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  1. Leaving work now. I hope this same thing happens to me when I boot the game back up! I just want this trophy done with haha. Edit: Just got home and booted up the game and went to the expired challenges page and alas, trophy did not pop for me :/ Edit 2: Just unlocked the trophy!! Now I just need to get too 1000 miles driven and I’m done with the online trophies for DC!
  2. I think you’re right about having to go back again to beat your friend’s score. I only did that for one of the five challenges I sent. The other four they just scored lower than me so I didn’t bother to out score them again. Wonder if that’s what needs to be done to count?
  3. Sent 5 challenges yesterday to a friend and my score stuck on the leaderboard. The first one I sent I put for 24 hours, but the other four I put for 3 hours. they played my challenges and scored less than me. After three hours and four of the challenges expired, the Contender trophy popped! However, I just got home from work to check of Unbeatable would pop after the 24 hour challenge would be expired, and it did not. Any ideas why?
  4. Damn, really hope the servers aren’t screwed to the point that the platinum is now unobtainable.
  5. Hey all, please play and heart my level as well as my profile and I shall return the favor! - https://lbp.me/v/q1w05fq/activity
  6. It definitely looks correct, but it says I’m eligible to purchase. EDIT: Was not able to purchase the DC Comics Premium Level Pack DLC on its own using that link, but the DLC is still available in the US as of November 6th, 2019. It’s available as part of a season pass with LBP2’s DC Comic levels. After purchasing that I just downloaded to Vita and was good to go.
  7. Hey all, is the DC Comics DLC still available on the US PSN store? I see someone answer that it was available about a year ago, but I can’t for the life of me find it now.
  8. Thanks is for the reply. I shall read into that thread for my answer. EDIT: The DC Comics Premium Level Pack DLC is still available in the US as of November 6th, 2019. However, I was not able to purchase alone on its own. It’s available as part of a season pass with LBP2’s DC Comic levels. After purchasing that I just downloaded to Vita and was good to go.
  9. I want to 100% this game and purchased the Marvel edition on eBay, but looking through PSN currently I’m only seeing the LBP2 DC pack. Has the Vita DC level pack been delisted for us US region players? I’d hate to not be able to get the 100% due to one DLC pack being unavailable.
  10. https://vita.lbp.me/v/s3xexHere is my level called 1 Second Bounce. As the name suggest, it is a very quick play. Play and heart and I shall do the same in return! Edit: Spent 20 minutes queuing up everybodies levels. Plan to play them after work today (Nov. 1st) This includes the two people who commented after me as well. Will keep an eye on this thread for newcomers. Edit 2: As of Nov. 4th, I went through and cleared the 78 levels I had piled up from this thread and current sessions. Please again, play my level and I will keep up with any new levels that get added!
  11. I just cannot for the life of me beat this enemy... I’ve been at it for the last few hours and just can’t seem to do it... Edit: And wouldn’t you know it, right after this comment I beat Omega Weapon finally! Thankfully!
  12. Thanks for making the guide @Matrim_Drasgen, I shall follow your tips to finally beat Omega Weapon!
  13. Whelp, now I actually am at Omega Weapon and he is kicking my ass. Any suggestions on how to beat him?
  14. Thanks for the reply! Yeah that’s what I was afraid of. I’m just annoyed with myself since I got her to go there first attempt, but now after nearly 30 reboots she won’t. Should have saved after she said she would go to Dollet. I’ll just have to give myself a break and try again later.
  15. After acquiring the Doomtrain Card, I challenged the Queen of Cards at Balamb and made sure to lose the Doomtrain Card. On the first go round she said she was going to Dollet. I went to Dollet and challenged her son multiple times trying to get the Doomtrain Card back and ended up losing Selphie in the process. So I decided to reboot over and start over again. However, after losing Doomtrain numerous times she now refuses to go to Dollet. I’ve rebooted nearly 30 times since and she keeps saying she’s going to Galbadia. There’s nothing I can do other than just keep rebooting and trying to make her go to Dollet is there?