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  1. I tried same on Vita and imposible too, they must be using "something else"...
  2. As the title says, ¿are the trophies auto-popping by cross-save in PS5 trophy list version?
  3. Ruby Rose Best RWBY Girl ♡
  4. Explain these please
  5. Friend, i Just got trophy 5 minutes ago
  6. Reading you makes me feel pretty skilled! I did my 1st run on grounded mode!! You can check my timestamp
  7. Thanks guys!
  8. After 2nd part, ¿do you believe this game will become a serial game? I guess is a rentable option, by good or bad has become quite popular. I read you guys😺
  9. I'm working on SFV and Tomb Raider Right now. Really doubt i can Get SFV but here i come
  10. Thank you my friend, then i will start
  11. Does it work if i save and make a backup vía USB or PS+ Cloud??
  12. I did my video while playing too but... i forgot when you récord directly trophy pop is not shown...
  13. It is real
  14. Yes, only good games and not Like some Ratalaika's for example. Yeah, I Like your idea too. Both would be great.