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  1. Politics of Justice Completed Chapter 12. Judgment
  2. Lego Batman 2 will likely forever be my favourite, played it originally on the Wii, next year I am planning likely to replay and play more lego games again, certainly one I am excited to hunt the platinum for. Also actually really enjoyed the first Batman game, but sadly that was before trophies, so no plat would be unlocked with playing it. I also liked the Indiana Jones games, but can be buggy at times.
  3. Endless Shameless Complete the Endless Setlist on the World Tour LEGO Rock Band
  4. if you boost the online, and have the reaction times and don't have all the input lag as well like I had pulling me down sometimes, it is a platinum which is easily doable in 8-15 hours depending on skill at the various events.
  5. #1 Boss Hire all Entourage members LEGO Rock Band
  6. Level 320 #1 Boss Hire all Entourage members LEGO Rock Band
  7. Skeletons in the Closet Completed Chapter 4. Judgment
  8. Trust Issues Completed Chapter 2. Judgment
  9. Platinum #29: Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020 Difficulty: 4-5/10 Time: 12-15 hours Fun: 9/10 Notes: Very fun game, especially it is a great multiplayer game, played a few hours casually with my dad who practically never games, but it just is something anyone can pick up and play. Sadly the game can feel very buggy and laggy, not sure if it is due to the fact I streamed it with PS Now, but that gave some modes almost an extra challenge occasionally. Luckily the trophies are not very complex or anything, getting 10 gold medals was a bit of a sweat, managed it though on the normal difficulty or whatever the lowest is called with the Judo discipline in 13-15 attempts. Perfectionist Obtain all Trophies. Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020
  10. I said I had hope for one and they went on to win the bloody thing against England at Wembley. Ahhhh, nice.
  11. Perfectionist Obtain all Trophies. Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020
  12. Tried Them All Play each of the 20 events at least once Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020 .
  13. You need a Olympic Record. Play Sports Climbing against a.i. and online once and you should get both at the end of the respective matches. Or beat a Olympic record, that should also pop them.
  14. I just realised I read it wrong haha, Ill try in a bit, will probably pop since that is in fact what it says to do. Thanks.
  15. Not sure what I am during wrong, if there is something I am somehow missing, but surely I should have this trophy? I first edited mine and my teammates outfits for a beach volleyball game. Both of the your athlete trophies popped like they should have. Fashion Forward also unlocked, but New Friends did not? Then I did a quick search, apparently someone got it while playing Judo? tried to edit outfits for that sport, playing that still did not help me pop it. Also logically speaking, if you unlocked Fashion Forward, should that not mean you should also have New Friends? Can someone help me here please. Would be much appreciated.