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  1. I don't know if this is still relevant, but after I got the Judas trophy I continues the game and once I had started hare hunt, Andrew respawned. I have no Ide if this is a glitch and will still make the Talmberger trophy availible.
  2. Last of us remastered. 8 months because when I started playing, I wasn't really thinking about platinuming games.
  3. I am thinking about getting this plat, but somehow I'm still mortified about going for this trophy. Does any sort of tips that may ease the tension?
  4. Metal Gear Solid 4
  5. Don't think I'll buy it at launch. But the previous dmc games didn't stop me from getting the plat, so why should this one!
  6. Resident evil 2 Remake
  7. Grand Theft Auto V
  8. LOCKED AND LOADED RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 Still a long road ahead.
  9. Reminds me of the trophies in older Resident Evil games.
  10. Difficulty 6/10 Enjoyment 8/10 Time 60-80 hours (skill dependant) Highly recomend for any fan of hack n'slash games/ character action games.
  11. I am trying to finish bloody palace as lady, buy she always dies so quickly. What is the best strategy that would help me finish?
  12. Af of 18.6.2018 the glitch still work.
  13. I want to get the platinum. That's why I created a community for it on ps4. Although right now dissidia is still a bit too expensive for me though.