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  1. Just got mine after 20 hours all the way to the left near spatula khan. Never again.
  2. Why am I so unlucky? I’ve played for over 10 hours at docks and no sign of a chubby enemy🙃
  3. fast travel won't respawn them for me. Do i have to close the game and reload it?
  4. I have the disc version :/ many people have the same problem on Twitter
  5. I can’t find the upgrade. Anyone else with this problem?
  6. Am I the only one who’s not getting sack pots??I only got one from lucky chest and after that nothing for 5 hours straight. Edit: after this post the game decided to give me 3 sackpots in 1h
  7. Yeah some of them were very difficult or at least very luck based. Especially Rapid Discord and Doomfist’s ultimate ability trophy.
  8. COD WaW,veteran was a pain. never again😂
  9. Do you have any specific tips for the platinum? And how many hours did you spend to get it?
  10. Does this game has cross play between vita and ps3? Can anyone confirm?
  11. Check this out.
  12. Hello guys will this controller get the job done?
  13. Hmmm and you did have suarez maxed out from the beginning?
  14. Without Siming any matches?