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  1. Holy lord definitely. I have a brand new appreciation for all of those brave gentlemen and war in general and the toll it takes, the depth of it all. Absolutely fantastic and I loved the art-style. Yeah I just restarted and tried following the 'trueachievements' guide at that portion of the game to the T, and it eventually spawned. Just took a few tries. I definitely always interacted with the cat, but maybe never "properly" whatever that means.
  2. This tip saved me a huge headache. I finished everything on my list and was at 99%, read this tip and realized I only did one boat because it said "asset complete". Did the second boat and then boom, 100% Thank You
  3. Definitely glitchy. Made a note of every level completed with Fatboy and completed them all twice (across multiple sittings) -- no trophy. Going to try doing them all in one sitting like people suggest. Haven't had the patience to replay every level AGAIN but we shall see
  4. Police showed up for me at the "Biggie" rank, after buying some beans from the main stand. zMy police protection has just ran out and I was on my way to get more. Not sure, but I'd think doing anything has a chance make them spawn. Maybe they just really like beans. Ever since I hit Escobar status, I stopped copping the police protection and I haven't seen police at all. -- Been waiting for them to rob me of my $6k "Pablo" bounty, nothing so far.
  5. I know this thread is old, but these tips from a FAQ helped me a ton. I was also just building stuff, letting it run, and getting silver or worse due to the following: How is score determined in Defense Grid 2? We want score to reflect both your efficiency, and how well you hold on to your cores. Top scores should be those that save all cores while spending the least amount of resources. When you kill an alien your score is determined based on… o The value of your resources o The sell value of your placed towers (efficiency) o How many cores you’ve held on to (defensive strategy) Not killing an alien will result in a lower score than you would get by killing an alien. Keeping your cores is very important. They both impact your score immediately (you lose out on the score you’d get for the alien who escapes), and later (all subsequent bonuses are reduced). The sell value of placed towers was the biggest for me, I used to add random green towers in random spots out of leisure, not knowing it was negatively impacting my score. Aside from the first few waves, you should only put stuff down if you can upgrade it soon, that way you not only maximize resource pool bonuses, but you also don't get negatively impacted in the efficiency area for having green or yellow towers active.
  6. So the drops are definitely RNG based -- as in you may or may not get one per round, but I found I was more likely to get an augmentation if I had built and upgraded that tower at least once during the mission. My very last augmentation needed was the laser tower and I was wondering what was taking so long but the one mission I built and upgraded a ton of laser towers, it unlocked a laser tower augmentation. Same experience with temporal and concussion towers for me. When I was popping the build related trophies, in any mission where I built and upgraded a bunch of the respective tower (like 10-20 minimum), the augmentation would unlock in a couple missions at most... Therefore, if you don't ever build the tower (i.e. building the OP cannons all the time) you won't get the augmentations.
  7. I had the same thing happen. Scored well over twice the minimum score on multiple levels but either got an A or A- so “Double the minimum” alone is not enough for A+
  8. RIP to this topic LOL I’m predicting its going to hit 1.5% by the time it closes. I love seeing the steady rise of % stats as events (like closures) play out. Especially since there’s a ton of boosting going on. Thank goodness for that though because I was flatout struggling with the Smash trophy, took me like 10 hours against bots with no avail. Everything else wasn’t too bad through natural play. EDIT: Prediction correct. It jumped .35% before the end and passed 1.5%
  9. Let me start by saying this is a really cool experience, even in 2022 when graphics have improved, it's a gem of it's time for sure. I may just be lit, but Linger in the Shadows has trophy descriptions talking about various "demoscene" teams, and they've hidden their "emblems" throughout parts of the production. I think the name refers to the fact that demoscene talent isn't widely recognized by anyone, so their talent just "lingers in the shadows"
  10. Can you "rapid fire" with the Move Controller? I'm using the DualSense for the PS5 and if you press [L1 & L2] & [R1 & R2] together they fire 4 shells simultaneously -- which is super effective during those timed boss sections and killing burly enemies fast. I'd love the smooth aim of move controllers, but not necessarily for the trade off of no rapid fire.
  11. I was playing through the game using a visual guide, good one linked here. & noticed that I couldn't find one of the (already obscure looking) collectibles, I read in a trophy guide that it's a "nasty glitch" and you can only get it by reloading a save or restarting since chapter reloads apparently won't work. (BTW has anyone had the same experience with this?) I restarted a playthrough, no collectible. I've reloaded the new manual save that I made a few times, no collectible. I was wondering if it's a matter of chance that the collectible won't glitch -- meaning maybe if I keep reloading my save it'll eventually work? I'm like an hour in so I don't really want to replay the whole part 1 a third time 😬
  12. I agree. Trophies are mostly typical actions when you play Yu-Gi-Oh, then ranked/"event" duels -- whatever those are.
  13. Yes, can confirm forfeiting still counts. this is the case, I found this out today when I forfeited my 30th match. It works with unlocking titles as well as the "Play x matches" trophies. I was playing online matches with friends all the way through but forfeiting is waaay quicker to boost it.
  14. I struggle so much to understand how to do this, sometimes I'll just flick right over them no problem, sometimes I flick and I die by them, sometimes I'll spam shots and they die right next to me, other times the bullets "miss" and they get the drop on me -- What is their interaction with the tempest and how do you reliably "dodge" and shoot them when they're close? My biggest downfall is getting surrounded by the flippers and dying because I'm unsure how to shoot "adjacent" to me.
  15. I see the Chevron above the player’s avatar, but when I press Square, nothing happens, at all. Am I missing something? EDIT: Nevermind, I tried a different playstation and it worked so it was just some random glitch I guess.