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  1. I'm done streaming on Twitch, and I actually feel pretty good about it.  😀

    1. Chocolate GiddyUp

      Chocolate GiddyUp



      Goodluck on your next adventure :)

    2. DoctorGameGeek


      Thank you!  😄

    3. WhiteDragonAura


      Completion complete! haha :)

  2. Enlightened All Together
  3. Researcher The one time it's pretty handy to have OCD... 😄
  4. Perfectionist So, if I upgraded an amulet of onions to +5, does that technically mean it's garlic now?
  5. The Adventure Begins A Fluffy Deity?
  6. Perfectionist All those side quests are starting to pay off. Oh, and I bought a new RPG that I'll be streaming on Mondays. I think I'll be racking up more trophies in the near future.
  7. Globetrotter I'm having a lot of fun recruiting monsters, no lie.
  8. Hell yeah you did that Sword and Shield justice in MHW!

  9. Master Thief Got coached by some awesome RS players on Discord that filling out all the loot drops in the Bestiary is futile. Now that I'm over it, let's go!
  10. I survived the bourbon tour!  😄

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. DoctorGameGeek


      I counted 17 more stamps I need to collect in my bourbon passport, so.... let's go!

    3. DaisyVilla102


      They have an axe-throwing place near where I work. They also serve alcohol which seems... not so safe. Seems pretty popular, though--they're booked pretty solid. alcohol-related dream is to go to the Guinness Storehouse in Ireland! 😍

      Good luck with your passport! 😜

    4. DoctorGameGeek


      Believe me.  I was too tired from throwing axes to get wasted.  😂

  11. Quick poll, 13 hours left.  What should I stream on weekends that isn't Maplestory 2?


    Vote here:

    1. Hemiak


      Hard modes / challenges on ps4 games 

    2. DoctorGameGeek


      The old school MMO won in a coin flip, but I would consider the PS4 hard mode game whenever I need to switch.

  12. Hey friends, please take a sec to respond to this poll. 13 hours left. It will help me figure out what to stream that isn't Maplestory 2. Thanks!
  13. Despite what screen name would suggest, probably helps out the members in his guild and walks old ladies across the street IRL without a second thought.
  14. It looks like I put my research skills to good use today.  😂



  15. Because it's an overcast Saturday and I don't feel like doing shit related to work, I'm searching PSNP for any mention of Twitch streams. If you've streaming something within the past month 60 days but you haven't posted in this thread yet, I'll give you a free shout-out here. I'll link your channel and my first impression of the kinds of stuff you stream. Full disclosure: This is for my own selfish good, too. I'm relatively new to (the) Affiliate (graveyard) status, but it's becoming too hard to connect to streamers who are just starting out. Sure, I can do F4F (follow for follow) or follow the specific games I like, but I've hit a social ceiling. Trying to fix that. Oh, and to avoid being super creepy, if I post you here, I'll say hi to you on Twitch too. Posts are listed in chronological order from PSNP search. Channel: GreenZSaber Interesting! Posts 100% speedruns. Channel: animedamage Excellently explains plot in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth. Channel: AfraidOfTheFolly Currently kicking ass in Hollow Knight. Channel: cerealkillerzat That Nioh 2 intro looks pretty damn epic! Channel: Hemiak Someone clipped a funny glitch from Hollow Knight. Channel: CraftyPoe Late night RPG, FPS streamer with a touching bio, I must say. Channel: AskuaSenranKagura Slay that giant! Channel: SonicMTD "This is AWACS Wind Maker..." I hit a wall at about 100 posts. If there's more for me to see, you know what to do. By all means, self-promote in this thread, or you can just message me on here. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to eat everything in my fridge because I've been working on this and watching streams all day. 😂