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  1. I am currently experiencing a burnout after getting the Assassin's Creed Unity platinum. I still want to get back to videogames but I feel exhausted at the same time. The best advice I can give is to take a two or three day break or to focus on something else.
  2. Hi anyone, my PSN id is Ephemera_5 and I am from Italy. I play mainly on evenings and lately I have been focusing on single player games. I would be happy to geto to know you guys, maybe we could become good friends in life too! I can talk about literally anything, but I mainly enjoy discussing about games (obviously), languages (I am a language student), F1 and TV series. I am on the PSN Profiles Discord server as well, so just send me a message (pls if you contact me on PSN, let me know you are from PSN profiles, I receive bot friend requests everyday)
  3. Never heard about these games, looks like they are not popular in my country. Thanks for providing these examples😃 Never heard about these games neither! My gaming culture is not as wide as I thought😅 Thanks for providing me the link! You are very kind!
  4. Really? I thought most of them all had English subs at least! Yes, but Yakuza games are eventually translated. So they are temporarily available to Japanese fans only. I was looking for Japanese (or Chinese, why not) games that have their original language only, or any language but English. I know it is like looking for a needle in a haystack but I kinda need it😅
  5. I thought about the Yakuza series but I am actually ignorant about Japanese games. I feel like many of them even start in English
  6. 99% of games come in English as their original language. I am currently working on a thesis that focuses on videogames localization and I need to highlight some examples of games that were not actually "born" in English, but since English is not my first language, I was wondering if someone knew some games whose original language is anything but English. Every game can work, thanks in advance!
  7. Is there a checkpoint list on DO difficulty including also when the game saves authomatically? Would be very useful but can't find it anywhere.
  8. My boyfriend and I are planning to get this game but we are wondering about how trophies are unlocked. Can all of them be obtained in a single run by both players? If my boyfriend starts the game and I join, he will obviously achieve trophies on his first run and will it be the same for me or will I need to replay the whole game as Player 1?
  9. Does anyone know if the campaign can be fully played coop and if this makes things easier?
  10. I have an issue with both the types of collectibles. After having collected all the collectibles of 9 of the 12 total levels, I switched off my console, and when I turned it on again everything was gone. Anyone can explain me?
  11. I am currently working on the Unravel TWO trophy guide. It's almost ready
  12. If you agree guys, I can write the guide. I already got the platinum trophy, but probably so did you all😁