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  1. Couldn't find a central Twitch stream sorta thread, so I made one.  I don't mind if people use it for promotion, but I'd love to hear people's answers to the questions too.  😁

    1. Dreggit


      :hmm: I have a channel that eventually got twitch emotes added to it... but it's hard for me to personally keep up with it and work a professional career at the same time :(

    2. WhiteDragonAura


      Cool idea for a discussion thread.  Also for some reason I thought you started streaming way before March of this year.  You seem like a real pro.  Enjoyed watching the Odin Sphere stuff.👍

    3. DoctorGameGeek


      I hear you @Dreggit.  No pressure to be super involved with your Twitch account.  I'm the same way during the school year; I can only play a bit here and there in the evenings versus hours-long at a time now.  I just wanted to connect those of us who did it, casual and dedicated and everything in between.  @WhiteDragonAura, haha, March was my best guess; that's the date of my first Youtube export.  Thanks for the love for Odin Sphere.    

      @Dreggit, would you consider posting to the Twitch x PSNP thread anyway?  If you're up for it, I'd really love to support and reach out to my PSNP folks on there too.  😃

  2. Hey everyone! I saw a few PSNPers promote their Twitch streams through individual posts and status updates. I didn't find a specific forum topic, so I thought I'd start one here. So, instead of just yelling follow me senpai, how 'bout a few quick questions? Something like... Your Twitch channel (link it) How long have you been streaming? What types of games you stream? What got you into streaming? I'll start. Channel: DoctorGameGeek Streaming since: March 2019 on a regular basis Types of games: Action RPGs and just starting to get into MMORPGs (now that I have the PC for it) What got me into streaming? Honestly, I'm not sure. I remember hitting a point last semester where I just needed something, anything to take the edge off of a long day at work. I live in a small town with not much to do, so it was getting easy to come up, turn on the PS4, and chill for a bit. PS4's built-in streaming made it easy to connect to Twitch. And even if it were only a handful of messages, chatting while playing was very, very fun. It was the same feeling I got here on PSNP, actually; it's just nice to connect to other gamers. I'm not sure how much love Twitch has for RPGs and MMORPG players (except, maybe WOW and FF14), but I wanna do my best to connect to folks and spread some love. #SmallStreamersConnect #SupportSmallStreamers
  3. Next time I hop on here:  Checking out PSNP users' Twitch pages and lending some support.  😁

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    2. Midnightwards666


      I don't see TheYuriG in there anywhere. I think there are more PSNP members in there than it appears but they all have different names. 

    3. TheYuriG


      It's not me, I'm not there. I'm TheYuriG#6658

    4. aZombieDictator


      There's only like 2 people from here on that server I think? This one. But anyone is welcome to join of course. I know you're in there midnight :P But not sure about anyone else from here so far.


  4. That's exactly what I was worried about the whole time.
  5. I played the original title on PS2 forever ago and learned about the remake from PSN friends who were playing Dragon's Crown Pro. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Again, like with FF 12 Zodiac Age, I felt like I paid more attention to the story and really found it to be well done. The tweaks to the remake gameplay were helpful too, though I admit that dropped Cooler and Warmer potions took up valuable bag space. If there is a downside, it's that you can get overleveled really easily. Just be finicky about eating a food three times to get all of the bonus EXP, and bam! you are 20+ levels overprepared for the Rift. That said, now that I'm playing through Hard mode, enemies pack the kind of punch I had been hoping for by end game. Pick this one up!
  6. Whew, ok, here we go... One Who Hunts the Six-Eyed Beast One Who Conquers the Lord of the Netherworld (best BGM ever, btw!) One Who Douses the Inferno One Who Obtains the Cauldron One Who Kills the Snake Curtain Call Armageddon One Who Inherits Life Erion Encyclopedia Blessing Road to Erion Odin Sphere This all took place during a marathon stream. Frustrated that my wifi extender couldn't keep up with the stream (tl;dr: PS4 on 1st floor doesn't reach extender on 2nd floor, *flips table*), I yanked the router and plugged it back in downstairs. Powered by sheer *table flipping powers*, I got the Normal Ending and bonus scene, replayed Armageddon for the Complete Ending (only to fuck it up with Velvet in Act 4), re-did that, got Complete Ending, and mobbed the Churning Rift with Gwen. \ Who'd've thought saving the Mystery Fruits would be helpful? Gwen's at max 9999 HP. Loved this game. I think I'll play Hard mode, then Heroic, on New Game Plus.
  7. Fate Silence the Cauldron Love Unfazed All Dishes Conquered All Fire-Chain Skills Acquired Velvet Ending What started out as an innocent discovery of how overpowered the Naturalizer potion can be turned into the death of Master Krois and a deciphering of Armageddon.
  8. Agreed, Dark Cloud. Takes me back to a happier RPG-kinda place.
  9. Blacksmith The Black Sword Downfall A Victim's Heart All Magic-Sword Skills Acquired Oswald Ending The Odin Sphere Leifthrasir trophies came during a record stream on Twitch of nearly eight hours (video here). 😁
  10. Preparing to Attack All Magic-Bow Skills Acquired Mercedes Ending It seems my OCD regarding eating each character's unlocked recipes three times for all of the bonus EXP, combined with my love of the Yogurt material buff, means that I hit level 65 on every character so far. 😅 It's alright. For starters, getting a character to level 65 unlocks all of the passive abilities for a character. And for the sake of the game's food porn, my buddy datum asked on stream "where's the yogurt sauce?" when Mercedes was chowing down on grilled lamb, so w00t, there it was.
  11. Fairyland Rumors of the Magi The princess is coming into her own as a queen, but she needs more time.
  12. Homeland's Crisis All Lightning-Sword Skills Acquired Cornelius Ending
  13. The Pooka Prince Twins of Valentine Erion Dictionary Level Fan
  14. Erion File Power of Collecting Maximum Alchemy Suffering Heart All Ice-Spear Skills Acquired Gwendolyn Ending All Abilities Acquired Master Breeder Food Fighter