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  1. Got the Ishin plat !
  2. Hitman: Blood money.
  3. Best place to set this up: Under the table.
  4. Working on the Ishin platinum.
  5. I'am currently playing on ng+ and I got a kill wit every weapon, but the trophy does not unlock. Help!
  6. 1.Black ops 3 (0.80%) 2.Call of Duty WW2 (1.67%) 3.Red Dead Redemption 2 (1.77%) 4.Little Big Planet 3 (1.96%) 5.Dead Rising 4 (1.97%)
  7. Just got the Judgment plat!
  8. @TomoTakino I'm busy with Judgment and it's a grind.
  9. I wanted to play online, and I am always getting the message that it is unable to establish a connection with the psn. I am now redownloading the game and hope it may fix the problem. Did anyone experiance the same issue?
  10. I have the saves from Yakuza 0 both kiwami and fist of the north star. But I only got ¥50k. Is it all or am I supposed to get something else?
  11. @TomoTakinoThe tiles are awesome, thanks!
  12. I already got the plat in 0-kiwami 2 and fist of the north star. Will go for the plat in judgment soon and play 3-6 when 5 comes out.
  13. After I downloaded it again it worked without any problem.
  14. Just listen to the rythm (it is easy with headphones) and focus at the screen. It took me round 4 hours untill I got that one.
  15. Far Cry 3 Classic
  16. I don't know if this is still relevant, but after I got the Judas trophy I continues the game and once I had started hare hunt, Andrew respawned. I have no Ide if this is a glitch and will still make the Talmberger trophy availible.
  17. Last of us remastered. 8 months because when I started playing, I wasn't really thinking about platinuming games.
  18. I am thinking about getting this plat, but somehow I'm still mortified about going for this trophy. Does any sort of tips that may ease the tension?
  19. Metal Gear Solid 4
  20. Don't think I'll buy it at launch. But the previous dmc games didn't stop me from getting the plat, so why should this one!