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  1. That is not a problem with Elden Ring as I I have the same issue with The Last of Us Part 2. According to "Time played" I spent 6 hours on the game, although I put more than 20 hours in the game. It is just a bug and there is no fix to this as far as I know.
  2. This topic particularly interests me as I am a polyglot and translation student. I am fluent in three languages (native Italian plus English and French) and can say I kind of master Spanish although I have not studied it anymore since I finished high school. I also studied Japanese for three years but my level is basic. If I could just snap my fingers to learn any other language I would learn them all, more work for me😜 Jokes aside, Japanese would come first for me as I unfortunately did not have the chance to get to a good level and I really regret this. It is a wonderful yet terribly complicated language, that becomes even harder (at least for me) due to the culture that is completely different from mine. I would also be interested in learning German and Russian but for no reason to be honest. I like how these languages sound and it would be a great to add them to my "collection".
  3. I got the trophy a few days ago after idling for roughly 10 hours a day for 3 weeks. I build a 25k-inhabitant city (that I used for achieving Happy Town) and after that I activated disasters. It was year 2036, and after that I made my city grow a little (around 45k inhabitants) and the Chirpnado finally appeared in 2236 after countless earthquakes, meteors and sinkholes. The disasters that appeared the least for me were exactly tornadoes, with probably less than 10 spawning in a 200-year span. I am glad it is over now. For those who are crazy enough to attempt this trophy, you will surely feel frustrated as hell but do not lose hope! You will make it in the end.
  4. Hello, I would like to be added I completed: Tomb Raider Underworld Rise of the Tomb Raider Shadow of the Tomb raider (planning on buying the DLCs to complete the game) Lara Croft: Go Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Lara Croft and The Temple fo Osiris
  5. I confirm I got the trophy a few week ago. You do not need to do the fight challenges on the open world (I did none of them and still got the trophy). The only thing I can think about is if you left some level as soon as you completed one challenge. The level will not count the challenge as completed if you did so. Edit: I saw you finally completed the game one minute after I sent my reply. What were you missing at the end?
  6. Sunday is going to be super race (despite the Abu Dhabi circuit). Max and Lewis are both super drivers and they both deserve to be World Champions.
  7. Thank you very much for the badge, you did an awesome work! And thank for creating this event, it really is awesome to see how videogames can somehow contribute to real-life causes.
  8. I did not plan other entries for me, but here I am with my third one. I got this beautiful game on sale and I was able to complete it in very little time. I guess this can count as pink. I hope I can complete another orange game before the deadline though!
  9. I completed Bugsnax too, my second entry. I can count as both colors, but I would like it to be counted as pink (for the bug on the top right and Filbo's eyes).
  10. I completed this PS3 games a few days ago and it seems to me that it has very little orange at the bottom of "and the guardian of light". Could this game also count for the contest?
  11. I am finally able to post my contribution. The game's last trophy got bugged for me and after several weeks I was able to make it pop. I would like to complete Bugsnax as well and to make it count as a pink game (Filbo's eyes and the color of the little bug on the top right).
  12. I would love to join this event. I do not have many pink/orange games in my backlog, but I would be more that happy to give my contribution with Overcooked All you can Eat (PS4 version) that I am going to complete soon. I will update this in case I find more games in my backlog. Orange:
  13. I am currently experiencing a burnout after getting the Assassin's Creed Unity platinum. I still want to get back to videogames but I feel exhausted at the same time. The best advice I can give is to take a two or three day break or to focus on something else.
  14. Hi anyone, my PSN id is Ephemera_5 and I am from Italy. I play mainly on evenings and lately I have been focusing on single player games. I would be happy to geto to know you guys, maybe we could become good friends in life too! I can talk about literally anything, but I mainly enjoy discussing about games (obviously), languages (I am a language student), F1 and TV series. I am on the PSN Profiles Discord server as well, so just send me a message (pls if you contact me on PSN, let me know you are from PSN profiles, I receive bot friend requests everyday)
  15. Never heard about these games, looks like they are not popular in my country. Thanks for providing these examples😃 Never heard about these games neither! My gaming culture is not as wide as I thought😅 Thanks for providing me the link! You are very kind!