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  1. Damn that certainly is awkward.
  2. Thanks for the response. I have by now already set it up like soon after I wrote that but I appreciate the response.
  3. OK I know that the title of this Topic is quite long and I will try and explain here what I want to do. I got my PS4 around 2015 and way before I ever got a PS3, I got one for cheap off Ebay a year or two ago. Now I'm wondering if I can load in my current psn account onto the PS3 without having any issues and subsequently ofcourse adding many more possible games for me to play and trophy hunt for on my account. The thing is I do know that you could transfer your PSN account onto the PS4, but I don't know if there's essentially backwards compatability I guess you would call it where I could get my PSN I started on PS4 and then sign into it through a PS3. I'm writing this because ofcourse I don't want to risk anything that could harm my current account if I attempt this. While asking this I also would be curious if I could log into a Vita now as I might be interested in buying one at some point for a good deal online even though probably not at this point in time unless a deal really catches my eye. (BTW the current ps3 games I have on my account are through PS Now) Hopefully it wasn't to hard to understand me here and if anyone could answer and help me it would be much appreciated.
  4. I've gotten the plat now since a good bit ago but strange, I did the same with no success. Some of these Trophies are just strange with how they pop. Ive gotten the plat now since a good bit and like the response above I had tried the same and it didn't pop that trophy. I watched dispskiYt's video on YouTube and it worked.
  5. I have simulated with so many Rookies that have one both the Defensive and Offensive ROTY Awards in both Conferences to no avail. They have been edited players though so I will try and get it with an unedited irl Rookie now and hope it pops the trophy. I know a lot of these Trophies that I have gotten so far have been both glitched for myself and others and took multiple attempts to get. For example it took my 3rd touchdown with a low pass for that trophy to register and a 2nd game which I started a Pro Bowl game in for that respective trophy. Any help for the ROTY trophy will be appreciated as I'm going to now try my method above. Cheers, Pieroluc Also I have done the requirements for big spender 2-3 times without popping that one yet either but I'll continue trying now but again any help on how you guys unlocked that one it would be helpful.
  6. I'm assuming you are talking about the dipski Trophies roster which I just watched the video and I got the trophy. Weird how that one popped it for me but not other times. Cheers for the help.
  7. I've managed to pop the big spender trophy now.
  8. Maybe I can actually try and boosting it with my 2nd account the only issue being it doesn't have PS Plus but I assume it might still work but I'm not sure. If not I'll just maybe get a friend tommorow or help me with them.
  9. Thanks for the help. Thanks for the help. Thanks for the help.
  10. I know my answer is late but, this is a trophy you can boost with another player in a private lobby.
  11. I just started the game so miss all trophies. Do they still work?
  12. Reply to @aidan2110 Yes