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  1. Ah I see that you've unlocked some new lyricist skills 😁 Great review for both Trials and Little Nightmares my friend, keep on going. To be honest I didn't know trophy checklists were a thing before randomly scrolling through your topic, you low key made me wanna start my own, but I assumed people wouldn't be as interested to follow up my trials and tribulations. Your love for Trials Fusion also kinda inspired me to start this game and give it my all to try and complete it, I might go for it rather sooner than later since I already own the game πŸ˜‹ So what's next for you ? What's the next game you're gonna tackle ?
  2. Well that's a prestigious throwback, congrats on achieving those milestones my friend 😁 They are all sitting on my backlog, I need to find the motivation and overcome some sort of blockage to finally start them πŸ™
  3. @Bushido_Cypher Thank you for your guide my friend, it helped me a lot on my quest to the platinum. I had this game in my backlog and after coming around this topic and watching your video, I was convinced to start it. You make it look so easy, you're breezing through the game so effortlessly, it's amazing my friend 😁
  4. That's a great pic you have as your avi my friend 😁
  5. I hope so for you my friend, but if not, you know where to go πŸ˜„ I will be checking to see if these modes come back in the next few weeks and if it's the case, I will start the grind for GTA V on PS4. I have been delaying this game for a while now because of the online grind and also because I thought I had plenty of time since the shutdown was just for the PS3 version but this makes me realize I gotta get it done as soon as possible.
  6. Thank you my friend, I'll try it out and keep you updated 😁
  7. I've done a lot of games where I had to sit and do the same thing over and over again so I'm not worried about that πŸ˜„ My biggest concern is to get the 50,000 points trophy as I only have the base free game available, I'm thinking about getting the Ghosts 'n Goblins DLC for 1.99 on the store, but other than that I'm not willing to spend 15/15/15 or 40 box to get the other games to be honest. Is it hard to get 50k in GnG ?
  8. Might have to try it out 😁
  9. Is it confirmed that you can unlock the trophy even tho you used the rewind exploit ?
  10. Ticket sent.
  11. Can you post the related links in the topic to encourage people to do the same thing as you ? If more than one person blow them up, they might come up with something
  12. You might have broken the man's dreams 😁
  13. The people's champ πŸ™
  14. It's funny cause I thought about you when I read the news since we talked about it on your topic. Let's wait a couple of days, maybe Rockstar will come up with a solution, let's hope at least. Maybe we should contact the devs and ask them if they have any workaround regarding those unobtainable trophies, if the platinum becomes obtainable only during certain periods thanks to a rotational system, it would still be better than nothing.
  15. I really hope the PS4 plat didn't just become unobtainable