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  1. How’s everyone getting on? Finally managed to get mine today!
  2. Yeh a turbo controller definitely makes this a lot easier to do! Yeah I’ve noticed this. Nothing to do with penalties but you would think there was more chance for the Ferrari to spin out when going on the grass whereas the Veyron never went near it and ended up facing the wall. Hopefully it continues to be reliable anyway and congrats on the finishing it
  3. Yeah checking it is fine if you’re around to do that, but if out during the day at work not got much option. I’ve tried the Ferrari method with it going onto the grass hitting the inside wall on the back straight and it managed an 18 hour session perfectly. Strange how that works fine but the Veyron which doesn’t go anywhere near the grass manages to get stuck.
  4. I’m approaching the halfway mark on the mileage but have started to get stuck in the wall with the Veyron so might try switching to the Ferrari. It’s frustrating to check the next morning and find it got stuck very early on in the night and you’ve done barely any mileage!
  5. Managed a 2:36 yesterday which is still good enough for top end of T1.
  6. Just missed out, top 11% in the end. On to the next one!
  7. Was having quite a clean and steady run but lost it right near the finish and ended up with a 7:09 putting me 459th and right on the edge of T1. Annoying as I could have been nearer the 7min mark without the spin. Every other time I’ve tried I’ve been top half of T2 so hopefully I might just sneak this one.