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  1. JUST DID THIS Just wanted to add that you can do multiple sessions and have it workout. I accidentally started my world up in 2020, but then turned my time back and still went ahead and got it by resetting the world each time. Took me 4 hours with resetting the world each time and being kinda lax about it, like not being at top efficiency, although I was beaming through the key presses at one point. Thanks for the help guys.
  2. My friends who don't trophy hunt think it's pointless and don't care. I do it because I'm OCD about how my time is spent gaming and finishing games.
  3. Not sure what you mean by "jump" but the money trophies are "stackable" in the sense that you get them as you accumulate that much money regardless of if you spend it.
  4. 1000000000% Agree. I'm in the same boat. Plus I've had inconceivable amounts on inconsistency throughout the gameplay and it's just so confusing and frustrating.
  5. I experienced a gamebreaking glitch that made the platinum unobtainable. I played the "Afterlife" level and got a few green power babies, then replayed it to get the remaining. My journal says I collected them all, but the game is telling me that I only have 4/10 from the "Afterlife" level despite my journal showing that I have all 10. The power babies don't show up in the level where I found them initially, but the game is saying there are more power babies to find Suuuper Unlucky, but somehow not surprised 😪
  6. It's bad lol, idk if it's latency (my internet is solid) or what but i feel like half the things I input don't come out right in the game quite often. It's fun AF when it works though, albeit I think from an objective standpoint the game is bad in the sense that some things are inconsistent or finicky in my experience. But it's solid enough for me to be having fun personally.
  7. Just got the trophy after letting the timer run out and doing all of the deaths without completing levels. Thanks guys!!!!!!
  8. I was curious if there was a way to get my save from PS Now onto my PS3 via "Online Storage". Out of all the games I've played on PS Now, this is the only game that hasn't placed a save file onto my system and was wondering if that was normal for Brink. After activating my PS3, the autosave files appeared...
  9. 365 in December 2018
  10. Got the plat, I agree 100% Kartos blew. Easily the dumbest addition to the game in my opinion, yet every old platformer like this tries to do it.
  11. I feel like multiplayer is a given for most of the community (just from what I've seen on forums, etc. But aside from that, S ranks suck in my opinion.
  12. 365 last december. Followed by 359 in August 2018
  13. No crazy win streaks or Ranked games!!! Woo!
  14. I was blown away by the fact that someone could actually create such a heaping pile of garbage and be allowed to publish it. The animations vs hitboxes is probably some of the worst I've ever seen in a fighting video game period, where the animation will go clearly through the opponent but nothing accompanies it. The characters are slow and clunky unless in the air, which may be a part of the gameplay (like focusing on aerial combos more) but that feels like dog shit to me. I fully regret ever touching this game.
  15. The upgrades have made my car uncontrollable lol. Turning is literally impossible even with attempting to drift, my car just turns sideways and flips 6 times before slowly reorienting itself backwards and requiring me to hold reverse for another 4 seconds until I'm then allowed to accelerate forward finally. I think I'm just going to leave this one unfinished haha. Definitely not worth the annoyances. Especially unfortunate since the beginning of the game was so fun! I had a blast when all of my opponents didn't require me to have a maxed out uncontrollable mess.