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  6. Same!
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  8. Hi Jax! Rainbow runs and quick restarting works for most guns and items in the game. However, there is a higher probability of finding A- and S- rank items and guns, which doesn't do you much good if you need to find lower-level equipment. The other problem is with the Resourceful Rat. You can't get any of his special equipment after beating him. Holy crap, I'm done! Final time: 241.5 hours
  9. I just completed the Ammonomicon in Enter the Gungeon.  It's time to holster my guns for good.

  10. I've got newssssss! I've got newssssss! After getting eleventy-billion Buzzkills, I finally got the Cactus to drop! That means I have all A, B, and C-rank guns registered in my Ammonomicon! 😍 I also found another tip if you're stuck getting a particular gun. There are a few specific muncher recipes on the wiki. But if the specific yield isn't something you need, feed two guns so that the average rank is the class of gun you'll need. In my case, I would have needed to feed the Muncher a C-rank (on hand or picked up by the Rat) and an A-rank gun (fingers crossed if dropped by the boss) to get a chance at some B-rank gun. Okay, now it's on to full-length runs to bring down the Rat!
  11. Trust this PSN friend to shower you in likes on your What's New feed! Thanks, friend! 😍
  12. In today's episode of Glutton for Gunishment, the Doctor finds a tip online for getting the missing guns! Thanks to the wiki entry here. You'll need the following to exploit this hint: Unlock all of the floors using Tinker's elevator. Unlock the Bullet (preferred) or the Robot. Choose the right loot table depending on the rank of gun you need. Head to the Breach. Select your desired character, and ride the elevator to the floor you need to go to. Pick up one (or more) of the guns you need at the entrance to the chamber. If it's not one you need, then defeat the boss and finish the floor. Return to the Breach and retry again. As you will see, this exploit gets better if you're missing B-rank guns and are experienced with navigating the Hollow or the Forge. Grinding the Forge will only work if the portal to Bullet Hell is open; otherwise, run the Hollow. Unfortunately, if you need A-rank or S-rank guns, this exploit will not work. Instead, you'll want to run Rainbow Runs (which drop an abundant amount of high-rank gear without the magnificence effect kicking in.) Alright, it's midnight. I've got one more hour of grinding in me, and then I gotta go to bed. Wish me luck!
  13. Nice! Yeah, I'll get one of the Rubenstein guns on a run (usually the prototype) but not the other one.
  14. Haha! Well, if you change your mind, I'll be cursing every time I get something I don't want from a blue chest. 😅
  15. Absolutely loved this game. Got the plat for it. Still playing it. Why? I want that 100% Ammonomicon! I've been trying to find players who managed to unlock everything in there and find every item in game. Oh, and I'm hoping to find a few folks on PSNP who are pretty obsessed with this game like I am and have set up at 100% Ammo goal. Yeahhhhh, plat and then some! Oh, and to be fair, I'm modeling this personal goal after my buddy phantasy__starved on Twitch who is trying to find every rare item in the Oran server on Phantasy Star ep. I and II. He's got 13 items left! I'm 210 220 hours in, give or take, and still need: Guns: Cactus, Buzzkill, Rubenstein's Monster, Elimentaler, Finished Gun Items: Partially-Eaten Cheese, Rat Boots, Number 2 (but can't get it because I don't have co-op), Turkey If you're crazy enough to pursue this goal with me, feel free to post!