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  1. Quite a few months later (only just got around to trying to bypass this glitch), and wanted to report back that the trick laid out by @steel6burgh worked perfectly for me. I now have the game at 100%!
  2. Just caught up back to this point from my previous comment.
  3. Just like everyone else, I’m looking for 50 unique players on my level! you’ll find it by searching my PSN name in community text search: PSN: MisterMystro LVL: 1 Sec lvl. I will be going through and playing everyone else levels in this thread! EDIT: Just played everyone’s level back to November. I will continue later going backwards.
  4. Yo I’m totally down for an Indiana Jones game!
  5. Another confirmation here that Vendetta missions are still popping up. Had one pop up about 20 minutes ago.
  6. Straight up the first thing I’m doing with my PS5 is getting this platinum! So excited!
  7. My apologies, I looked (not hard enough apparently) but didn’t see it. Thank you for the answer though.
  8. So I just 100% THPS1 Classic and gained all gold medals as the trophy Grand Tourer describes to do, however the trophy did not pop for me. I know to earn the “Rookie” Challenge Collection for Rookie of the Year you have to earn a Gold Medal on a competition park with no ‘Game Mods’, so I’m wondering if that might be the issue? I used ‘Game Mods’ for Rosewell because I just couldn’t get the Gold Medal, but once I did the trophy did not pop. Think this might be why?
  9. I think I just had this glitch. Followed a guide for all the collectibles for The Foundation and the trophy did not pop. However, I don’t have cloud saves to revert back to. Am I SOL?
  10. Wow. I think trophy is glitched in me. I just had another successful attempt and the trophy did not pop... EDIT: FINALLY on my 4th attempt it unlocked! Just 3 more trophies for the platinum!
  11. Stopped doing it with two controllers and just tried to do it playing against the CPU, to which I blocked a punt first try. However, the trophy did not pop.
  12. So I reinstalled Madden 17 on patch 1.00 to try to get my last few trophies. Well I’m attempting with 2 controllers to earn “The Ball is Free!” block a punt trophy. I’ve been going back and forth all game blocking punts for both my actual account and the “guest” account. Well the trophy popped for the “guest” account but it refuses to pop for my actual account. Not really sure what I could be doing wrong that the “guest” account is getting the trophy but not my main. EDIT: In my hastiness I forgot I could edit comments already posted. My bad. But got the trophy finally!
  13. Leaving work now. I hope this same thing happens to me when I boot the game back up! I just want this trophy done with haha. Edit: Just got home and booted up the game and went to the expired challenges page and alas, trophy did not pop for me :/ Edit 2: Just unlocked the trophy!! Now I just need to get too 1000 miles driven and I’m done with the online trophies for DC!
  14. I think you’re right about having to go back again to beat your friend’s score. I only did that for one of the five challenges I sent. The other four they just scored lower than me so I didn’t bother to out score them again. Wonder if that’s what needs to be done to count?
  15. Sent 5 challenges yesterday to a friend and my score stuck on the leaderboard. The first one I sent I put for 24 hours, but the other four I put for 3 hours. they played my challenges and scored less than me. After three hours and four of the challenges expired, the Contender trophy popped! However, I just got home from work to check of Unbeatable would pop after the 24 hour challenge would be expired, and it did not. Any ideas why?