Thanks friend it worked, up I had already told i did what you daid to all users having same issue but yet many thanks pal. You tried Vita yet? Yes I started another account a year ago, is Hard to say good bye to first one. I'll leave this here.
  9. Dio!!!
  10. Problem solved, it seems by any stranger circunstances, I checked back from PS3 system and the trophies were locked from PS3, I dunno how cuz I hadn't played PS3 many time ago from playing this games. I hope it helps someone else having same issue. Thanks to all.
  11. Damn! Just earned a platinum last Night u.u
  12. Wait, you have Vita versión but want to synch in PS3 and PS4? I didn't Understand
  13. Good day for all, I am having a problem. I had hidden "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" and "ARCADE GAME SERIES: Pac-Man" trophies, I decided to stop showing'em but they Still are not shown in my trophy lists, I already earned more than 10 trophies since then and Still not getting any... ¿is anyone of you having same issue? Maybe a bug since last actualization...
  14. 😀 I've already done it but many thanks, it will help another users friend
  15. Feel free to add me