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  1. Glitch still working?
  2. How I remember #2 is Dannyboy and he isn't good lifer. It's piece of shit and it doesn't deserve the right to life. No one lifers in this game aren't good cause these mentally ill bastards are toxic and they try to ruin your every match.
  3. Still no news about patch?
  4. Thank you! I can't belive, it's real!
  5. I got trophy too. There's a video:
  6. No problems, I apologized in advance for another topic. But this method has undergone some changes since release. As I understand before all patches you can restart mission after calculating cash, but now you can't do it because no more restart button. So, if you won't delete patch then it will be a good alternative method. 🙂
  7. There is no Crime Spree on ps3. And my topic isn't question, it's advise.
  8. Hi guys! Sorry if there is already a topic, but I did find it and in the guide incomplete information. So, start the game in offline mode, go to the offline, find or buy "RATS" heist on Overkill difficulty (costs 3.2kk). Necessarily choose Fast learner perk a raise for experience. Play with bots. Then in first day blow up the laboratory possible faster and finish mission. On the second day shot how will the mission begin and wait about 90 seconds. Then find a safe. Gangsters must burn it. Finish mission. Finally, we come to the most important. On the third day go to the bus, kill all gangsters inside and run to the evacuation zone (circle under helicopter). As soon as you crossed the circle press start very quickly, then restart. For completing the mission you'll get 100k experience and day 3 will start again. It takes about a minute. One minus: you won't receive money until you finish mission without restarts. Good luck.
  9. You can check it. If the disc code is BLUS then this is the NA version. If the disc code is BLES then this is the EU version.
  10. The problem solved, I got all multiplayer trophies.
  11. For me it isn't workikng. No matter how long I've waited in 'my matches' screen. Do you have any idea what I need to do?
  12. Two hosts with NAT 1 or one player with two consoles (he need to be squad leader in two teams from each console) solve most connection problems in team modes. XP trophies without proxy glitch takes about 10-15 hours. For start you need 3 people (including you), but better to boost 2vs2.
  13. "Release PS4 • WW • January 1, 1970" WHAT?!
  14. How much time did it take you?
  15. Spam Ed Boon twitter firstly.