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  1. IMO, yes, coming off of playing My Hero One's Justice (which was really fun IMO), it's not fun. The hub reminds me of DBZ Xenoverse (it's boring, yet cluttered). The fighting controls are shallow/basic while the fighting itself is dull, repetitive and clunky. But like others have said, the game & platinum are easy, just more of a slog.
  2. If you've finished the level, keep count of the enemy #s in the level. There's no counter within the game, so kill all of the enemies you can in each area, then run around spamming whistle to find any stragglers.
  3. In my experience, Yes (and No) Yes, creating a room and playing matches eventually counted towards the 50 matches, BUT I say eventually because I had to play more than the trophy description stated -- not sure if that's the case if you play legit online. For example, my 5 matches trophy popped at 10 matches, my 20 matches trophy popped at 30 matches. Regardless, I still utilized lobbies to get the trophies to pop.
  4. Contrary to many others, I searched for ranked and unranked styles of matches for a cumulative hour or so and never found a single player, so I cut my losses and created a boosting session.
  5. It's a great I thought the same thing because of it's challenge, but I ended up checking it out out of boredom & wanting a hard game, and then finishing the challenges in a few days. It's great if you ever need a change of pace in what you're playing.
  6. Do what I did and purchase the "Minecraft: Story Mode The Complete Adventure" Disc, which comes with Episode 1-8 -- giving you the content to platinum/100% the game.
  7. No pun intended! I heard that EU got a patch (1.03) that's made things tolerable. I've been playing on NA's 1.02 and have experienced a number of glitches during my playtime: 1. The mission associated with the trophy Lord Of The Flies did not appear for me (I had to buy a physical copy and downgrade to version 1.00 to make it appear) 2. When I unintentionally let my game go back to v1.02, after getting Lord Of The Flies, all of my challenges disappeared across the map, so I couldn't have a chance at finishing any challenge related trophies on that save. I had to start a new game to finish the remaining challenges I had in each category because the "Feat" progress is continuous across save files. 3. The "Edible Frog" is one of the animals needed for the trophy Gotta Catch 'Em All trophy. I was unable to get it to register. I confirmed that this is generally a glitch, from looking up a trophy guide: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/game/bee-simulator/guide/#item-284952 - Luckily you can start a new game and collect/buy animal statues again for it to count, similar to point #2. 4. The distance traveled counter for the trophy To Infinity And Beyond stopped counting at 6950m for me, I'm not sure when or what made it stop, but even though the "Statistics" page was counting. The "Feat" number never counted my flying again, no matter which save I used. I deleted my saves entirely and rubberbanded my controller in an attempt to get 10km of flying because I was just sick of the game at that point. Good Luck to anyone else who attempts this, I personally won't support or suggest games from developers that can't get side missions and stats correct.
  8. Agreed. & since I'm bad at it, I lose, which causes the race to reset, but not my opponent, so I get stuck in these "you lose - restart" cycles because this game is a load of garbage. #savethebees
  9. Today I picked up a pre-owned physical version from my local Gamestop and the code worked, so I got the DLC 😬 Not sure if the code was just unused, but you can definitely still claim the codes to download it.
  10. Furi! Amazing vibe to the game overall and such an amazingly crafted piece of art.
  11. This bundle is getting delisted on October 11th? It's basically just ports of the original games, right?
  12. You're lucky, had a crash & delete happen twice within 2 hours.
  13. Yup. Just happened to me... Edit: Seems like if you push any button as the level ends its a sure-fire way to get the game to crash and delete your save.
  14. Can confirm it is still buggy even with help from guides. I was stuck on it for a decent chunk of time before I looked it up and realized it was just bugged EDIT: Just got it, repeated the puzzle like 8 times pushing the small blocks out, keeping them in, but this time, I pushed the little blocks to the side, let the lightning strike, pushed both blocks in, (eyes were not lit), then lifted the right block out and pushed it ALL the way into the next section, then when I returned, the statues eyes were lit. Super Buggy EDIT #2 -- IT BUGGED OUT MY WHOLE GAME! I'm stuck on that lightning puzzle -- like on an island 😓
  15. Been grinding opponent truck kills for a few hours now using the method in the guide, my "Opponents Crashed" Statistic is at 22, well over the 15 required for the trophy, curious if there's something that I'm missing. I figured I should be done by now but no trophy. EDIT: Nevermind, I rebooted the game and it just popped after more grinding.