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  1. I can snap my fingers I can't jump higher like kangaroos do
  2. I needed a new Playstation 4 controller but I'm under a budget! My new semester tuition are disastrous high. So I'm a cheap cake right now lmao.
  3. I can't tell you my social security number. I can wink
  4. Have you learned a lesson yet?
  5. I can be your friend I can't be your Mama
  6. I've spent about 400 hours! I gave up I suck at this game LMAO I'm into mobile games now a day.
  7. Strange, I'm on my mobile phone using a WiFi connection and cannot seems to use is it down today? :S

    1. ShonenCat


      Google never sleeps xD

  8. 8/10 Good music
  9. Has a long hair that hides her left eye on his avatar
  10. I can suggest you go on a date. I can be your friend
  11. I have one more week before my summer break! R.I.P. Motorstorm! Gracias for the update! I might just make a new account for NO Online trophies. Since This keep going on.
  12. Doesn't like a crazy plus?
  13. I can rush to end something. But I can't Brush my teeth with using my toes
  14. Github sounded like Pornhub. Jokey I hope it doesn't affect other gaming industry. *crosses fingers*
  15. He recently changed his avatar. Should changed to smiley face Iris