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  1. Started in Year 2018, did the method, but didn't get to Tom Brady (27k) until the end of my 2023 season
  2. I tried to do the finale challenges through game rewind and the trophy didn't pop on completion of all 5 challenges. I figured EA wouldn't have included trophies with game rewind because it was added later on and it's EA.
  3. Knowing it's accumulative makes it all make sense now. I think my very first arcade run was 300,000 which is why my second 600,000 score run popped Million. When I deleted my save the first time, I didn't reach 600,000 off the bat-- so I tried again, which was probably my mistake with the "deleting save method" because it pushed me over 600,000. Thank you so much!
  4. Looking at my trophy screenshot. I actually got the "Million" trophy by scoring over 600,000 points. But the "600000" trophy did not pop then, or in subsequent playthroughs scoring over 600,000 so I may have glitched it out.
  5. I was able to unlock the 1,000,000 trophy by getting over 1 million points, but the 600,000 point trophy won't unlock for me for some reason.
  6. Can confirm, except my "-15 sec" appeared after accidentally sinking the ball in the top right hole, so that one works too.
  7. You can for sure still 100%. I'm not done yet but I started 2 weeks ago and haven't had a problem except for Gnome Bomb games populating sometimes. Super fun, and as others have said, a MP exception for me.
  8. My 2 cents: The game was definitely from it's era with both the writing and gameplay. I feel like you just have to learn how the game works to best it, but it felt janky at times. I personally, only got stuck a couple times close to the end. The missable trophies made me not want to try this game for a while, since you'd have to start a fresh playthrough to re-do anything. Took me a little over 20 hours for one playthrough on Nightmare.
  9. I bought a Standard PS4, and in my 10 hours of gameplay on the standard, I have experienced 0 freezes, relative to my dozen or so in similar time on the PS4 Pro YMMV
  10. This is what I'm dealing with right now. Throw the ball twice and she needs a bowl of water. Give her water, throw the ball once, "y'know dogs need water" 😡
  11. Are you on a PS4 or PS4 Pro? I've read that it's most prominent on PS4 Pro systems
  12. For me, the freezing occurs at picking cars/tracks sometimes (mostly occurring after India in the story mode). Only once did it freeze mid-race. Sometimes it froze in between races in tournament mode, & more reliably occurred in endurance mode after picking my third upgrade (I tried 3 different times).
  13. Is there any known workaround to avoid the game freezing? Sometimes I play the game and get no freezes across 30 minutes. Sometimes I play and get three game freezes within 20 minutes. I mostly encounter it when selecting my car or a track. But I recently experienced it freezing DURING a race once, which was disappointing. The freezing has gotten ridiculous towards the last sections of the story mode (since India) and as I've been playing Tournament mode. It's a mild inconvenience to my experience, but is wildly annoying to endure IMO.
  14. Started it when I heard the news a couple weeks ago. I played a bit of it (up until finishing Jeet's stuff), but have other games that I'm more interested in, so I just log in every day and collect the scrap from Jeet's place (~140 per day) I'm at like 1700/2000 at the moment
  15. Going to try this way on my next playthrough. I finished missions before giving districts. It seems like a simple enough thing to glitch out the trophy