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  1. I picked up a few books today. Ms. Marvel Ombinus Vol 1 (contains her entire 2014 series as well as some other issues and excerpts), Uncanny Inhumans Vol 1 HC (#0-#10) and Uncanny Inhumans Vol 2 HC (#11-#20 and annual 1), Secret Warriors Vol 1, Champions Vol 1, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur volumes 1, 2 and 3, and Young Inhumans.
  2. The Complete Edition is a separate trophy list from the original release.
  3. If I'm not mistaken you'll need to earn a trophy in some other game before it'll update here.
  4. My first anime was either the first Vampire Hunter D movie or Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. My first manga was either Bio-Booster Armor Guyver, Dirty Pair or Ninja High School/Warrior Nun Areala, it's been about 25 years so I honestly don't recall which was actually first.
  5. No, I did that once on an old Xbox account and afterwards it just felt like a big waste of time. I only add a game to my profile when I go to play it, even if it only ends up being for a few minutes sometimes.
  6. Novice Freedom Fighter Cleared 10 unique side missions.
  7. Picked up a few more books today at work.
  8. When I initially found out about this series I really wasn't that interested in it based off of what I had heard but on a day off I decided to check out a couple episodes of the anime and then I decided to check out the first volume since we'd just gotten it in at work and it's quickly become a favorite series of mine. In addition to enjoying the writing I also really like the art as it's very detailed which makes it easy to follow the action.
  9. This has been a really fun series so far, tomorrow I plan on ordering the rest of the volumes to get caught up.
  10. Over-Anxious Fanboy Attended Rin's public concert.
  11. Ghost Diary Volume 3. This was the final volume of the series. Overall it was a good series though I kind of wished the ending had gone in a different direction or at least continued for a few more volumes given how much I had been enjoying it. Thanks, it definitely sound like something I'd probably enjoy.
  12. Read 6 volumes today, Magika: Swordsman and Summoner volumes 4, 5, 6 and 7, Ghost Diary volume 2 and My Monster Secret volume 2. How is that series? I've been meaning to order the first few volumes to have available at work but haven't been able to yet.
  13. Orcs Defeat 500 Orcs
  14. Decided to splurge a little bit today and ordered this, should arrive next Thursday or Friday. It'll be my first box set, though I've got my eye on the Death Note box set as well as a couple others.
  15. Yesterday before work I finished Ghost Diary Vol 1, then finished How to Build a Dungeon Vol 2, then started and finished My Monster Secret Vol 1 and finally started and finished Monter Hunter Flash Vol 1. Of course then when I went to work I ended up picking up another 14 manga books that I'll start on today before work lol. Edit: Now I've also read the following and I'm about 50% finished with Ghost Diary vol 2.