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  1. Sleeping Dogs would be my answer. I'd play a PS5 port in a heartbeat, let alone a true sequel.
  2. Well, I did it, and I guess it wiped the first few trophies that I did popped offline... I had the three story completion trophies as the very first ones that'd popped, but they're just gone now. I'm not sure what happened but I have screenshots from the trophies popping on my system and everything, they just don't say they're unlocked on my system anymore now that I sync'd the trophies. So that kind of sucks, but I guess no platinum for me lol Super weird, if anyone could shed some light on my disappearing trophies I'd be grateful. Never had this happen before.
  3. Good riddance if true. Like many others have said, the damage is done in terms of the leaderboards and IDK what kind of hassle it would be to remove them, but I'm all for de-cluttering the PS Store. It'll be interesting to see the zeitgeist of shovelware if/when all is said and done after all this time.
  4. Happened to me, couldn't open the gate manually or smash in at any velocity. Only thing that gave me the capability to manually open the gate with or was doing a full restart. Even then I had the invisible wall preventing me from smashing through with my car.
  5. So, sorry if this is long-winded, I'm not sure how much detail I need or don't need but I'm just confused on what may happen in my specific situation. Backstory: I started Mafia 2 on my PS5 before it left PS+ Premium and got most of the trophies. I uploaded a save to the cloud, downloaded it to my PS4 (which also had Mafia 2 downloaded) but forgot to sync the trophies on my PS4 system before I left town. Now, I'm without internet, I can still play Mafia 2 and earn trophies, but according to my PS4 system I have the final story mission trophy, but none of the trophies for chapter 1-14. Question: If I earn the trophies on this PS4 that I didn't get on my PS5, will my platinum trophy still pop when I get internet again and it sync's up? By the time I get internet, I won't have access to the game anymore, so I won't be able to boot it up and pop the platinum, which is what I'd assume you'd have to do, but unless I go through and get every trophy again, the platinum won't pop on my PS4 offline because I'm missing a handful of trophies that were acquired on my PS5.
  6. I agree that the controls are tight and fun, but hard disagree on it being your fault when dying all the time. While I was playing I would die without touching the hazard -- like you're clearly able to see space between you and the hazard. My girl was astonished how many times I'd clear a jump visually, just to die. The first island is by far the hardest portion of the game IMO. The game is overall easy because it's the same 4 levels repeated 8+ times, but the "difficulty" is still there, just implemented in the most corny way. Hard-to-see hazards and shitty optimization are a lame way to spike the "difficulty" in any game -- it just seems like they ran out of ideas after thinking of 4 levels and 3 hazards. No, it was straight up off-screen. It's the only item that sits off screen in the whole game. Really random and stupid. Hell yeah it would've been hard for them, because they suck at game development. The game is ok at best as a platformer, like all of their other games, but once you factor in the lack of variety in many aspects such as hazards, level design, and color palette, PLUS the banal implementation of "difficulty" you can tell these people are just lackluster at their jobs. Not the worst game ever made, but definitely had some top-tier annoyances that made the overall experience more tedious than entertaining for me personally.
  7. Been trying to find the vita listing for this game in Korean. I've found the NA, EU, and JP version I was wondering if the game is listed as something else for the Korean stack. I tried the typical "Aegis" name as well as looking under "Metropolis defenders" but neither yield a listing for the Korean version of the game.
  8. Oh wow. Been playing on PS4 so I didn't see that thread. I came to edit my thread to say that I just tried it again and it finally worked. I had one Naut mission that was undone from a previously loaded save. The PSNProfiles Trophy guide was good but wasn't clear on that part for me
  9. I made this horrific mistake. I did something other than the logging quest and I got locked out of "A Better World" like 10 hours into my 24 hour playthrough. The PSNProfiles trophy guide doesn't mention that you NEED to complete every sidequest. I got everyone to friendly but wasn't able to get "A Better World" to pop, likely due to missing said missions. EDIT: I had missed a faction mission on my Dunncas playthrough when I had actually done it in my Dedre playthrough so I was scrambled. I completed the last of the faction missions and beat the boss and got the trophy.
  10. I usually don't go back to games that have issues until I know they've been remedied or I'm feeling foolhardy with my time. Maybe I'd revisit a game with save issues if I have an ample break from it. Especially if it's not feeling like a top tier game to me. Battleship on the PS4 corrupted on me like 4 times so I gave up because the story missions had a ton of randomness to it and it was just "iight" for me so I said "f--- this" and moved on AFTER getting a lil steamed 😉 I have an absolutely horrendous backlog of games that I want to experience; sitting about as long as my trophy list thus far so I try not to dwell on any games that -- to me -- feel incomplete or unrewarding due to jankiness of any sort.
  11. OH! Thank you. I misunderstood the tiers then. So my PS4 version of Greedfall would have been claimed under the "Essential" tier and therefore would be preserved when this game gets removed from the 2 higher tiers. I somehow forgot about the essential tier of PS Plus.
  12. I got Greedfall from PS Plus in January 2021 but since it's allegedly leaving PS+ Extra/Premium, does this mean we can potentially lose any previously claimed PS plus games now if Sony decides to yank them from the service? I thought id still get to keep the PS4 version of Greedfall, but I read somewhere today that it'll be coming off of "extra", which would mean I wouldn't have access to it anymore. I always thought that claimed PS plus games stayed with you as long as you were subscribed but I never thought they were subject to random disappearance. Changes up my backlog priority a little more if so 😅
  13. Lord I remember I did these when I was in middle school, but now I can't for the life of me get the three bats. It's so far shamefully taken me an hour. I consistently have batman throwing rogue punches that break my combo in one instance and leaping across the arena to strike an opponent out of frame in the next so I feel like I never know what to expect despite knowing what I want to execute. Try try try again is definitely the method. My biggest pet peeve is when an enemy is right behind batman, so I press square, and instead of turning and doing a quick jab, he does a lil flip and gets punched. Sometimes he's like lightning, but other times he's much more rhythmic and flowy -- haven't been able to figure out how to harness that when I want.
  14. Total nostalgia wave seeing these characters again after so many years seeing them on CD ROM Covers. Won't be picking them up unless they're on an insane sale (but I do that for every game 😬)
  15. It’s identical to the first game other than the setting, which is now icy. These levels are actually locked in the first game. The EU version incessantly crashes for me. Both with the last game and this “sequel” — the game shits the bed every time I try to do something while there’s a ton of ships on the screen, which was super counterproductive for the “10 levels in a row” trophy. Thankfully, the developers learned that having to spend 70 barrels to max out a single upgrade branch is insane when you only provide 200 barrels over the course of the game. Now it’s ~20 but there’s no upgrade trophies so it doesn’t matter too much. The game is insanely far from perfect but it’s a good time. Someone needs to brush up on their english for the trophy descriptions. They range from confusing to straight up unintelligible.