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  1. Trails of Cold Steel: Follow-Up Master Beyond the Railways
  2. Trails of Cold Steel: Quick as a Flash
  3. Handle: DoctorGameGeek Systems: PS4 Blank requests: No - please identify yourself from PSNP Qualities that I'm looking for in PSN friends because, for real, do we talk about these? Age: 21+. I'm a grown ass adult with (thankfully) a full-time job. This isn't a perv mode. I relate to other adults. In the 30-day video game music challenge, the soundtrack I chose from for "Music released when you were born" was Pac-Man. 😂 Game genres: Please, please, PLEASE be an RPG or JPRG fan. We have to have that in common; it gives us something to talk about. Party chat: Preferred. I like chatting with a headset 🎧 with parties of 4 members or smaller. Easier to hear people that way. Interacting with shy people: I understand party chats aren't for everybody. Hell, I don't like 'em some days either. So, let's message and like each other's What's New posts, eh? Share Play: Occasionally use this. IRL access: I'm comfortable talking about most aspects of my IRL life. I'll tell you where I'm from and what I do for a living. I'll talk about news and current events. I'll share some non-PSNP social app information, a bit about family life, and even where I live, but not my address or phone number or pictures. Trophy hunting: I'm a 100% completionist but don't try to rack up trophies on just about anything on the PS Store. I won't hound you about your collection either. I will gladly cheer you if you're kicking butt in a game though. I know that list reads like a lot. It's just discouraging to see PSNP friend hunts like these, get excited to meet new people, and then hear crickets, y'know?
  4. Trails of Cold Steel: Eightfold Obliteration The Verdant City Tip for Eightfold Obliteration trophy: First opportunity to get it is on the booby-trapped treasure chest on Aurochs Path 2 outside Bareahard. Grind battles in the area until Fie's CP is at 200. You might also want to check that: ⛰️ Someone is equipped with a Crest art. ✨ Someone is equipped with Tear (if high AST) or Teara (if less than high AST). 🕰️ Fie has enough EP to cast Chrono Drive in the first turn. If that's all good, then defeat the monster standing in front of the trap chest and save the game. Open the chest. Seven monsters will ambush you; occasionally, an 8th monster, the Green Raccoon, will join up. If the Raccoon is present, then double-check that eight monsters are on the field. Otherwise, close the game and reload the save until the correct number show up. If there are eight monsters waiting for you, then make Fie cast Chrono Drive and your support cast Crest in turn 1. On Fie's next turn, move closer to the center of the battlefield. Use crafts to impede turns for non-turtle monsters (since half the trouble is making slow monsters with extreme low MOV get close enough to Fie). Use items, if needed, if the fast monsters are beating Fie around. When it looks like all the baddies are closing in, use Fie's S-Break, Sylphid Dance. Hers is better for the trophy than Rean's because of it's large area of effect. The only downside is if you try to activate the S-Break too soon, then there's no way to back out of the menu once it's set. If that happens, exit out and save scum until the right battle lineup happens again. Cheers!
  5. Trails of Cold Steel: Frequent Fighter Unconventional Studies Making the Grade
  6. One of my favorites from Dragon's Crown Pro:
  7. *raises glass o' bourbon to another Kentuckian on PSNP*  Cheers, bud!

  8. According to my cabinet: Platinum trophies completed during COVID-19: Now playing to platinum:
  9. Awesome.  I just started Trails of Cold Steel myself.  Glad to see you're making good progress on it!

    1. Carttagos


      Yes! It was boring the first couple of hours but is getting better, I really like it!! 

    2. DoctorGameGeek


      I just made it into Celdic last night for the first field trial or whatever it's called.  Not bad!  Laura ain't no joke with the zweihander.  😁

  10. Trails of Cold Steel: Freshman Orientation Tactical Thinker The Way to Thors
  11. I just started my first Trails game today!  😁

    1. Ilzaki


      Nice.  They're pretty great games.

    2. DoctorGameGeek


      It seems like there's a TON of stuff to do in game.  Hope I can manage it all!

    3. Ilzaki


      You get used to it and they don't throw too much at you at once.  Just make sure to do all the optional quests you can before advancing the story.  Luckily they'll warn you when you're about to advance too far.

  12. #14: Castlevania Requiem: Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night Time to complete: ~15 hours Difficulty: 5 / 10 Enjoyment: 8 / 10 Whaaaaat? My first non-JRPG plattie? Yup. I saw this title on the Big in Japan sale and had to get it -- nostalgia and all. I remember trying SotN and giving up on it pretty quickly because the castle game world was just too much for me to take in. Now, mentally, I wanted to give it another go after having finished off Rondo of Blood, which, by the way, was pretty challenging. I had my heart setting on beating the game straight with Richter, only to realize that clunky controls plus a huge hitbox means Ninja Gaiden-style knockback deaths on stage 5. Then, I switched to Maria and just pwned everything. SotN, by comparison, has fluid controls to match the oh-so-delicate way Alucard takes a knockback, cape all flowin' in the wind and such. With (not just) one (but two) giant castle to explore, I thought Alucard could move pretty gracefully, drop down, knock down hidden walls, and such really smoothly -- and even more so with the soul relics. The tradeoff: The game gives no clue of any of the special moves. Sure, you can *buy* spells to look the button sequence to activate them, but they're pricey; and honestly, you will rely much more on melee attacks to win with little foresight than mashing the square key and jumping or backdashing out of the way. It also became daunting at times the way I'd need to go back to area time and time again in case I missed something. So, if you're paranoid about such stuff, grit your fangs and bear it. All in all, combat and exploration make both games gems albeit for very different reasons. My gripes were certainly control-driven in Rondo but less so in Symphony: the inability to sort bags, sell anything but gems. But then you find yourself on the receiving end of a Crissaegrim and, well, let the bloodshed begin!
  13. Symphony of the Night: Shafted Scientific Progress goes BOINK! and... 🛢️ please... 🎆 A Miserable Little Pile of Secrets
  14. Symphony of the Night: Chock Full Aria of Sorrow Dawn of the Dead Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Running on Schmooze Control Dracula's Curse Whip First, Axe Questions Later Spelling Bee Flip It and Reverse It Continue Simon's Quest Finished What Kid Dracula Started Vampire's Greatest Hits From Axe Knight to Zombie Map Legend Lisa, forgive me... *pant, pant, pant* Some trophy advice: Chock Full sounds more complicated that intended in the guide. As soon as you get the Peanut item, equip it in the left hand slot. Stand somewhere (preferably in a save room or a connector) with a flat landing surface. Use the item. Alucard will toss the peanut in the air; stand underneath it when it falls to use the item. The trophy will pop when you catch and eat it. Running on Schmooze Control really ramps down the difficulty as soon as you get it. Wait until you get a Ring of Arcana and all of the Alucart gear to boost your Luck stat and chance for enemies to drop rare items. Equip them, then head to the Necromancy Laboratory in the Inverted Castle. Go to a northeast room in this area, one in which you enter from the left side of the screen. Two Schmooes will fly at you before a Scarecrow arrives. Kill them both; and if it doesn't drop, quickly exit and re-enter. Got the trophy much faster this way.