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  1. Anyone that has finished the game is willing to help me by giving me out MT ? It would be greatly appreciated
  2. Can someone describe a precise way to work on the Auction House step by step please ? I see a lot of people telling that we should take advantage of the Auction House but no actual way to do it
  3. I'm dead πŸ˜‚
  4. What were you playing ? Triple Threat or Online ?
  5. Congrats on your trophy man. What's your optimal strategy for collecting cards ?
  6. They should make a Bundle with all 82 games and a super bundle of the whole pile from different regions
  7. I got mine opening the vault in Triple Threat
  8. I'm always aiming for the 100%, not just the platinum, so I won't play a game in which I don't have the DLCs nor if the 100% is unobtainable due to servers closure or annoying multiplayer trophies. Sometimes I also avoid games I'm not sure I would be able to finish. To be honest I feel like my gaming experience is affected by my completion quest. I know I can't get a perfect completion rate cause I have some unobtainable remaining trophies on some games (Uncharted 2 and 3, Burnout Paradise, Dante's Inferno) but I'm trying to maintain it as high as possible. Also, I can't try the multiplayer mode on a burner account to see if I'm willing to go through it for the 100% because it would require a second PS+ subscription, so some games are still sleeping in my backlog because of that. On the other hand, sometimes I'm willing to challenge myself on some games I'm not sure I will be able to finish, I did it in the past with GTA IV, GTA V, Red Dead Redemption, Batman games, Fifa 15, I did it a couple days ago with NBA 2K20, and I'm planning on trying the quest for Max Payne 3 and The Last of US. Life would just become so much easier if we were able to delete trophies. Like why is Sony so unwilling to give us that ?
  9. The Divine Edition comes with both DLC ?
  10. That was really funny πŸ˜‚
  11. Can your PC settings block the program from opening ? I tried to download it on a PC and on a Mac with a Windows 10 Virtual Box but I couldn't open it, I can't even set it up cause the program doesn't open itself, even if i try to run it as an administrator. Can anyone help me by any means ?
  12. Thank you for your tips, much appreciated πŸ˜‰ Yessir thanks for sharing the website πŸ‘
  13. Thank you bro πŸ™ how many cards you have left ?
  14. Will give you updates every other day to let you know how it's going on πŸ˜‹
  15. Hello everyone I decided to start the journey of getting this platinum. I'm gonna solely focus on this game to get it done as soon as possible, hopefully before the release of NBA 2K21. I've seen a lot of "you shouldn't go for it", "this game sucks", "microtransactions are necessary to get it done" on other topics but I wanted to create a new one to gather any help/tips/advice on how to attack it in the most efficient way. For those who already got the game done, feel free to share your help, it will be greatly welcomed. Thank you to @grimydawg___ who answered my questions in private message, you gave me the desire to start this game and get it done in the short amount of time I have left. It's gonna be my first 2K so I'm gonna familiarize myself with the game first, then I will eventually share my experience and give insight to those who want to go for it. Wish me luck on this journey πŸ˜‹