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  1. My 2 cents: The game was definitely from it's era with both the writing and gameplay. I feel like you just have to learn how the game works to best it, but it felt janky at times. I personally, only got stuck a couple times close to the end. The missable trophies made me not want to try this game for a while, since you'd have to start a fresh playthrough to re-do anything. Took me a little over 20 hours for one playthrough on Nightmare.
  2. I bought a Standard PS4, and in my 10 hours of gameplay on the standard, I have experienced 0 freezes, relative to my dozen or so in similar time on the PS4 Pro YMMV
  3. This is what I'm dealing with right now. Throw the ball twice and she needs a bowl of water. Give her water, throw the ball once, "y'know dogs need water" 😡
  4. Are you on a PS4 or PS4 Pro? I've read that it's most prominent on PS4 Pro systems
  5. For me, the freezing occurs at picking cars/tracks sometimes (mostly occurring after India in the story mode). Only once did it freeze mid-race. Sometimes it froze in between races in tournament mode, & more reliably occurred in endurance mode after picking my third upgrade (I tried 3 different times).
  6. Is there any known workaround to avoid the game freezing? Sometimes I play the game and get no freezes across 30 minutes. Sometimes I play and get three game freezes within 20 minutes. I mostly encounter it when selecting my car or a track. But I recently experienced it freezing DURING a race once, which was disappointing. The freezing has gotten ridiculous towards the last sections of the story mode (since India) and as I've been playing Tournament mode. It's a mild inconvenience to my experience, but is wildly annoying to endure IMO.
  7. Started it when I heard the news a couple weeks ago. I played a bit of it (up until finishing Jeet's stuff), but have other games that I'm more interested in, so I just log in every day and collect the scrap from Jeet's place (~140 per day) I'm at like 1700/2000 at the moment
  8. Going to try this way on my next playthrough. I finished missions before giving districts. It seems like a simple enough thing to glitch out the trophy
  9. Just finished my first playthrough, I think some of the combat related trophies are bugged for me, but I'm not 100% sure. I do know for sure that Family glitched for me, because I completed side missions for Vito and I got the first Loyalty trophy, but when I did the same for Burke and Cass I didn't get the Family trophy. I even thought it was weird because Vito almost walked out on me before I gave him a district, and I pulled 2 rackets from him in the beginning (because I didnt know how it worked) but I still was 'loyal' to him apparenty, but not the others who I treated better. Glitches suck.
  10. Platinum : Portal Knights Est Time To Plat : 20 Hours Took Me: 32.5 Hours (including some DLC runs) Plat Difficulty : 3/10 Fun, but dang that cubicide trophy took me a couple hours to grind out.
  11. 148 Completed our of 249 Played. I sit around 75%. It's been like 3 years (Since May 2017)
  12. The only reason I don't hide trophies, even if they were "mistakes" is because it messes around with overall stats, and its not worth it IMO. Generally it's only one or a couple games anyway, across 200+? No big deal.
  13. Spent ~1 hour and ended with 19.45s Note: I don't play FPS games much, if at all. The MW1 challenge took me ~40 minutes to beat but the "restart last checkpoint" system in that game was more efficient. i.e. you dont have to run through the whole course if you mess something up. so I think that elongated the total elapsed time Edit: I got blocked by RNG a ton because I'd finish the course, then reload and walk into it again so that I could use 2 pistols. the RNG on how the targets popped was KILLER for me.
  14. Listening to the beat can help in some instances if you're good at rhythm prediction. It's the same everytime for the songs, so if you find a point where you're struggling, pay extra attention to the timing of that part. For example, one of the songs had a quick beginning note that I ALWAYS missed, so I remembered where it was and predicted when to press it. Good Luck! I wish the rest of the Yakuza game was as easy as this part was for me (aka no RNG 😝) EDIT: Also, to score higher, easier, play the lively interjections, even though they can be more challenging, you can miss more notes.
  15. First CoD game for me. That One Shot mission was so tough, the middle fight was insanely annoying, but then the final checkpoint was so much worse, with 4 helicopters. After like a dozen deaths I just "Claymore'd" the spots where people landed and tried to snipe people off ropes. SOOOOOO Annoying in my opinion. Especially when you've spent a solid 3 minutes actively dodging bullets in cover AND 2-3 grenades every 10 seconds, then some dude across the field triple taps you and you have to start again. So happy it's over. F.U.D. in under 15 seconds didn't prepare me enough for this !