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  1. same here doesn't look like your typical 100+ hour JRPG. I saw this a while back and noted it in my files to pic it up haha! Im quite the collector when it comes to my favorite kind of genre of games!
  2. Yeah I'm down for that! I love co-op games and getting a plat done with a partner! Makes things so much easier and fun with buddies! :). I will add you as friends so we can get started! Currently working on Until dawn right now! I also have Destiny 2 and Latest finished plat is Mw3! Easiest Veteran campaign out of all of the CODs lol
  3. Wow this event looks interesting! I'm In! Here is my list that I'm shooting for! 1. Resident Evil 4 2. Until dawn 3.Nights of Azure 4. Demon Souls (Ps3) 5. Bloodbourne 6.Resident Evil 5 7. Resident Evil Revelations 2 8. Salt and Sanctuary 9. How to Survive 2 10. Silent hill Downpour (Ps3) 11. Dead to rights Retribition (Ps3) 12. Last of Us Remastered 13. Shadow of the Colossus (Ps3) This Should be fun! Lol. I love zombies games! Psycho Horror Games not so much Haha! unless its Silent Hill lol. Let the games Begin!
  4. Wolf Among Us Ps4 version