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  1. I've done this multiple times on multiple races and it hasn't unlocked it says. "Go from last place to first place in the last lap of a race and win". I have purposely trundled along in last place until it said "Final Lap" then bombed it into first place and won the race on multiple races. Trophy won't pop. Am I just screwed here?
  2. What if you simply don't patch the game. If you use a previous un-patched version of the game with the cattle counter still in place that should work right?
  3. I'm looking at my total laps stats in the stats screen. I've got over 1200 laps raced over all the various different courses.
  4. I've raced well over 1000 laps, it hasn't unlocked. Do I seriously need to delete my save file and do this shit all over again for it to maybe not work again?
  5. I was being stupid and playing on Classic rather than Pure... I've got the trophy now; silly me.
  6. I do a mix of the two options. I have a couple of games at hand that I can jump on and grab a trophy for, but often I will just decide, "I'm going for X trophy" and just spend a solid hour or so going for it, even really hard trophies I'll often do that with. Yesterday for example, it was 4:50pm, I had friends coming at 6pm and I wouldn't be back till after midnight. I needed a trophy in under an hour. There where some hard challenge trophies in Polybius, which is a damn hard game. I ended up getting the one for doing 3 consecutive levels without losing a shield, though I should have the one for reaching maximum shields too; but it glitched on me and refused to pop. Another trick I like is, if I know I'm going to have a busy week, I'll purposely wait until 11pm and start playing with the intention to pop a trophy before midnight and another after midnight. That keeps my streak going for 2 more days and it only uses one gameplay session to do it.
  7. I was playing earlier today, got the 'Super Maiden Over' trophy for doing three consecutive levels without losing a shield, and naturally I got to maximum shields after the third level but the 'Supersafe' trophy never popped. Is there something else I need to do to get it?
  8. Anyone know when this patch is actually going to get release on PS4? Seems PC and Xbox already have the patch, and frankly I'm sick of the PS4 being the red-headed stepchild for this game. It's only been out a few days and it's already behind in patch support.
  9. So there is a very real chance that these trophies will just never get added to the main server then? Has that ever happened before?
  10. I was actually worried this would be a major issue. Any idea when the trophy list will be added to the server? Does Sony have a pattern with these kinds of things?
  11. Well, looks like I won't be bothering with this one. The online trophies look like they'll require me to ACTUALLY play the online, not just power my way through it by playing it with a few friends and actively boosting trophies. If it's anything like GTA Online, it'll be a fucking cess-pool of arseholes, children, racist pricks, and trolls; and it'll be full to bursting with bloody micro-transactions. You know what, I think I'll just play through the first game and go for the platinum in that, I already have all the online trophies in Red Dead Redemption, so I'm sorted.
  12. See, what you're describing there is pretty much what I look for in a game. A narrative driven open world, with a smattering of side missions, and enough collectables that I'm encouraged to explore without being tedious; all with a progression system where new abilities are opened up as the game progresses. If it wants to go full RPG with this progression system, that's cool. All in all I want the game to be longer than 15 hours; but if it's more than 40 hours I'm unlikely to finish it unless it's particularly good. Around 25-35 hours is perfect. The interesting thing is; I'm not a fan of the Just Cause series. Admittedly I've not played Just Cause 3, but I didn't find the first two all that fulfilling. The narrative elements where so hands off and minimal that it felt more "sandbox" than a constructed open-world experience. Sure, sometimes an open ended sandbox can be fun, I've spend dozens of hours in Minecraft; but for some reason that series never grabbed me.
  13. I'm glad I could give you some actual advice. Hopefully you realise I'm being sarcastic with my comments... the whole dry British humour thing tends to get taken as actual serious hate-comments by some people. Like I say, we have VERY different taste in games. I think Spider-Man is one of the best games of the year, but I also thought InFamous: Second Son was fantastic. Gaming is naturally an extremely personal and subjective thing so, good luck finding games you enjoy; whatever they may be.
  14. It is quite similar to InFamous: Second Son... don't bother buying Spider Man If you think InFamous: Second Son is the "biggest pile of shit you've ever played", you either have terrible taste in games (probably the case), or you've been so incredibly lucky to have never played an actually bad game that it boggles the mind. In all seriousness, if you feel that strongly about InFamous though, you'll probably hate Spider-Man too. They're both quite similar, I know, I'm got the platinum in both games; so while we clearly disagree in gaming tastes, you know I'm not bullshitting here. Not sure why people in this thread are trying to act like it's substantially different to InFamous, because it's not; you'll only end up disappointed when you buy it and then find out that these people are lying to you. If you genuinely hated InFamous: Second Son, you'll almost certainly hate Spider-Man too... (but then you probably don't know what "fun" is. I bet you hate Breaking Bad, chocolate, roller-coasters, and sex too don't you. Damn weirdo!)
  15. As I've platinumed both InFamous: Second Son and Spider-Man I can comfortably say they're both pretty good games. They both have really fun traversal systems that make moving through the game a joy and just fun in itself. They both have decent stories with good villains though I think Spider-Man has the better story if only because it has more colourful villains to draw from. I thought Second Son had a better selection of powers and more options, though Spider-Man uses the options it has more effectively particularly in combat where Spider-Man shines considerably. While Second Son borrows from the likes of God Of War with simple beat-em-up gameplay, Spider-Man takes the contextual combat of the Arkham series as a baseline and adds so much to it. It's very free-form and there's loads of ways to approach combat that makes it feel very personalised and customisable. As for the trophy lists and general completion. They both rely heavily on genre tropes. Both have somewhat repetitive missions. Both get only moderate points for their world map, (one is just Seattle, the other is just Manhatten; so they didn't need to be particularly creative). They are naturally very similar as they're open world superhero sandbox games and if you didn't like one, you probably won't like the other. They are very similar games and anyone who says they're not is lying to you. They're not identical, there's noticeable differences that will make the games feel distinct but they're the same style and genre. Personally, I prefer InFamous: Second Son. I just found that game to be a hair more fun to play. In Spider-Man, the forced stealth sections where you're playing as Mary Jane etc. drag a bit and there where a few too many of the repetitive randomly generated "crime" missions in each district, I felt. It just bordered on tedious at the very end... but that's a nit-pick. Honestly, they're both fantastic games, well worth a play through, but if you're not either an open world fan or a Spider-Man fan, this game isn't going to blow your mind. I'm thankfully both, which is why I got the Platinum in 5 days. Hopefully this helped.