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  1. Damn bro so you gonna leave me out like that ? After all what we’ve been through ? 😒
  2. Welcome aboard my friend, hope you'll enjoy and have some fun time in here 😁
  3. @HusKy my friend you're a life saver, thank you so much, I was getting annoyed of using 25% of the website because nothing was loading properly 😁 I can now see your signatures again guys, wow that's beautiful πŸ˜‚
  4. I'm on version 10.11.6 El Capitan. The website isn't loading for me on both Chrome and Safari
  5. Same for me I use a MacBook πŸ˜’
  6. Yeah same for me in both chrome and safari
  7. Are you experiencing the same problem here on PSNP ?
  8. Hello everyone, Earlier today I decided to register a new user on here because I wanted to start fresh with a new account. I'm now having some sort of a display problem where the website is not properly loading anymore. The signatures, the pictures and almost everything else isn't displaying correctly. Here are some screenshots to showcase exactly what I'm seeing : I tried clearing the cache along with the cookies, tried incognito mode and tried to access to the website through another browser but I encountered the same anomaly every time. The problem persists whether I'm logged into this account, the new one or completely logged out from both. If by any chance someone has been through the same problem and/or is able to help, that would be greatly appreciated 😁
  9. @Spider-Man916 it's your chance my friend
  10. @Arcesius @Destructor-8 I booted Trackmania in a burner account just to get the feeling of it. I managed to get gold on the first track but I'm already struggling on the 2nd one πŸ˜‚There doesn't seem to be any tutorial or practice mode to teach you the basics like how to drift properly for example. It might be obvious but since I'm a beginner in the genre, I don't know if you have to hold the brake while turning or if giving little taps is the most efficient way. My few attempts have been unsuccessful so far, the gold ghost always fly away. Anyway I have some serious work to do if I want to tackle this game, I'll be looking for videos on YouTube to learn some tips and tricks 😁
  11. Hahaha I'll make sure to send you an invit too, might be useful for both Trials and Trackmania since I also own that game and need some tips and advice because I'm fairly a beginner when it comes to racers 😁
  12. I might give it a go thanks to you my friend, I'm gonna keep you updatedπŸ‘ I'll make sure to send you a request when I start the game then, thank you for proposing my friend πŸ˜‹ Nice, will be waiting on your upcoming reviews then 😁
  13. Arf, I've been waiting on a sale to grab this game, might have to pay full price and get the online done as quickly as possible to avoid any bad surprise by the devs .. 😀
  14. Ah I see that you've unlocked some new lyricist skills 😁 Great review for both Trials and Little Nightmares my friend, keep on going. To be honest I didn't know trophy checklists were a thing before randomly scrolling through your topic, you low key made me wanna start my own, but I assumed people wouldn't be as interested to follow up my trials and tribulations. Your love for Trials Fusion also kinda inspired me to start this game and give it my all to try and complete it, I might go for it rather sooner than later since I already own the game πŸ˜‹ So what's next for you ? What's the next game you're gonna tackle ?
  15. Well that's a prestigious throwback, congrats on achieving those milestones my friend 😁 They are all sitting on my backlog, I need to find the motivation and overcome some sort of blockage to finally start them πŸ™