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  1. Two hosts with NAT 1 or one player with two consoles (he need to be squad leader in two teams from each console) solve most connection problems in team modes. XP trophies without proxy glitch takes about 10-15 hours. For start you need 3 people (including you), but better to boost 2vs2.
  2. "Release PS4 • WW • January 1, 1970" WHAT?!
  3. How much time did it take you?
  4. Spam Ed Boon twitter firstly.
  5. Yes, you can, but also you need to buy a game in US store (or blus disc), because euro, us and other regions content is incompatible with each other.
  6. At the 22.04.19 I can join to the multiplayer session, but daily challenges don't work. 🙁
  7. Your progress in some games will lose. My friend changed psn id and he lost his stats in Uncharted 3 (all mp trophies progress) and The last of us progress of the Hunter or Firefly Journey. 🙁
  8. Main question: this DLC is included in goty edition or have to buy separately?
  9. Is there anyone from North or South America, who can try to get this trophy on European account?