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  1. Tales of Berseria: The Sower of Strife The Earnest Soldier Pirate Legend
  2. Tales of Berseria: The Stone-Cold Killer The Honorable Warrior The Curious Youth The Pugnacious Skipper The Unorthodox Witch
  3. Genuinely wonderful presence on PSNP, no doubt. Will always give you thumbs-up on trophy posts.
  4. Tales of Berseria: Bee Stinger Centurion Oh my. It's been a while, hasn't it? Missed you all. Part of it is due to restarting once I figured out a better system for upgrading equipment. The other part is, honestly, that it takes a long time to pick up trophies in this game. I'm still in "chapter 2" and have visited a ridiculous number of towns, dungeons, and fields since starting it. I have two pieces of advice to share (outside of my approach to upgrades, of which lots of good ones exist, I'm sure). The first is about the Centurion trophy. Save before a boss fight. Consider dropping the difficulty down to Simple, then set your team's fighting AI to aggressive or even IDGAF about my health. I got it to pop by playing as Velvet and fighting with Magilou, Eleanor (surprised!), and Rokorou. It was so sweet for the 100th hit to be Velvet's last hit on the Lethal Pain mystic arte. The second is the benefit of staying in Simple difficulty mode. It's because Odorless Fluid is so hard to come by once you leave the Figahl Icecaps area. What happens is that you will eventually collect enough glacites and ignicites so that virtually every equipment drop has one or more (often useless) random skills attached. On the downside, you need Odorless Fluid to upgrade "basic" equipment with great traits and random skills attached. Dropping the difficulty down to Simple won't grossly affect the drop rate all that much (especially if you equip increase drop rate titles to your team) while upping the chance you get empty equipment to dismantle. I find it easier to get Fluids this way than buying them with Tales Coins. (tip: this Steam thread). Happy gaming!
  5. Tales of Berseria: Miraculous Myriad My buddy @LordBilbanes reminded me that this is my 1,000th trophy! 😊
  6. Tales of Berseria: Hanging with the Hanged Man
  7. Tales of Berseria: The Hero's Bane I recruited my favorite witch, and I think the crybaby exorcist is coming up in a moment?
  8. Genshin Impact: A bunch of extra trophies were programmed into the game after I 100%'d the base trophy list, so I reopened it to see how many would pop for me. Series II Mountain of Treasure (I) Mountain of Treasure (II) Scarlet Sprouts (I) Journey: A New Star Approaches Series III Mondstadt: Continental Explorer Mondstadt: Brush of a Thousand Winds Mondstadt: Let the Wind Lead Series IV Liyue: Continental Explorer Liyue: Surveyor of Stone Liyue: Unmovable Mountain Series V Down We Go (I)
  9. Tales of Berseria: Enough Monkeying Around Beat the Dire Foe on hard mode too! It took a minute to figure out the monsters shaded in purple are impervious. After that, I handled it! Now, if I could reliably not watch my AI characters get mobbed on hard difficulty dangerous encounters. 😂
  10. Tales of Berseria: Whetstone and Polish The good news about grinding for the right properties for equipment drops and hoping that upgrading to +3 unlocks both special qualities is that you'll easily enhance and dismantle gear. And since it took six or so hours to get what I wanted, I was able to unlock this before leaving Hellawes.
  11. Tales of Berseria: Soul Vacuum On another note, this is the first PS4 game I have played that blocked trophy screenshots. What's that about?!
  12. Tales of Berseria: The Beast Uncaged
  13. Look what happens when a student cancels an afternoon meeting, and I've got some time to kill. 😅 Portal Knights DLC: Elves, Rogues, and Rifts: Nosy Nellie This trophy was challenging for sure, borderline frustrating. I couldn't have finished it without excellent video guides on YouTube. 😍 Portal Knights Nosy Nellie by Tiberius Oni Portal Knights High Rift: Other Possible Rooms and Chests Finally on to the next JRPG.
  14. My home island in Portal Knights is complete.  Major town expansion linked below!



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    2. DoctorGameGeek


      Yep @kindajustin.  I built all of that from scratch.  

    3. kindajustin


      @DoctorGameGeek honestly that's amazing. I love games that let me build detailed living spaces like Minecraft, Terraria, and even Stardew Valley. You make Portal Knights look really cool.

    4. DoctorGameGeek


      No lie, the building aspect in this game really saves it.  Grinding for materials and watching players' builds were super fun and a great source of stress relief. 😄

  15. Portal Knights DLC: Elves, Rogues, and Rifts Backstab Your Way to the Top High Plains Rifter