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  1. I have the saves from Yakuza 0 both kiwami and fist of the north star. But I only got ¥50k. Is it all or am I supposed to get something else?
  2. Albedo
  3. Well... Damn
  4. I've got the platinum in P5.
  5. Tried Yakuza kiwami, really enjoyed it and immediately after started Y0. Two years later and I've compleated all the main games+ plus spin offs (Ishin included).
  6. I'd like to join too. I already got the platinums in 0,1,2,5,6,7,Revelations 1&2
  7. I'd like to join. Just started with Persona 5 but I'm planning to get the platinum.
  8. Hitman Blood Money
  9. Dragon Ball FighterZ
  10. Hollow Knight
  11. MGS 3 : Snake Eater
  12. Call of Duty: Black Ops
  13. Sleeping Dogs
  14. Star Wars : Jedi fallen order
  15. Do you really need to perform each plan during one scenario to get this trophy, or does it count across multiple playthroughs?
  16. Burnout Paradise remastered
  17. Symphony of the Night
  18. God of War 2
  19. COD World at War
  20. Super Meat Boy
  21. Final Fantasy VIII
  22. Darkest Dungeon
  23. Ratchet:Deadlocked