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  1. This trophy glitches on me in a good way, the way I got it was just by making a boat and place it on land, getting a goat into the boat and going into the boat and moving around for a bit. It popped for me. It might be a easier way for people to do it if they are having trouble with it.
  2. I say Furi is a great game to check out. It's only has boss fights and is a great game but it is hard. Its a mix of bullet hell and sword combat. It's honestly one of my favourites.
  3. He's not dead, is he? Complete Present 2 Assassin Creed Rogue
  4. I put on my rariest plat, rariest trophy and my most pround Plat I have got, In that order
  5. Here are the Plats I have GTA Vice City GTA San Andreas GTA V I got Original Gangsta, so close to kingpin, will do GTA IV one day (hopefully) Will update if i get more
  6. So I have these plat and 100% (currently at BSAA Agent) Resident Evil (PS4) Resident Evil 5 (PS4) Resident Evil 7 Resident Evil Revelations 2 Resident Evil 4 (PS4) 100% I am working on Resident Evil Revelation and 0. Will update once they are done
  7. Currently have 6 Plats (currently at Disciple) Assassin Creed 2 (PS3) Assassin Creed 4 Black Flag (Ps3) Assassin Creed Unity Assassin Creed Syndicate Assassin Creed Orgins Assassin Creed Odyssey Assassin Creed Freedom Cry Only Assassin Creed 2 is 100%. Will update if I get more games or finish some of them.
  8. Play on an easier difficulty or you could just quit out of the app if you are going to lose and save yourself some time
  9. I don't know if it's only me but is anyone else having trouble downloading the special ops pack 1 like when you turn off your console it just deletes itself no matter how much you downloaded it. For example one night it was about 10GB done out of the 12GB so I decided I will download the rest in the morning but when I came back it, it was just completely gone and I have to start it all over again. Do I just have it to let it download over night and leave the PS4 on all night or is there a way around it?
  10. Rime, I out right refuse to platinum that boring game even though its super easy, I would rather plat a difficult game than this, it would be more fun
  11. No they haven't, it's still glitches on the current patch
  12. I need to get a few more armours and then I am done I need all other pets except for lizard If anyone has an auto hammer, fresh cloning vat and a meat grinder could I please get them Also need a hallow and corrupted world Psn is Spookymanlego on PS4
  13. That's too bad
  14. Assassin Creed Odyssey Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens Just Cause 3 (I am so close of getting it so i might try to get it) and maybe Sheltered if a new update comes out that fixes a glitch so i can get the Plat
  15. Ya this happened to me too. I think it's due to the new update (1.02) as I remember finding the hatch before I install the update. So I guess you will have to change the version back to the original to get it. I don't know if this will fix it but it's worth a try.