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  1. The last I checked the only game I for sure cannot get the Platinum for anymore is Disney Infinite thanks to the online servers being taken down already. As far as not getting a Platinum by choice, there is not any on my list that I’ve decided not to go for at some point. It’s a matter of if I manage to get to certain games in time before their respective online servers go down just like Disney Infinite. There are a fair amount on my list that I still need to get the online trophies for, but I just hate grinding multiplayer trophies...
  2. Hey all, I managed to get the base game and all the DLC, but just wanted to ask if it’s worth getting one of the Fame Booster Packs? Will it make getting certain trophies less of a hassle and easier?
  3. Earlier in August I made a list of all the DLC’s and than used the PS App to purchase and download all the ones I could find, crossing them off my list so I know I have them in my download history. The only one I can’t seem to find is for DLC Trophy Pack 3 / Photo Finish Tour Pack. Anyone have any idea how I may download this? I asked this in another thread and someone said they could find it from the PS Store on their PS4, but I just tried that to no avail. EDIT: Disregard this previous comment. I have since been able to find the missing DLC and have now downloaded it!
  4. I need 2 treasures left to finish the Antiquity set for the ‘Collector’ trophy, and need 6 treasures left to finish the Artifact set for the ‘Hoarder’ trophy. Other than those I still need to get the ‘Look Out Below’ Trophy. And even with only those three trophies left and most the treasures out of the way, I am abit nervous whether I will complete in time. The RNG can be pretty insane. Too get 100% from stretch at this point is very unlikely I’d say. Edit: Only need 1 treasure now to complete Antiquity Set, and 3 to complete Artifact set. Getting down to the wire. Edit 2: Completed all the MP trophies!!
  5. Do you know how long these are suppose to remain available for? I’m currently in the process of moving and don’t have access to my PS4 I’m afraid. When I’m up and running again I will certainly try to download from my PS4.
  6. Ahh hell, that really blows. Oh well. Thanks for the response!
  7. Following @NamoPh’s PS Store link guide I was able to get the main games and a majority of their respective DLCs. However, The only item I can’t seem to download is DLC 3 for the main game. For whatever reason when I click the ‘Add To Cart’ option the button will gray out briefly that it’s been added, but than will disappear and the ‘Add To Cart’ option will appear blue again. And when I try searching from the PS App I can’t seem to search and find it on my own. I only see it with the link provided. Am I shit out luck in regards to downloading that one lone DLC? I don’t want to not be able to 100% just because of this 😭.
  8. Just tried again, and I’m having the same issue I did a few days again. Any reasons Cracker isn’t working? Does it have to be exclusively AI and not SS? Edit: I’m working on it in Adventure more against AI and and getting medals that way. So disregard this comment.
  9. I just finished a game of Co-Op Hunter Arena working towards the ‘Head Cracker’ trophy by head shooting SS and the AI, and after match nothing had counted. I got roughly 10-15 in match, but when I backed out my ‘Head Cracker’ was still set a 0 earned.
  10. Could you split-screen working on treasures?
  11. So I bought all five episodes of this game a couple years back when TellTale we’re having a sale. I played a little of the first episode (just enough to pop one lone trophy) and never went back to it. Well, since than I deleted all the episodes to free up some space in my PS3 and now I can’t seem to download the episodes again. Is there anything I can do to renew license or anything like that?
  12. If you can find a good boosting group than 100% U2 is very doable. After hearing about server closures I focused all my energy towards U2, and after only a week boosting I’m about 79% completed on the multiplayer trophies (so it says on the lobby screen). The big trophy that’s gonna take you the most time is getting to 2500 kills in either deathmatch or elimination mode. There are other trophies that require you getting specific types of kills, but the majority of them you’ll get well before you earn 2500 kills. I’d say you can get it done in your two weeks off, just be ready for putting in multiple hours a day.
  13. Whelp, I guess I know what three games will be getting all my attention from now till Sept. 3rd... Edit: Managed to get my last UC3 trophy and am now finished with all the MP trophies for all three games (Aug. 21st)! The grind was insane, but glad I did them. Now, to finally play other games again!
  14. Never got around to it on PS3. Very excited to play it this go round!
  15. Thanks @Conker! I edited my comment to reflect that their is a physical retail copy of CSI along with the digital. My initial list I only put down for North American region trophies. However, your info is great to have ready so I shall update the list in this thread to show these as well @Skeptical69! Edit: Hey @Skeptical69, I’m not having luck finding info on the Minecraft DLC.