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  1. Mortal Kombat X
  2. Persona 4 Golden
  3. I'am currently playing on ng+ and I got a kill wit every weapon, but the trophy does not unlock. Help!
  4. 1.Black ops 3 (0.80%) 2.Call of Duty WW2 (1.67%) 3.Red Dead Redemption 2 (1.77%) 4.Little Big Planet 3 (1.96%) 5.Dead Rising 4 (1.97%)
  5. Just got the Judgment plat!
  6. @TomoTakino I'm busy with Judgment and it's a grind.
  7. I have the saves from Yakuza 0 both kiwami and fist of the north star. But I only got ¥50k. Is it all or am I supposed to get something else?
  8. @TomoTakinoThe tiles are awesome, thanks!
  9. I already got the plat in 0-kiwami 2 and fist of the north star. Will go for the plat in judgment soon and play 3-6 when 5 comes out.
  10. After I downloaded it again it worked without any problem.
  11. I wanted to play online, and I am always getting the message that it is unable to establish a connection with the psn. I am now redownloading the game and hope it may fix the problem. Did anyone experiance the same issue?
  12. Just listen to the rythm (it is easy with headphones) and focus at the screen. It took me round 4 hours untill I got that one.
  13. Far Cry 3 Classic
  14. Resident Evil 2