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  1. I was curious if there was a way to get my save from PS Now onto my PS3 via "Online Storage". Out of all the games I've played on PS Now, this is the only game that hasn't placed a save file onto my system and was wondering if that was normal for Brink. After activating my PS3, the autosave files appeared...
  2. 365 in December 2018
  3. Got the plat, I agree 100% Kartos blew. Easily the dumbest addition to the game in my opinion, yet every old platformer like this tries to do it.
  4. I feel like multiplayer is a given for most of the community (just from what I've seen on forums, etc. But aside from that, S ranks suck in my opinion.
  5. 365 last december. Followed by 359 in August 2018
  6. No crazy win streaks or Ranked games!!! Woo!
  7. I was blown away by the fact that someone could actually create such a heaping pile of garbage and be allowed to publish it. The animations vs hitboxes is probably some of the worst I've ever seen in a fighting video game period, where the animation will go clearly through the opponent but nothing accompanies it. The characters are slow and clunky unless in the air, which may be a part of the gameplay (like focusing on aerial combos more) but that feels like dog shit to me. I fully regret ever touching this game.
  8. The upgrades have made my car uncontrollable lol. Turning is literally impossible even with attempting to drift, my car just turns sideways and flips 6 times before slowly reorienting itself backwards and requiring me to hold reverse for another 4 seconds until I'm then allowed to accelerate forward finally. I think I'm just going to leave this one unfinished haha. Definitely not worth the annoyances. Especially unfortunate since the beginning of the game was so fun! I had a blast when all of my opponents didn't require me to have a maxed out uncontrollable mess.
  9. Interesting. My experience hasn't been that way apart from multiplayer games where the trophies are really rare sometimes for no reason. Generally the platinum rarity has very well demonstrated the difficulty of a game. It's how I base whether or not I'll play a game sometimes. Also, other than the remastered Dark Souls (which probably has veterans coming to revisit it, etc.) is the only souls game that isn't considered rare or under 20% IIRC which from my experience, matches well to how difficult it is. It's defintiely not a blanket statement saying that rarity = difficulty, but it does apply more often than not in my experience. That's so funny because that race was the one that tilted me enought o even write this post. I was glad that the sabotage was only for one race but upgrading my speed on a car really helped. The controls kind of drive me crazy (lol) but only when my cart goes horizontal after boosting in a straight line for so long. I'll definitely try more upgrades though. Thank you.
  10. The handling in this game is absolute shit. As if you're constantly driving on butter. The car will randomly turn or flip without any input other than the acceleration. The trials later on get so close that a single error will put you behind gold time. Most of the events are entirely luck based like the artifact race. In my experience, it just sucked not being able to secure my win by skill and felt cheesy when I needed 1 more point to win the death race but no cars would spawn for 5 or 6 seconds. Edit: The death race later on is the worst when the cars you're supposed to kill speed out of your sight sand even with permanent boost you cant catch up to them the entire round and are forced to play off of the grueling 7-seconds-per-car respawn of 3 cars instead of 4.
  11. I definitely feel you, I'm on my last crime and I'm SO relieved. Playing the same basic principle of a crime 10+ times sucked.
  12. All of the weapons are either: 1. Visibly scattered around the map or 2. Locked until you complete a specific mission They were some of my last trophies but I still got them after doing the above 2 things.
  13. There are rewards associated with it. Trophies have gotten me a "free" year of PS Plus, a free month of PS Now, and about $50 in gift cards so far and I haven't even done it for a year now. So yeah, going a little faster through a visual novel for rewards is worth it so I can buy a game I do enjoy and have tons of fun with it.
  14. The trophies themselves (bronze, silver, gold, plat) have tiering points attached to them, so earning a trophy gives you 15, 30, 90 and 180 pts respectively. Having them tied to rarity monitored by PSN or PSNProfiles, like you said, causes issues because games can fluctuate a lot. I personally like the point distribution for trophies right now. I'd agree with a few of the posts above about trophy progress being available, but SonyRewards has been beneficial for me to reap rewards with the trophies I earn. They did really well with that system so I have another motivation to get trophies.
  15. It opens up the opportunity for anyone to play through the extra stages. Someone who wants to experience the entirety of the content they paid for can now explore it to their hearts content with assist mode. Maybe someone likes the game and wants to take on the challenge but gets stuck on a level or two, no use putting the game down for that one if you still want a challenge and to experience the other levels that were put into the game that you spent your money on. The accuracy of the rarity definitely depends on the game and how many people have played it. LBP 2 has a pretty rare plat but thats probably because there are a lot of people who have played it and as you know, trophy hunters are the minority. As for your own trophies and showcasing them accordingly, next to no one really cares or judges your profile (unless you're one of those numb nuts that plays easy plats over and over on various platforms and regions). For example, I played through Bioshock on survival difficulty, no vita chambers recently. It was very very challenging for me and I'm very proud of the trophy. Come to find out about 3/4 through my play through that there's a glitch that allows you to bypass survivor mode and play on easy all the way through. I still finished my playthrough and got the trophy but didn't make a big deal about why the glitch exists, etc. You know you got the trophy and you know you did it without assist, so stop caring about some silly number next to your plat because it "literally means nothing"