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  1. True god, I wanna be on a server that I can actually get a win
  2. I play solo and I'm always on the blue team
  3. Nep-ko Has Logged In! Logged into 4 Goddesses Online. Prayer to the Goddesses Used a prayer for the first time. First Job Cleared a quest for the first time. Skiller The total times skills were used surpassed 100. Treasure Hunt Primer Total number of acquired treasure chests reached 10. Amethyst Glass Acquired the Sacred Treasure known as the Amethyst Glass. Low Angle The camera got all weird.
  4. My August game is done! Need for Speed - Done in 1 year 11 months
  5. Added Platinum #6 Need for Speed Would've got the platinum trophy back on the 4th if it wasn't for the daily challenge trophy. Hopefully will have Gal*Gun 2 done this week at sometime and probs Cyderdimensoon Neptunia!
  6. Platinum #6 - Need for Speed Platinum Trophy Earn all Need for Speed™ Trophies
  7. Serious Fun Complete 15 daily challenges Platinum Trophy Earn all Need for Speed™ Trophies
  8. Hakoom already has the platinum
  9. Yeah I have had those thought's especially with this account due to how low the completion rate is but have decided to just hide the games I don't want shown on my profile. It might be easier to do it that way...even though this account doesn't have my plats I will still aim to complete the old games. At the end of the day its up to you but just remember to have fun
  10. I think people have been spoilt by how easy the newer playstation exclusive trophy lists are. If you are going to not play this game (WHICH IS FREE BTW) because of a trophy then I feel bad that you are missing out on such a fun game. Even though we are on a trophy hunting website games aren't all about trophies, if you want your 100% completion rate then just play on a second account, just experience the game. Also if you are abusing the devs over a trophy then you are the issue with the gaming/trophy hunting community
  11. So update on Gal*Gun 2......I have played 2 more unnecessary playthroughs with minimum 2 more to go.....I have given up for the time being 

  12. So I can budget for it and be able to pay off the pre-order before the console releases
  13. So I forgot to update this last week but here are the newest stats. Current Games Playing - Need for Speed (38/46 - 84%) - Only need 2 more for the plat because those DLC grinds can fuck right off Gal*Gun 2 (32/37 - 78%) Next game to play - Sengan Kagura Beach Peach Splash or Sengan Kagura Estival Versus or maybe both Need for Speed Payback Here's the Progress report for after this week's sessions: Platinums: 5 (+2) 100% Completion: 5 (+2) Completion %: 24.84% Unearned trophies: 1889 (I KNOW SO BAD) I would have the Gun*Gal 2 plat already but the guide I'm using is very confusing to follow and is making me do more playthroughs than needed....sad At least I'm getting my personal goal of 30% completion by the end of the year somewhat a reality!!
  14. My Little Observer Finish Nanako's route A. Crazy for Sweeper Upgrades Upgrade your Demon Sweeper to its final form.
  15. I dunno how Gun*Gal 2 has a 25% platinum percentage because I'm stuck on the the Nanako A ending and can't beat her. Either these people are gods or I just suck...any tips?

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      Thanks for the tip, will give it a shot

    3. xTaihou


      Update: @ShonenCat you are a bloody genius, worked first time!

    4. ShonenCat