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  1. I can't get a boss battle to happen for the life of me. Very frustrating as this is the last trophy I need for this very rare platinum. Any tips or help is appreciated, thank you!
  2. Has anyone else had troubles with the 20 Armour Pieces trophy? I'm positive I have done the requirements!
  3. I can definitely say Spider-Man is much better!!
  4. I can not be the only one who thinks this game is really similar to infamous second sun? Trophies and game layout seem really similar
  5. Anyone else having troubles with the Daily Streak trophy? I had it at 6 consecutive days and played my 7th one and it reset me back to zero days. Hopefully it does not happen next week too this is my last trophy i need for 100%
  6. I can't seem to get player of the game while in AA. I've gotten multiple home run games, hit for the cycle, etc. Is there anything i'm doing wrong? Thanks!
  7. Good stuff man you will remember your first plat for ever. Im currently working on this game and its pretty good!