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  1. I have never played on the ps5, but this would be the most logical thing I could guess. I would try and either A. manually sync your list to the psn servers on the console if that is a thing B. try and earn a trophy in a different game and see if the console then acknowledges the input of you having deleted the list. Sorry that I can't guarantee in any way that either of these two methods will work, but they are the best educated guesses I could come up with. Hopefully you succeed in removing it soon.
  2. I am assuming that the biggest model/hacker debate also would have been about the Run Like The Wind trophy I think it was called for surviving a bounty on your head. That feature was taken out years prior to the games ps3 shutdown and so could only be achieved if a hacker put a bounty on you and you survived it. Technically you would do it like naturally to unlock. Just the feature was not officially available anymore. And ps3 in general has a lot worse hacking, luckily though ps3 doesn't auto sync so you can always delete your account off of your console and reinstate it before syncing if a hacker pops some trophies.
  3. Why have I not heard about this game before? Looks really nice and definitely something I would likely want to play/plat. I have been mulling over their not having been a Fight Night game in ages. Ooh this.
  4. At that point it certainly is speculation, I have seen it all over this site, so take my comments from above certainly with a grain of salt, but if it is true, it would be a logical excuse for no plat. Other than others like having to change a game's trophy list late on (I have heard stories of a developer claiming they didn't add a platinum when they realised they could have because it would be too difficult to code in or something for the game's release) though again I don't remember which game or developer, so it ain't really matter. And developers of course, just not seeing a necessity.
  5. I can agree that many of the newer games certainly feel and I think generally do have longer games. I mean look at a majority of early 2010s lego games like Indy 2, Batman 2 and this for example all being 20-25 hour experiences if you are efficient and only plat focused. Newer games like Marvel Super Hero games are all 35-40 hour games pretty much (not taking into account the extra hours of dlc based trophies and paying for them which you didn't need to do for the older games as they didn't have dlc trophies/levels in general if I remember well.)
  6. Well that is because well certain developers certain intentionally aim to monetise the inclusion of a quick platinum with their product. From my understanding for smaller studios (only? or all not sure exactly) a platinum in your game may require an extra fee, for certain developers this fee is absolutely worth it. For others they either don't understand the benefit or don't feel there would be one by paying the fee. It really depends on the game. I doubt RE4 saw a huge decline in sales due to trophy hunters since it is not a very niche or trophy hunter based game for example. Road bustle for example on the other hand would see a massive decline in sales I would predict if a plat would be omitted. Now on the topic if Sony should mandate one, eh I'm not too fussed either way. I will play games with both plats or non-plats if I really wish to play a game, if I am on the fence a platinum certainly may make it more appealing. Exactly. The whole concept of platinum monetisation and fees for indy games is still a very new concept as for a long time most of these developers were not afforded the opportunity to even have platinums, some are now benefitting from their platinum based promotions for their games, others either don't understand or see the benefit in plats.
  7. Most of the time I don't think it is Sony restricting. In the past few years they have lifted many restrictions, though due to all of the past restrictions, some developers might not be aware of the changes made. Though it is a case by case basis, so I don't know what happened here.
  8. Sounds good. I am quite busy right now, but in the future certainly I could try and help a little.
  9. @Gretchen27 since it is my first time, I guess I will ask if I filled the google form in correctly just for future reference. Also if I can ever help a little with this as you suggested you would appreciate, I'd be willing to do so.
  10. Nope. They Luckily finally updated it in 2021 and added a bunch of events. I think over 50-70 since I started. But it indeed was unobtainable for a while, hence I took so long to start it after I didn't get it during the games original release period, saw it on some sales but was always bummed out about the unobtainable.
  11. Here are my active games that I would still like to clean up that are eligible: Burnout Paradise Remastered (Plat & 100%) - First Trophy: 11th June 2021 Call of Duty: WWII (Plat & 100%) - First Trophy: 8th November 2017 Driveclub (Plat & 100% - First Trophy: 14th November 2015 EA Sports UFC 2 (Plat) - First Trophy: 19th December 2018 EA Sports UFC 3 (Plat) - First Trophy: 29th February 2020 F1 2011 (Plat) - First Trophy: 31st July 2019 F1 2012 (Plat) First Trophy - 19th June 2021 F1 2017 (Plat) First Trophy - 3rd Septermber 2017 FIA European Truck Racing (Plat) First Trophy - 18th July 2019 FIFA 15 (Plat) First Trophy - 16th August 2015 FIFA 18 (Plat) First Trophy - 3rd October 2017 FIFA 19 (Plat) First Trophy - 13th October 2018 FIFA 20 (Plat) First Trophy - 22nd October 2019 FIFA 21 (PS4) (Plat) First Trophy - 12th December 2020 Goat Simulator (PS4) (100%) First Trophy - 13th October 2015 Grand Theft Auto V (PS4) (Plat & 100%) First Trophy - 17th December 2019 Judgement (PS4) (Plat) First Trophy - 14th July 2021 (Not completing in next 4 days so will be eligible soon) Lego Dimensions (PS4) (100%) First Trophy - 3rd October 2015 Lego Rock Band (Plat) First Trophy - 17th July 2021 (same deal as Judgement) Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens (PS4) (Plat & 100%) First Trophy - 7th April 2021 Lego Worlds (Plat & 100%) First Trophy - 26th March 2017 MotoGP 09/10 (Plat) First Trophy - 1st May 2021 MotoGP 10/11 (Plat) First Trophy - 11th May 2021 NBA Live 19 (Plat) First Trophy - 14th July 2019 NBA Playgrounds (100%) First Trophy - 10th May 2017 NHL 2016 (Plat) First Trophy - 29th April 2018 OlliOlli2 (Plat) First Trophy - 30th June 2021 Project Cars (Plat) First Trophy - 24th May 2021 Ratchet & Clank (Plat) First Trophy - 4th August 2017 Sounds Shapes (PS4 - EU) (Plat) First Trophy - 12th August 2017 Star Wars Battlefront (Plat & 100%) First Trophy - 21st November 2015 Verdun (Plat) First Trophy - 11th June 2021 WRC 6 (Plat) First Trophy - 20th December 2018 WWE 2K17 (Plat) First Trophy - 19th October 2016 Total Games: 34
  12. These Time Attacks can certainly be a little bit of a pain, some far more than others definitely. Some I felt almost immediately I could manage, others felt very unforgiving. I shudder to imagine if I had to go for Silver or Gold, I assume with a DualShock 4 like I am using those are near impossible (maybe with setup changes easier). Overall racing games I have played quite a few from different devs/publishers including nearly having platinum MotoGP 15 another motorcycle racing game from Milestone, so I am not inexperienced fully but neither do I often play motorcycle racing games, rather more car racing games like F1. I never fiddled with the bike settings and these are my Race Options changes: Auto Brakes: Off Anti-Wheelie: Medium TCS: Off I again only fiddled a little with Anti-Wheelie and TCS, maybe there is a better combo (only used these for last 4) To get a general idea of how long these may take you (probably different for different people), I will list an estimated amount of attempts they took me (in order of how they unlock) 1st one: 1 lap 2nd one: 3 laps 3rd one: 15-22 laps 4th one: 35-45 laps 5th one: 6-10 laps 6th one: 2 laps as you can see 3 of them I got within 3 laps. But the 3rd and especially 4th one feel incredibly unforgiving, I really did not get those until they just clicked. Basically both I was over a second + off for nearly all laps before the perfect lap. Again these are only how long they took me. I would say overall the combo does probably feel like a 5/10 for me like the guide suggests, but I feel this would only be for someone with some prior motorcycle Videogame experience (Driveclub Bikes and MotoGP 15 for me). Without this experience for someone who is brand new to motorcycle racing games these time attacks could probably feel up to 7/10s. Good luck for anyone going for these, they are manageable, just some really frustrating. EDIT: as Berendsapje mentioned don't be scared of using rewinds if you make mistakes, these were Integral to gaining the best lap times to pull of these Time Attacks.
  13. yeah definitely. I remember there was a period that I had over 5 of these messages in a month and other waves over time. Recently I had only one.
  14. Idrk know this game, but heard plenty about it. Its a 8/10 difficulty and 60 hour platinum according to the guide on this website. Take into account also though that it is free-to-play, so it will attract many people through that who maybe pop a trophy or two and don't commit. But can not give any personal anecdotes.