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  1. I read the I got a idea thx you too
  2. I didn’t use the angry NPCs cheat I use the cheat heath, weapons cheat that all I use and I might type up the purple nine glitch has well and thx to reply to me
  3. Hey I don’t I have the purple nine in the game I don’t know it a glitch I did every pay phone side mission and d-ice when you kill the purple nines. But I’m working to get the %100 in the game and how can fix on PS4 plz
  4. Thx you too on the tip
  5. Okay thx you too
  6. Thx you so much
  7. Is there online Trophies for this game and dlc
  8. Okay I have the game of the year edition
  9. Okay I will
  10. I will I won't forget
  11. Because I got the fall out 3 game of the year edition Because my friend told me before when the game come out there was lot of glitchy Trophys
  12. Is there glitchy Trophys in this game
  13. Okay I was thinking about downloading it on the PlayStation store if going to doing the platinum for that game can you help me
  14. Okay I'm thinking getting the game but anyway thx
  15. Thx you