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  1. Why have I never seen Scott Pilgrim vs. The World until last night?? IT WAS AMAZING! The wit and humor actually had me laughing out loud, and I don't usually laugh out loud when I watch something alone. This community would especially appreciate all the various nods and references to gaming throughout.


    Seriously, do yourself a favor and watch it. Probably one of my favorite movies ever. It's on Netflix now!


    Image result for ramona flowers

    p.s. Ramona Flowers freakin nailed it

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    2. VeritableLemon




      Nope, never played the game or read the books, I'm really inclined to do so now

    3. Distant


      The books are real good. I recommend them. The game unfortunately got delisted from the store, so unless you already had it you can't get it anymore.

    4. ruffedgz


      its one of my favorite movies.. I always have to watch it if its on Netflix or HBO

  2. As long as they don't make it much more time consuming to grind out Red Orbs for the sole purpose of making you want to invest in microtransactions, then I'm cool with it. That's the only drawback to these microtransactions that speed things up. Sometimes developers might just make the grind much longer so that you'll break and just pay to speed it up.
  3. @ladd42 What're you working on now? I've only got a PS3 with me for the moment, I might bring up my PS4 whenever I go back home and then we can play Payday 2
  4. I'm planning on starting up Borderlands tonight, I'm already downloading all of the DLC so I've got everything ready for me tonight :)


    Quick question, does anybody have those insanely modded weapons that do like 9.9 x 10^900 damage against everything with unlimited ammo? I remember playing Borderlands a long time ago and somebody dropped one of those guns for me, and it was SO fun. It had a weird texture, but the thing had unlimited ammo, unlimited range (as far as I could tell), and one-shotted everything. Plus the random guy also gave me an almost unlimited shield (unlimited for all intents and purposes), it made the game so much more fun because I could just blast through everything.


    I want to be One-Punch Man in Borderlands all over again lol

    Image result for one punch man

    *actual footage of me playing Borderlands

    1. VeritableLemon


      *Does anybody have those weapons/shields that they would like to donate? :P I'll treat them kindly, as if they were my own child :D

    2. LuciaRosethorn


      Using the modded stuff just to blast through the game makes it a bit pointless wouldn't you say? The whole point is to find new stuff and worry about dying, only time I think it's needed is for DLC.

    3. VeritableLemon


      Yeah it is a bit pointless, but I'm really in the mood to just play a game that I can blast through and not have to worry about anything. I love a good challenge, but I just want to play something I can breeze through to destress.

  5. My one issue with the Division was the grind for level 30. After finishing the story missions, I was about level 26, and replaying story missions gives you almost no XP, so I found myself slowly grinding away in repetitive side missions and story missions to finally hit max level, which is what a majority of the "fun" endgame content is locked behind (Tier missions, all the DLC content, and high-level Dark Zone). After I hit level 30, the time it took me to become (almost) max gear level was only a few hours. I never hit max gear level (obviously that would've taken much more time), but I do wish that the game at least rewarded replaying story missions with a little more XP to make the grind to endgame faster. After beating story missions, all I found that was left to do was do the incredibly-repetitive side missions or replay story (Dark Zone never contributed to your Player XP, only your Dark Zone rank, so I won't be counting that as an activity because it is somewhat separate). I'll wait on the Division 2, but the Division was still definitely an incredibly fun game that I enjoyed playing through with randoms. I hope the 2nd one strives to vary missions and hold my interest after I've cleared the story, but haven't reached the endgame yet. New York City was still made incredibly, and while you do collect some XP from collectibles, it's pretty minimal. There definitely was some emphasis put into exploration, but I hope the 2nd one puts an even larger emphasis on exploration because the game world (at least from the original) was stunning in its attention to detail.
  6. Kingpin Platinum for Payday 2: Crimewave Edition currently stands at 1,336 achievers, I would've thought that it had more. Just saw that I'm achiever #1316, not that crazy but it's not a super mainstream game, but it's got quite a fanbase on PC.
  7. A Long Night of HorrorsPrison Nightmare - Get at least 15 keycards on Mayhem or above and do not go in to custody. 3.39% Ultra Rare (Bronze) Arguably one of the hardest trophies in Payday 2. It took over an hour in the heist, and it definitely got hairy a few times, but my crew managed to pull through and snag this one. One of my rarest and proudest achievements to date.
  8. @Wuthg21 I will when I get back home, at college right now and I left my PS4 back home
  9. Thinking of starting a YouTube channel to record some games as a hobby to get my mind off of things, I'm even considering getting serious about it (not dropping out of college though :P)


    I haven't got the first clue as to which software to use to edit videos or record them. I believe I found a program (Tipard Screen Capture) that would work to record without having a capture card (broke college student) but I don't know of any amazing free video editing software. Anybody know any good screen capture/editing software?


    I know @cronocyde has an awesome setup going for his YouTube channel, kind of inspired by how well he's doing and how hard he works at it. I'd love to know how you run your setup and how to get started because I'm a novice right now :P


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    2. cronocyde


      Sorry for the late response, was streaming yesterday.


      You need the Elgato HD60 to capture the footage. You basically plug your PS4 to the Elgato and the Elgato to your TV. In OBS, you add a new source which (I think?) is video capture and BOOM, you have it.

    3. VeritableLemon


      Got it, thank you :)


      I'll have to order one (they aren't cheap :( ) and an HDMI splitter in order to record PS3 as well. If I have any more questions along the way I'll be sure to ask. Hope you keep growing and doing well on YouTube :)

    4. cronocyde


      Yeah, you need a HDMI splitter in order to record PS3 games as they're encrypted, which sucks. If you need help with anything, don't hesitate man! Thank you for your kind words :-)

  10. Does anyone know if NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM Legacy edition includes the DLC for Ultimate Ninja STORM 4? It's $35 right now and I think that would be a steal if it did, been watching the anime and I want to try the games.

    1. SaltyCat


      I believe it does, it says Naruto Ninja Storm 4 Road to boruto.

  11. These photos remind me of how amazing Infamous: Second Son's photo mode was. I'll try and remember to post some Spider-Man photos later after I start the game tonight
  12. I was just scrolling through PSNProfiles this morning and I just noticed that my "Go Premium" button is gone. :o


    Whoever bestowed me with the beautiful gift of Lifetime Premium, I humbly thank you. I know not what I did to earn such a blessing, but I promise to responsibly wield the power I've been given :P


    no but like seriously, thank you so much, you just made my entire week :) 

    1. Miles_Warren


      Congratulations. The forum is filled with randomly nice people. 😁 You should do the lottery since your luck is in right now

    2. MaximumOverdrive


      Congratulations :) 

  13. Spider-Man this Friday Surprised nobody has said that yet
  14. Also, two underbosses are mandatory kills.
  15. It doesn't seem too hard, winning battles and raising ranks for characters just seem to be based on playing the game naturally. I'm thinking of getting this, the list doesn't look too bad as long as you enjoy playing the game over time. For a quick platinum, probably not the best list since it looks like you have to play at least 1000+ matches. I'll see how the game does, I love the show but I'm on the fence about this game.